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Sitti’s Kitchen in Legazpi City Blog Review


In search of hummus, falafel, moutabal and samosa in Albay we found this Mediterranean restaurant along the road in Legazpi city. We came from a 3-hour bus trip and woke up early from our hometown in Irosin so this means we are hungry but tired. We wanna eat but not to fill our tummies with heavy stuff.

I have been to Albay many times but seldom do I know any vegan, vegetarian or plant-based restaurant. The one I know where I was able to eat personally many years ago is closed. Right now, sadly there are no 100% vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Albay. However, it is not still the end of the world for us because as long as there are Mediterranean restaurants, we can still survive. Mediterranean restaurants always have meatless food on their menu. That’s why wherever I go if there are no obvious dining spots that offer plant-based food like in the case of Legazpi city, I know where exactly to go.


Sitti’s was recommended by an online seller based in Albay who sells nuts, seeds and frozen plant-based food. We arrived in Sitti’s almost lunchtime on Sunday. We were so lucky that time, there were no guests in the ground floor. We were told that the second floor is privately occupied courtesy of an event so we did not go there. 

Since we did not see any other guests, we brought Ollie with us. He’s wearing diaper so he’s safe from pooping or peeing inside. The staff did not reacted like he wants Ollie outside so that means he is allowing him. If he said to tie him outside, we will respect so. Good thing he did not because it was raining outside and we don’t want Ollie’s hairy ass to get wet and feel uncomfortable.

sitti's mediterranean restaurant in albay

From outside, Sitti’s restaurant in Legazpi city looks a bit posh. Like giving us a hint that they serve dishes that cost expensive. For me who lives and breathes abundance in life including money, I told to myself we’re gonna get inside and order whatever we can to treat ourselves for working hard.

As soon as we’re in, without second thoughts I asked for the menu so they can prepare our order right away. Our jaws dropped a bit literally because of how cozy and the interiors in Sitti’s restaurant in Albay showcases the beauty of Mediterranean culture. Just look at the photos on this blog. 

As soon as I read that they have hummus and moutabal, I ordered these right away. I also included one cup of hot Arabic tea and a bowl of warm pumpkin soup. I did not cared reading the rest of the menu especially the ones that include meat. 

Hummus and moutabal came warm which I love the most. I did not wait for a single second after taking photos of these. I love, love hummus  and moutabal with all my stomach!  I have eaten 5-10 restaurants in Manila that serve hummus and moutabal. I may not know the authentic taste of these because I haven’t been to countries that serve these food but I believe I know the exact taste of these that will make my heart jump.

After one bite of hummus, I noticed it is the lemon juice that is empowering the whole taste instead of chickpeas. Same with moutabal. It is the yogurt that I am tasting the most instead of eggplant.

vegan vegetarian restaurant in albay

For those who are not familiar, let me give you the definitions of the following:

Hummus - a dip or spread made of mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

Moutabal  - a dip made from roasted eggplant blended with tahini and yogurt

Tahini - toasted sesame


In good faith, I called the lady from the kitchen of Sitti’s in Albay saying I want to order hummus and moutabal again. This time, I want less lemon juice and for moutabal I want less yogurt. When I received the second order, my tummy was happy because they nailed exactly the taste I wanted for both.

Unfortunately, I can’t add falafel and samosa to my bulging tummy so I plan to go back to Sitti’s in Legazpi city. My sister ordered a pasta with toppings of meat and a glass of lemonade. She said she’s happy with the taste though I did not dare to eat even a small bite because I am trying to eliminate entirely about eating red meat in my diet.

Special mention to the well-kept comfort room and the flowering plants in front of Sitti’s in Albay. I love dining spots that incorporate the beauty of nature excluding those made of faux flowers.

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