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Where to eat vegan food in Quezon City: Check out Veggie Guys in Malingap Food Central Hall

Do you know of any vegan restaurant in Quezon City?  Please add Veggie Guys in your list if you aren't aware of this dining spot serving plant-based near UP Diliman. Located inside Malingap Food Central Hall, eating healthier food has never been this convenient. The very first time I met a vegan person was during my birthday solo backpacking trip to Cebu 7 years ago. She is an American traveling around Asia who was with me when we crashed a couch for a few nights to another American living in Cebu. My first question to her was "How can you even survive without meat and dairy?" I think if that time, finding a restaurant that serves delicious non-meat dishes is as easy as now, I would have started my plant-based journey long, long time ago.  I wish Veggie Guys and other plant-based restaurants in Manila have been around for sometime now.

plantbased food in quezon city

Introduction to Veggie Guys
Veggie Guys is a modest dining spot that is not as glamorous or luxurious to what you see in glossy magazines or five-star hotels. Veggie Guys is more of a "pangmasang tagpuan" for friends, work buddies, and families who want to have a break of the same dishes or same types of tastes they eat at home. 


Its target market is not vegans or those who are eating purely plant-based. That's why Veggie Guys only feature few salads  and do not have any bland-tasting dish made simply of pure veggies or fruits.  Veggie Guys' goal is to bridge the gap between people who want to transition to a healthier lifestyle and for foodies who want to eat comfort food / pulutan. They want to serve food to the general public specially to those who are open to try a different kind of food that they could eat more often. Turning them to vegans aren't the alpha and omega of why Veggie Guys exist. Why not if it happens but it is actually more of sharing recipes of great-tasting plant-based food. Of course, the more one eats non-meat and consumes non-dairy products, his or her health and well-being gets better.

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Camille San Diego, co-owner of Veggie Guys shared that one of the reasons why she went vegan is because she had health problem that is more worse than asthma plus she's gained a lot. Doctors told her to take a certain kind of medicine that she needs for life which she didn't liked. I mean, who would want that, right? Being very curious and open to ideas even from those who do not represent the majority in this world, she opted for plant-based diet. Her sickness was healed and lost some of her weight. She decided to open this restaurant to advocate plant-based diet because she has proven for herself that this works for those who want to live healthy.   

Location of Veggie Guys
You can find Veggie Guys inside Malingap Food Central Hall in Quezon City. It's a closed-door food hall where other non-vegan restaurants also occupy a space. It wouldn't be a problem if go there with a buddy who wanted to try different food in other stores. Well, I wouldn't recommend this but for me who is from Makati if I am to go to Malingap Food Central Hall, I am gonna order one that is typically not available where I am based. Like I said, Veggie Guys' menu do not purely serve salads and other leafy stuff. What they serve is a mix of colorful, affordable, and great-tasting plant based food. One more thing, there's no WiFi connection inside so you're forced to enjoy your meal and talk to your eating buddy. 

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What to eat in Veggie Guys
The types of plant-based food that Veggie Guys serve are Filipino and foreign dishes in plant-based version. I was fortunate enough to join fellow bloggers to taste some of its dishes. We were served Steamed Salmon with Shiitake Mushroom, Seafood Marinara, Veggie Isaw, Veggie Pata, Dinuguan, and its own version of Pizza Italia series. 

The salmon in Steamed Salmon with Shiitake Mushroom (left in the pic) tastes like salmon, even the looks and its texture. One order is of this is only Php 200. Veggie Guys' signature dish is the plant-based version of isaw (right in the pic), barbecued pig or chicken intestines. Three pieces of Veggie Isaw Php 85. I think this is the one that you'll give to someone who likes to eat Filipino streetfood. Its looks and taste including the dip tasted like the real one. 

The shrimp in Seafood Marinara (photo below) looked exactly and tasted somewhat similar to the real seafood it represents. One order of Seafood Marinara is Php 200. It is not the first time I tasted their Veggie Pata (plant-based version of crispy pata which is deep fried pig trotters or knuckles served with a soy-vinegar dip) because I believe they are the supplier of Sunreese Organics where I previously ordered this along with other plant-based meals many weeks ago. By the way, I also learned one more ingredient for Veggie Pata is that it is also made of cassava which is one of my faves. Every other afternoon, I munch pieces of sweet potato and cassava in coconut milk! One order of Veggie Pata is Php 369.

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Veggie Guys' dinuguan also tasted very near to the original dish made of pig blood. It is also priced right at Php 200. Even the looks and color are consistent to the real one. Actually, it is rightfully called "Beanuguan" because its black color comes from black beans. I asked the rest of ingredients, Veggie Guys say it is secret :) 

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If you have a thing about pizza, you'll love Veggie Guys even more like I do. The toppings of veggies and fruits they put look super fresh and in bigger servings compared to other commercial non-vegan pizza. It comes with several flavors: Margherita, All-veggie, Hawaiian, Meat Lovers, and Tofu Sisig. Prices range from Php 150 to 180. Eating pizza won't be too bad anymore!

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This Valentines Day if you're looking for a dining spot with your loved one, Veggie Guys is offering free vegan chocolate cake once you reach Php 1k bill from Feb 14-16 only. Same if you order through Lalafood, you get the freebie as long as your total bill is Php 1k. Vegan Choco Mountain costs Php 180 if you want to buy it outside the Valentines Day promo.

Veggie Guys also do catering services so if your school or company is interested to try plant-based food, you know what to do next.

Hope you guys visit Veggie Guys even during ordinary days because they food they serve is really worth it. My wish is that they also open one that's nearer like Makati or BGC so I can swing by anytime.

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Veggie Guys address: #40 Malingap St Teachers Village East Diliman QC

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