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DIY Itinerary Food Trip Guide to Cintai Corito's Garden, Marian Orchard and Purple Beetle Cafe in Batangas

Cintai Corito's Garden batangas
Credit to Janssen Mindanao

Fifteen days travelling around Indonesia is certainly not enough. It's been few months since I came back home. If ever I will have another chance to go back
to Indonesia, I will definitely say yes as quick as my heart's beat. Definitely, Balinese - inspired architectures have captivated me in so many ways. Here in the Philippines, there are beautiful Balinese - styled places that are gaining so much of attention. One of these is Cintai Corito's Garden in Balete, Batangas. I am going there soon, thanks to a fellow local backpacker, Janssen Mindanao   who shared his DIY food trip guide to three of Batangas' most awesome foodie - friendly tourist spots.

Cintai Corito's Garden
Credit to Janssen Mindanao

🌸 Cintai Corito's Garden 🌸 
Cintai Corito's Garden used to be a private space for the owners' mom who died of cancer.  They transformed this to a lush Balinese accommodation composed of 18 villas.

How to go to Cintai Corito's Garden
From Metro Manila
₱124 Take a bus from Buendia, Kamias or Cubao to Tambo( Alps/Jam/DLTBco). Mas mabilis byahe pag Tambo route compare to Tanauan route.(accdg to my experience)
₱7 Ride a jeep from Tambo to Robinsons Lipa (mas mauuna ang Rob kesa SM kaya dito na lang tipid oras)
₱7-10 From Robinsons ride a multicab going to PKI/Levitown (mas tipid kesa trike bes) 
Drop off: Levitown (Caltex Jollibee)
₱11 Ride a jeep bound to Balete 
going Cintai Corito's Garden (nasa left side sya approx 15 mins ride)
Weekend lunch buffet : ₱530 for adults and ₱335 for kids
Weekdays lunch buffet: from December 21 to January 1 (I emailed them legit to, pero wala sa site nila)

"In our case, walang buffet so nag Ala Carte kami. Nag pasta kmi tig isang order bes, ang servings good for 2/pax bes. Ang ending take out yung tira sayang eh haha.

Reservation is a must,para sure at hindi maspoil ang lakad, wla nman mawawala pag nag pareserve. Nagtatanong si kuya guard kung may reservations at tintawag nya tlga sa front desk." - Janssen

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Cintai Coritos Garden Resort: Bali, Indonesia in the Philippines  

Official Website:
Contact no.: +63917.833.1508 

marian orchard batangas
Credit to Janssen Mindanao

⛪ Marian Orchard ⛪ 
Marian Orchard is a Catholic theme park, just an hour and a half away from Manila.
₱50 Reg. entrance fee
₱25 Lipa/Balete Residents

marian orchard batangas
Credit to Janssen Mindanao

How to go to Marian Orchard
₱7 Abang lang ng jeep sa kabila tapat ng Cintai Corito's papuntang Marian Orchard (nasa left side sya Approx 5 mins ride,wag mag trike bes, mahal ₱30 pero it's upto you)

Going back to Lipa
₱30 From Marian Orchard sakay ng trike bound to Malabanan (dito tumatambay mga jeep bes), this time bes nagtrike kmi. Ang tagal ng jeep eh.
₱18 Jeep Malabanan to Lipa(baba kayo bes bago mag Hap Chan and Max's Restaurant, tapos lakad na lang ng konti papuntang SM,hindi sila dadaan ng SM)
₱11 Jeep Malabanan to Levitown Caltex Jollibee (dipende sa driver kung drecho sila Lipa or Levitown lang)

From Levitown 
₱7 jeep bound to Lipa (baba kayo bes bago mag Hap Chan and Max's Restaurant, tapos lakad na lang ng konti papuntang SM,hindi sila dadaan ng SM)

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A Visit To The Marian Orchard  
Official Website:
Address: Balete, Batangas, Philippines
Phone: +63 915 604 2566

Purple Beetle Café batangas
Credit to Janssen Mindanao

🍲 Purple Beetle Café (food trip tayo mga bes) 🍲
Purple Beetle Cafe is a bohemian and vintage shop. The owner patronizes an art - filled lifestyle closely related to his gift of Purple Beetle toy car to his then 4 year old daughter.

How to go to Purple Beetle Cafe
₱7 From SM ride a multicab bound to Robinsons ( baba kayo bes sa Ayala highway, tapat ng Coffee Bean, tabi mismo ng Army Navy,left side )
Kung gusto nyo bes ng variety of foods. Punta kayo ng "Metro Events Zone" daming foods to choose from. Same way lang din.
₱7 multicab bound to SM Lipa Grand Terminal 
-Take a bus bound to Manila ( Buendia/Cubao/Kamias)

A quick Q & A with him

1. What did you ate at Cintai Coritos? What meals do you recommend? How much is it all in all?
"I ordered pad thai and classic Carbonara.  a slice of tablea cake. And some juice. Carbonara was a little bit salty for me, pad thai was good though L. I think it costs around 1k. The food there we're pricey. Good for 2pax per servings. I cant recommend any food kasi hindi ko nman natikman lahat. Para mas sulit mag Weekend lunch buffet nalng for ₱535"

2.  What did you ate at Marian Orchard? What meals do you recommend? How much? 
"Marian orchard is a Catholic theme park.  wlang food. Its either for viewing or mag pray and novena. Currently some parts of the park is under constructions. Pinapalaki nila kasi."

3. Same with Purple Beetle. Wanna know what did you ate, what do you recommend and how much all in all?
"we ordered nutella frappe, hazelnut frappe and beef cheese frappe. Masarap parehas hindi matamis. You can check their fb page"

That's it guys! If you are looking to go on a food trip to Batangas, you don't have to look further. Thank you so much Janssen for sharing your tips to those who may need tips of where to go to Batangas too for a quick getaway :)

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