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My Laoag, Pagudpud and Vigan Tour Package: Need Contacts, Suppliers and Tour Operator Partners

Late January I and a friend went to see Laoag, Pagudpud and Vigan in Ilocos for three days and two nights. Early of February I uploaded the photos on Facebook and few days after made a blog post about it. In no time my friends start ‘liking’ the photos, commenting like crazy asking how to go there and how much I spent. The blog post that I wrote with keywords Laoag, Pagudpud and Vigan was ranked Page one on Google. If these keywords are searched separately on Google, each of them is on Page 2, 3 or 4. 

Update: I am now selling local tour packages.

For complete itinerary, rates and details please let me know.
For more information please contact 0919-893-7236 or email

Let us know:
1. how many people are joining
2. date of travel 

My Google analytics is also showing me a significant traffic this blog post is giving to me that I had a “light bulb moment”. There must be something more! So I added “offers tour package” and took a one day crash course how to setup local tour packages with a DTI accredited tour operator. Most of the traffic I get is from organic searches on search engines. It did not take long that I started receiving emails, SMS and phone calls along with the question they always ask me “Are you the girl on the photos?” which I answer “Yeah. *blush* *blush*”
By answering to their inquiries I noticed TWO trends. First, these people have already made up their minds on the dates they want to take the tour and CANNOT MOVE THESE DATES. Because they have filed their vacation leaves from their offices and have some other plans before and after these dates. Last, in 9 out of 10 inquiries It is a COUPLE meaning two people usually planning a trip: wife & husband, boyfriend & girlfriend, best friends, buddies, officemates, siblings and stuff. 

I honestly fell in love with these places and would love to go over and over again especially in Vigan. I love seeing old houses with Capiz window shells, walk in cobblestone streets and see street lights designed like those described in Jose Rizal’s novels. One day If I am to build my dream house it would be like an old house that when you go inside you will feel like you are transported back. Most of all we need to help our fellow countrymen through tourism by giving them extra work to do and helping them to buy food for their family. We need to let our fellow countrymen to go see our own country. By doing this we give them a chance to discover and care what we have. 

Here is the challenge I see with these trends: that the tour operator which I forward my “clients” is also a third party. That they conduct mostly group tours and most of my “clients” are by twos! I am looking for contacts, direct suppliers and tour operators preferably locals of Ilocos who can offer me lower rates, can conduct tours by twos and can make a good deal for me. Anyone who knows one please let me know! You may contact me on Facebook or on Twitter.

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