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Be Part of The 30 Postcards Project

This is one of the four postcards sent to Kevin Richberg who is the one behind the travel and tourism project, The 30 Postcards Project. Kevin is inviting everyone to write ANYTHING they want about their city, country, favorite travel spot or just something worthy to be shared. It could something strange, unique, interesting, special, intellectual, odd, fascinating, crazy, controversial, weird, amazing, silly or one of a kind. Something you love, something you hate, something you can't resist, something you can't live with, something you can't live without or something you just have to tell the World!

By the way, this postcard features the Cave Porn in Sagada, Philippines. According to The 30 Postcards Project website, the cave’s official name is the Sumaging Cave found in Luzon. Lonely Planet featured the cave as a top Adventure Tourist destination, but not because of the “unique” formations. The cave is a living cave (it has water with dissolved minerals that grow the cave flowing through it) and it offers spelunking, swimming, waterfalls, and taking your photograph next to formations that can appear “naughty” from the right perspective.

Kevin will be coming to Manila in September to film personally the places sent by the postcards and be included in The 30 Postcards Project. Anyone interested to send postcards, this is his mailing address :

Kevin Richberg

P.O. Box 83

Memphis, NY 13112 USA

Anyone who wants to participate in any way or works in the tourism or travel business and want to support the project this is his email address:

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