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le charme suites subic review
Le Charmé Suite Subic facade and main entrance

Where to stay in Subic Bay? An invite once again brought me back to Subic Bay. Le Charme Suites, a French-inspired upscale boutique hotel was my home over the past weekend. For those who knew me, I have slept in dozens of hotels here in the Philippines and abroad. My standards are higher than usual - I must say.  I take my hotel stays seriously as someone who loves staycation so much. Let's see...

Saturday morning at 9 am, we were picked up by Le Charme Suite's bus coaster in Trinoma to bring us to Subic Bay. It looks like the most recent model of its kind. I later learned Le Charme Suite Subic also organizes team building activities. This is the same transportation medium they use to bring their clients to the hotel. To be honest, this one looked flashy that gave me an idea I am in for a fun and luxurious treat. 

Actually I didn't know what our itinerary list looks like.  I didn't bothered to ask because I know Sir Pete, the organizer only works with the best brands out there. Somehow I wished there's a chance to see the best of Subic Bay's iconic tourist destinations in this trip because it has been a while since my last visit here. I am crossing my fingers!

We arrived quite a bit late in the afternoon because of the traffic somewhere but we were not bothered at all because we were sitting comfortably all throughout the trip. Upon arrival, we were welcomed with Le Charme Suite's talented employees serenading us. One of them is playing ukulele while the rest sing Juan Karlo Labajo's "Buwan" song. It's that song been playing on my mind for the past weeks now. Video compilation below - PLEASE WATCH ON HD MODE.

Subic Bay Freeport earned the title "Best Sports Tourism Destination in Asia" in 2017.  With the tourism theme “Funtastic Subic Bay”, Subic Bay bagged the gold award in the sports destination category, followed by “Visit Victoria” of Australia which received silver, and “Amazing Thailand” which won bronze. With that in mind, Le Charmé Suite Subic would like to be the top choice when sports enthusiasts come to Subic Bay including travelers on a business trip. Of course, families who want to splurge a bit are also welcome.

bike tour package in subic bay
Biking around Subic Bay

Le Charme Suite Subic Ambiance
Le Charme Suite Subic owns the building where it is located. The facade on the right side which is the main entrance to the hotel's lobby is the one I super like because of its "Parisian" feeling. When you enter the main lobby, you'll see a framed orange poster depicting Promenades de Paris along with the ultimate French icon - a replica of Eiffel Tower. Le Charme Suite Subic is spacious. From the lobby to the elevator (with a sofa inside you can sit), there's never a moment you'll feel cramped.  I feel like I am entering a five-star hotel!

le charme subic hotel 2919 review
Le Charmé Suite Subic's 3rd floor veranda and swimming pool area

Le Charme Suite Subic Deluxe Twin Room
I was given a Deluxe Twin because I was supposed to share a room with another girl who did not showed up. I had two queen size beds mine alone for two nights complete with top-notch amenities: office table, 50-inches flat-screen TV, bathtub, rainshower, refrigerator with minibar, touchscreen access (door, room lights & safety box) and a balcony. I adore hotel rooms that are either made of glass walls or glass windows.  Getting the natural light inside and smelling fresh air from outside are the ones I look forward in a hotel room. Le Charmé Suite Subic's biggest room, the Deluxe Twin room is the answer. I couldn't ask for more! Everything feels five-star. I feel like I am staying in a five-star hotel! All room types in Le Charmé Suite Subic offer FREE breakfast!

le charme hotel suites room rates
Le Charmé Suite Subic's Deluxe Twin Room

Le Charme Suite Subic Swimming Pool
Le Charme Suite Subic's swimming pool is located at the very top of the building. It's bigger than the usual indoors you'll see in a typical hotel. Whether you want al fresco dining or sunbathing, this is the place to be. With views of surrounding mountains, the spot here is a quick escape from the reality that you're in a city. There's a cluster of sunken sofas facing the swimming pool -  you can sit there as long as you're not wet.  I tell you, the rooftop deck of  Le Charme Suite is one of the best in Subic Bay. 

le charme hotel subic room rates
Le Charmé Suite Subic's swimming pool

Le Charme Suite Subic's Three Restaurants
Whatever is your budget and food preference, you're not going to find a hard time indulging in any of Le Charme Suite Subic's three restaurants: Mi Tapas, Teppan 101 and Shabu Shabu. Mi Tapas is the official restaurant of the hotel's guests located on the third floor. You'll mostly likely going to have your breakfast here in the morning. Teppan 101 is Subic Bay's only Asian-fusion restaurant. This is for those who can splurge more. Chefs can cook the food right in front of a hibachi (flat cooking apparatus) like the mixed veggies, chicken teriyaki, sushi, teppanyaki, beef salpicao and pork liempo belly with spicy korean sauce. Now if you have just enough budget and looking for a healthier meal as well, you can go to Shabu  Shabu instead. They serve hotpots under Php 500 per head in a communal way. When you come here alone, you'll be in a company of foodies as well that you can chitchat with because there are seats designed to sit beside other guests as well.  La Terraza is the vacant space on the swimming pool area - if you want to have your breakfast there, you can have it. I assume it is by request only. Wait, there's more! You can buy the best milk tea in Subic Bay here in this hotel too. NaiCha serves authentic milk tea paired with on-the-go snacks. It tastes just the same as the ones I have tried in Taipei!

shabu shabu restaurant in subic bay
Mi Tapas Restaurant (L) | Shabu Shabu Restaurant (R)

Le Charme Suite Subic's Tai Chi Spa
On our first night, I had a chance to experience a one-hour traditional Filipino massage called "hilot" using virgin coconut oil. It comes with free usage of jacuzzi and sauna so the whole package takes around 2 hours. Le Charmé Suite Subic has a resident spa called Tai Chi spa. For sports lovers, they offer "sports massage" which is a therapeutic style of massage focusing with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the athletic muscles. For beauty-conscious individuals, they offer foot spa, manicure, gel polish both in hands and feet and pedicure.  Now, I am so pampered I wish every staycation comes with a wellness package like this.

Tai Chi Spa

Le Charme Suite Subic's VR Game Room and Wall Climb
The first to offer a virtual reality game room, Le Charmé Suites' is leading the future of innovation in Subic Bay's hopitality industry and perhaps in the whole country. Cube offers complimentary 5-minute playtime to hotel guests. I showed this photo below (left) to my American boyfriend who is a VR game developer, he said the make and model of this headset is HTC Vibe, one of the best VR headsets available in the gaming market today. It's a very good choice for leisure use specially for location-based entertainment offering a top-tier experience like the game we played at this hotel named Evil Hospital. We enjoyed  it and screamed  so much! For non-hotel guests, it's Php 150 per 15 minutes. Up to four players can play at the same time.   

For those who prefer outdoor activities, you can do wall climbing right at hotel's premises. Sorry, this is the only I didn't dared to do because I am afraid of heights.

vr game in subic bay review
Cube VR Game Room (L) | Wall climb area (R)

Le Charme Suite Subic's Team Building Packages
Le Charmé Suite Subic offers team building packages so it was just right to try 'em. Wishes do come true indeed!  We did sunset cruise aboard a yacht. We visited Zoobic Safari. I am not a fan of animal adventures but  I super appreciated our interaction with a live tiger. I was able to feed him fresh meat on my hand while we are riding an enclosed (with small holes) safari-type jeepney. He's so damn big!  It was also nice to see the dolphin show for the nth time at Ocean Adventure. By the way, I found the most Instagrammable spot there - the pond for koi fishes. See below my photos! Too bad, we ran out of time. We missed Adventure Park! 
zoobic safari and ocean adventure park
Zoobic Safari (L) | Ocean Adventure Park (R) 
What's a trip to Subic Bay without a visit to the Aeta community?  Pamulaklakin Forest Trail is where the Aetas or Agtas live in Subic Bay. This is not part of Le Charmé Suite Subic's team building package but I thank the management for bringing us here. I definitely recommend anyone travelling to Subic Bay to visit them and know their culture. I learned a bit of jungle survival through cooking and starting fire using only bamboo! 

If you have more time, there are two more destinations to consider: Subic Boardwalk and Pier One for nightlife.  Le Charmé Suite Subic's team building package includes swimming at All Hands Beach and meals already. You're welcome! 

team building packages in subic bay
Yacht cruise (L) | Pamulaklakin Trail (R)
Le Charme Suite Subic as a Bike-Loving Hotel
One distinct characteristic of Le Charmé Suite Subic is that each room has its own bike rack and even along the hallways in each floor. Guests of this hotel are entitled to a free bike tour usually happens in the morning for 1-2 hours. Rental of the bike is Php 150 per hour. Take note that the kind of bikes they have is the Krek mountain bike edition. It is a bit sturdier and heavier than the typical bicycle but it is very great to bring for biking trips. 

I bike occasionally but it didn't took me long how to use this type of bike. The guard gave me a 3-minute crash course on how to use it properly. Biking is one of the best things to do to see the beauty of Subic Bay while doing an effort to stay fit! Our biking trip was less than an hour because we started quite late in the morning but I couldn't think of any better thing to do in the morning than this. If you don't want to be exposed under the sun, there are spin bikes inside the hotel you can use too. You don't need to go far from the hotel to see a well-paved road dotted by trees both sides for your Instagram shot. Just ask Alvheen. He manages the gym called Johnson's Fitness Center which is also part of  Le Charmé Suite Subic . By the way, biking is not only the kind of sports they offer for free. There's free yoga class every Wednesday 6pm and Sunday 4pm here. 

subic bay bike tour package
Biking around Subic Bay

Team building package at Le Charme Suites Subic

2D1N Package Price
Lean Season Rate Php 4,999 per head (June to September)
Peak Season Rate Php 5,999 per head  (October to March)
3D2N Package Price
Lean Season Rate Php 7,999 per head (June to September)
Peak Season Rate Php 9,499 per head  (October to March)

Van Transportation: 10 pax/minimum
Coaster Transportation: 20 pax/minimum

Photos (Subic Bay group biking and VR gaming) credited to Ms. Via Marie Claire Baroma. Thanks to Mr. Pete Dacuycuy for the invite and Ms. Jho Floresca, Le Charmé Suites Subic owner. My stay is complimentary but views, photos (except those from Via) and video are all mine.

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Le Charme Suites - Subic address: 2nd fl. La Terraza Bldg. 1131 Palm St., Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo, 2222
Le Charme Suites - Subic contact number:  (047) 250 3333
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