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Museo Sorsogon Blog Review

museo sorsogon

History of Sorsogon. I have long been dreaming to get to know my home province from yesteryears. That's why when I learned that Museo Sorsogon is already open, I jumped in joy literally!  Looking back my life as a student in my very own province, there were no lessons about Sorsogon's history and culture in my lessons. Now that Museo de Sorsogon is open, it's wish granted for me.


museo sorsogon blog review

Sorsogon City is an hour away from my hometown, Irosin. I have long been planning to visit this museum in Sorsogon but can't find the right time. My sis-in law once mentioned that she has relatives in Bitan-o where we can spend a night or two so that's when I said to myself, then it is time to see Museo Sorsogon.

history of sorsogon

Museo Sorsogon is centrally located. Just ask the locals where the Capitol is, they will tell you without batting their eyelashes. 9 out of Sorsoganons know where the Sorsogon Capitol is. Sorsogon Capitol is where the governor's office is located. A Governor is the highest office position in the public service in every province in the Philippines.  

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Housed in a 105-year old that is a former provincial jail and courthouse, Museo Sorsogon is never lacking space this time.  I love how it is so spacious and gorgeous looking at the same time. I have been to a lot of museums in the Philippines and in Asia so my standards is kinda high. I have visited museums in Cambodia,  Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and more. 


Museo Sorsogon met all my expectations and actually exceeding in one thing - personal guidance by one Museo Sorsogon staff all throughout our tour. To think we are only two - me and my sister plus the entrance is free. Museo Sorsogon is divided into different galleries situated on the ground floor and second floor. You'll have to have extra energies because you'll be also walking up and down the stairs for less than a minute or so.  

I love that Museo Sorsogon is very visually appealing because let's accept it, places that tell history are generally boring. Inside Museo Sorsogon as long as you are a history buff, it is never boring. I also love the fact that they were able to squeeze in the many historic eras in different towns of Sorsogon. 

For the first time, I have learned the root word of Sorsogon which is "sosogon". In my own words, it is like the act of tracing one's way and in the case of Sorsogon's history through a walk against the waves  of a river. Bodies of water like rivers and seas play an important role in every ancient civilization including in the province of Sorsogon.  

There's time constraints though when touring inside Museo Sorsogon. The lady who was personally assisting me says I should only take 7 minutes and if I am not mistaken, there are 7 galleries so imagine. It's like per gallery, only 2 minutes is allowed. YOU CANNOT TAKE YOUR TIME INSIDE.  Good thing, it is fine taking photos so I did took lots of photos so that when I am home, I can revisit the galleries and the information in there. For me, this 2-minute duration per gallery is a bit tight. For someone who came to seriously learn  a bit of Sorsogon, this means one visit is not enough.

It was my first time to learn and see an actual collections of 2 burial jars from Rev. Msgr, Manuel Salvador inside Museo Sorsogon. I have seen also a big ship anchor from a galleon that dates back to Spanish period.


  • The Stone Caves in Bacon  

An archeological site was discovered in Bacon that was visited and studied by archeologists representing National Museum in 1956. Tools made in corals and stones plus jars and pots made of clay were found.  According to scientists, these limestone caves were used as a home and burial sites at the same time by our ancestors. As a matter of fact, they have found an big jar that's used for secondary burial where the bone remains of a dead person are put inside after the human flesh is gone.  In this historical site of Sorsogon, there was no porcelain or iron found. Experts believe that the stone caves of Sorsogon here in Bacon dates back to 91 BC.

  • The ancient communities of Sorsogon

The term "Banua" is the term for ancient communities in Sorsogon that lived near the oceans and rivers. Rivers are used for quick communication within the province of Sorsogon and oceans are used for doing "business" with other people from other lands.

The historical rivers of Sorsogon are: Banuangdaan (Bulan), Barcelona (Barcelona, Gubat, Casiguran), Bulusan (Bulusan), Calagoto (Bulusan & Barcelona), Celadioc (Magallanes & Juban), Donsol (Donsol, Prieto Diaz until Jovellar, Camalig & Guinobatan in Albay, Fabrica (Bulan, Irosin, Matnog), Guibalon (Magallanes), Inararan (Bulan, Magallanes), Makalya (Pilar & Castilla), Rizal(Sorsogon), Sabang (Bulan), Sabang (Gubat), Sta. Cruz (Casiguran) et cetera. These rivers are connected to the nearby oceans of Ticao & Burias Pass, Gulf of  Lagonoy, Albay, Ragay  and  the ocean of Samar. 

  • The burial site of Pilar

Before World War 2, members of National Museum dug an archaeological site in Pilar, Sorsogon. Twenty four burial jars were found containing human bone remains. These jars were made following an ancient way of baking (paghuhurno in Tagalog). They also found manik (beads) in color yellow/blue/green and seashells. It is believed that Sorsogon's historical burial site in Pilar was founded between 300AD  to 800AD. It is facing the ocean and for sure it also has a major role in the maritime history of Sorsogon.

These rivers and oceans were the same reasons why the Spanish colonizers found the ancient communities of Sorsogon and later introduced Catholicism. 

More interesting historical pieces and destinations in Sorsogon that got my attention:

1. The first mass in Gibal-ong or Gibalon, Magallanes

2. The Franciscan missionaries in Sorsoganon

3. Erecciones de Pueblos y Parrouquias: The founding of towns in 17th century

4. The battle in Sorsogon

5. Astilleros: The contribution of Sorsogon in the Philippine galleons

6. The pirates that invaded Sorsogon

7. Baluartes, Estacadas y Castillos: Ang mga Tanggulan at Moog sa Sorsogon

8. The old houses or ancestral houses of Sorsogon

9.  The many religious traditions in different towns of Sorsogon 

10.  The special devotions to Ina, Nuestra Senora de Penafrancia of Sorsogon

11. Sorsogon's most famous tale, Aguingay and Bulusan

12. Patron saints of Sorsogon

13. Cholera outbreak in Sorsogon 

14. The arrival of Americans in Sorsogon

15. The Fight of Donsol vs Americans in 18th century

16. War tunnels in Bulan, Sorsogon

17. The guerilla heroes of Sorsogon

18. The story of Major Licerio Lapus, Sorsogon's local hero

19. The story of Gov. Salvador Escudero Sr, Sorsogon's local hero

20.  Sorsogon's pride in the agriculture and food industry, pili and abaca

21. Sorsogon's top tourist attractions

22. Malawmawan Island, Rizal Beach, Subic Beach, San Benon Hot Spring and Lola Sayong Surfing Camp

To fellow Sorsogonanons, I would like to do further research about the history of Sorsogon especially focusing on the topics above. If you have any idea or leads how to get more information about these, please send me a message. My advocacy is to make Sorsogon's heritage and culture available online.  I have seen the struggle of students about how is it so hard to do research online about Sorsogon and more often than not, they dont' find anything. 

I would like to devote my blog to be a platform of sharing Sorsogon's rich heritage and more than that. I do hope to find the right persons who can guide me in this project of mine. If you know of a hotel, resort, historical place or a restaurant (preferably the one that serves plant-based food) in Sorsogon that is worth checking out, let me know so I can visit it and promote on my blog.

Museo Sorsogon address: Sorsogon Capitol

Museo Sorsogon Facebook fan page:


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