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My Blendjet Portable blender Review

blendjet portable blender review

You guys know I have been going crazy about smoothies for the past months. Twice a week I dedicate my breakfast for homemade smoothies using fresh fruits/veggies and good quality ingredients only. I have been using the standard sized electric-powered blender made of glass and metal that is good for serving 3-4 persons. While the experience is great, I can feel the hassle of cleaning which is time-consuming and it is also relatively heavy. What I want is that a a blender that is small (good for 1-2 persons only) and most of all I can carry wherever I go!

While browsing Lazada for cheap and portable blenders, I found BlendJet. That time the offer was Buy One Get One promo for Php 2, 840 only! I did not think twice and bought it. I chose a bright color so that I can find it easier. When I got it, my first impression was the size is perfect for me and design is modern-looking. Most of all, it is Instagrammable as well. 

Unboxing Blendjet Portable Blender
When I opened the box, there were 3 pieces of glossy papers. Right, no bulky manual book in black and white text! Everything's colorful and explained in easy manner. The first glossy paper suggests 50 smoothie recipes. This is more than enough. I am committing to myself that I will make each of these smoothies! 

The second one shows the manual instructions. Using a portable blender is so easy-peasy. Even if you haven't used the electric-type blender, it is still a walk in the park to learn how to use Blendjet Portable Blender. It came with very practical tips,  a photo illustration about each part of Blendjet Portable Blender,  how to use it and basic troubleshooting.

The third one shows more elaborate tips for using Blendjet blender. If you want more tutorials using Blendjet blender, the website link is mentioned here.  Moreso, if you have any question or feedback they have given an email to connect with a Blendjet representative. 
blendjet portable blender review

First time using Blendjet Portable Blender
The first time I used the Blendjet blender was two weeks ago. I bought a vegan meal from my favorite vegan restaurant in Makati plus a fresh juice from ginger,  yacon root, ginger root, pear and lemon. I really intended to keep half of it to use as liquid base for my smoothie. I added a handful of kales, slices of watermelon, pitted dates as sweetener and few pieces of thawed raspberries. I have to be honest I didn't like the result because the watermelon chunks were not broken down to the smallest crumb-like texture  that I was hoping for plus the leaves of the kales aren't cut into the tiniest pieces. Maybe because I did not read the instructions very well or the battery was not full. I also blended it for just a few minutes. The photo I took below did not include the kale because I added it at the last part. The dates also were not cut to the tiny bits. Check my left photo of dark spots inside the blender.

blenderjet philippines price

Second time using Blendjet Portable Blender
This time, I made sure the Blendjet blender is fully charged. I also made sure I read the manual instructions carefully this time to make sure I know what I am doing. The ingredients for this smoothie are almond milk, matcha powder, super ripe small-sized apple,  virgin coconut oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts mango float I bought from our neighbor (including Graham biscuits) and banana. I also made sure I sliced the apples and bananas into smallest chunks. I blended all the ingredients longer as well.  


The Verdict
Will I recommend the Blendjet blender? It depends on the situation. If you only make a smoothie just for the heck of it maybe few times a month and you're doing the simplest kind, then by all means I recommend Blendjet blender. If you are a hardcore smoothie lover like me whose breakfast staple is smoothie and is down to experimenting dozens of smoothie combinations, you will need to get those that are designed for optimum use. Go for Hurom or Vitamix brands which are expensive but definitely worth it. I have Hurom juicer though that is really super worth it. 

However, when I am out or maybe in a trip but is so damn serious of having smoothie for breakfast - bringing a portable blender like Blendjet is a great idea. Smoothies in restaurants are expensive. I would rather bring my Blendjet portable blender and go to the nearest local market to buy the freshest veggies and fruits I want. 

blendjet lazada price

The photo below shows the leftmost another blender brand that my sister bought which is a few hundred cheaper than Blendjet. The blade is smaller than Blendjet's. Because of this, I think Blendjet is still top-notch compared to its cheap and portable blenders available in the market today.

Update: after 4x of using my first Blendjet portable blender, the blades won't turn on anymore even though it is fully charged. I am using the second one now. I have not done any basic troubleshooting coz I don't know how to. When I press the Power button it still lights up though. Waiting for your recommendations. 

Disclaimer: This is not an in-depth review of Blendjet portable blender. I am merely sharing my early impressions of the product since I got it 3 weeks ago. This is not a sponsored content. I paid for this product.

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