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Just moved out from a place I called home for 5 years & 7 months to stay in a simple apartment

I just moved out from a place I called home for 5 years & 7 months with my 3 other former coworkers. This is so far the longest duration I have stayed in a rented place here in Manila. The thought of living in a condo unit was never an option to me back in 2011 when I and 2 of my housemates in Makati was looking for a place to stay. Of course, we can't afford an upmarket style of metro living. The only reason why I moved in Manila in 2008 is when the  previous company I work with, US Auto Parts Inc Network decided to put its office base back to Manila from Legazpi City.

I couldn't believe how little are my belongings for the past few years since I have embraced travelling. Here is a picture of all of my clothes with just 4 pairs of footwear. From a studio type condo unit, I will be staying in a simple apartment in the borders of Boni and Makati.  It only took me few hours to pack up all my stuff and put it all in one taxi ride. This is a personal choice of mine, owning too little but able to spread my wings wherever I want. To have a location - independent lifestyle which I am trying to build one step at a time.

You can click HERE a personal review of Paragon Plaza Condo, where I stayed

My brother and sister joined me to transfer all my stuff

Where I am now?

I  have moved into a simple much smaller apartment with my brother who only stays there every weekend. He is in San Juan Greenhills during weekdays because the startup he works with provides a house and a rice. Meaning I am the only one here 5 days a week. I now call Cembo in Makati my base - not a home yet. Our unit is located in the 3rd floor, much less views than where I used to. In Paragon Plaza condo, I stay in 24th floor.

It was quite a struggle when we were looking for an affordable apartment we can own that isn't too far from the metro. This one was a product of my Facebook posting months ago. A Facebook friend whom I just met once many years ago in a travel meetup, commented. In just a few days, we visited the place and we liked it.

These are the stuff I only own!

Why I decided to move?

Out of the 3 girls I am with, there is one that I am not in good terms with. When she is inside, I go out. When she is out, I can rest more and stay at home. It doesn't make me happy having a housemate I don't like anymore. It makes me sad each day so I have to make a decision.  My brother's rented apartment is good for two persons, since no one lives there 5 days a week, it is a waste of time and money so this is just a practical decision.

I am not calling this home just yet, maybe a base that can hold all my stuff and an address I can put in fill out forms whenever I need to disclose my house information. I am still looking forward for my dream to come true - to be able to travel Southeast Asia and the world. 

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