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Where to eat in Sorsogon: Marion’s Garden Restaurant and Cafe in Sorsogon Blog Review

Sorsogon City, Sorsogon, Philippines
Marion's Garden Cafe Sorsogon

Ever since we were kids, the only restaurant in SORSOGON CITY we knew is Jollibee. Eating there is like fulfilling a childhood dream come true. We rarely eat in this fast-food chain whenever we come to the city of Sorsogon which will take 2 hours back and forth from our town in Irosin because we just can’t simply afford to eat there always. Maybe once in 3 months but not anytime we want. Now that we are grown ups and we have good-paying jobs, we can eat in this fast-food chain every day but now that we are conscious about our health specially what we eat, we choose to eat elsewhere that serves nutritious food with as many greens and possible.

marion's garden sorsogon city

Marion’s Garden was recommended by a friend who is not from Sorsogon surprisingly. She is from CAMARINES SUR visiting over that time. She wanted a restaurant that serves lots of greens and many more nutritious options because there’s a German lady who is vegetarian for 17 years who is joining our dinner. It is getting late already and we think the Indian restaurant in SORSOGON CITY I also featured which is located away from town proper might be close already.

where to eat in sorsogon

One thing I noticed when I went home to Sorsogon province after living in Manila for a couple of decades is that it is lacking a myriad of food choices. Mostly, you’ll find Pinoy food and the many varieties of pancit. 

It was already past dusk when we arrived in Marion’s Garden. I inquired ahead via their Facebook fan page if they are pet-friendly because I have Ollie, my 3-year old shih tzu. Good thing, the answer is yes. Marion’s Garden restaurant in Sorsogo doesn’t look like a fancy dining spot. In fact, from afar it looks like a typical house.  The words “Marion’s Garden Restaurant & Events Place” that are hugely printed near the roof are the only sign that it is indeed a restaurant. I think it’s simplicity  doesn’t give justice of what it truly offers inside. 

What did we ate at Marion’s Garden Sorsogon

Apple who hails from Naga ordered us Pako Salad which she said was the most highly-recommended to order here. She was indeed right! Pako (fiddlehead fern) is endemic to the province of Sorsogon. At home, we eat pako with coconut milk. It was actually my first time to eat pako in salad form in Marion’s Garden Sorsogon. It’s crispy and refreshing! I don’t know what kind of sorcery they did because I actually made my own pako salad version when I went home and it was not as good the one in Marion’s Garden.

We are a group of 6 when we dined in Marion’s Garden Cafe in Sorsogon. Two are on-plantbased diet (me and the German lady) then 4 are omnivores. See below what we ordered:

Pako Salad

Tofu Sisig

Garden Salad

Fish Lumpia

Adobong Puti

Chicken Meal

Pasta Maria

Sizzling Chicken

Gourmet Tinapa

Ginger Honey

Hibiscus Tea

Yakult Passion Fruit Shake

Yaukult Lychee Fruit Shake

I am only going to share my thoughts about the ones that I consumed which obviously those that have no meat in it. Tofu Sisig was heaven sent. As much as I appreciate the Pako Salad and the Garden Salad, we came from a river cruise in Buhatan Sorsogon so we are really tired and looking forward to eat a quiet heavy meal.  I ordered Pasta Maria which I was sure has either meat or seafood in it but I only ate the pasta. Here in Manila, I learned to love all kinds of pasta like how I love to eat rice. Thanks to my American ex who bought me to dozens of good restaurants in the metro. I have a quite a high standard in rating a pasta and actually in general when it comes to dining to restaurants because for the 3 years that we were together, we were literally eating every other day in a good restaurant. The Pasta Maria of Marion Garden Cafe in Sorsogon is worth a reason to come back here. 

best restaurant in sorsogon city

The Garden Salad came in with greens that are fresh like it was just handpicked a few minutes ago decorated with edible blue ternate flowers. It was my first time to taste hibiscus dressing which is the speciality I would say here in this restaurant. If I am not mistaken, they have hibiscus trees so they dry their own hibiscus flowers to make a tea out of it if I got everything right from the staff whom I was able to chat for a while.

During the 1 year and 8 months I spent in Sorsogon, I couldn’t really find a store that offers good quality tea. That is why I was too happy when I learned there is a store in SORSOGON CITY selling tea. Too bad I am now based in Manila. However, for those who are in Sorsogon right now I highly recommend to check the tea infusion series in this restaurant. Marion’s Garden Cafe and Restaurant in SORSOGON CITY offers two kinds: the flower power and caffeine-free. Why do we drink tea again? Drinking the right tea boosts immunity, helps to speed up recovery from sickness reduces risk of cancer, improves energy and endurance, helps battle colds & flu and inhibits the growth of bacteria and virus.

Actually, the owner also offered complimentary  piece of moist cake (or cookie) which I was not able to take photos. I love it because I could really taste the real chocolate in it. In other words, it is not made of entirely unhealthy sugar. The  freshly-ground coffee came all the way from the Cordillera mountains.  Marion’s Garden and Cafe Sorsogon have lots of cafe latte choices as well if you want your caffeine intake cold.

One thing I notice in Marion Garden Cafe Sorsogon is that they put banana leaves on top of the ceramic/wooden plates that they use to serve food which I SO LOVE the most. I see so many greens on the table which is so refreshing to see rather than full of cooked parts of dead animals.
I quickly checked the fan page of this restaurant in SORSOGON CITY and I found the answers very fast! Banana leaves contain a chemical that is made of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). According to scientific studies, it has antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties.


Great reasons why we should put banana leaves on top of our plates when we eat

Of course, banana leaves are eco-friendly.  No need to explain this. Banana leaves are chemical free - when we clean plastic plates or stainless steel plates with soaps or detergents, the harmful chemicals of these detergents stick to the plates. These injurious chemicals then get mixed with the food and you indirectly intake some chemicals which can be dangerous for your health. Most of all, eating on banana leaves add flavor and aroma!

plantbased restaurant in sorsogon city

If you are looking for a restaurant in SORSOGON CITY with a touch of nature - no doubt, I recommend Marion’s Garden and Cafe. It is also along the road just a few minutes of walking from Sorsogon Capitol. For someone like me who has been to literally hundreds of cafes and restaurants, I am giving two thumbs up to this hidden gem in SORSOGON CITY and looking forward to dine again.

marion cafe sorsogon city

Being an advocate of plant-based diet, hope they also add dishes or convert some of their dishes using eggplant and mushroom as main ingredients too. For example: eggplant steak or mushroom burger. 

FYI. This dining experience happened last April. It is a little bit too late to post but I want to help those who are looking for healthier dining options in Sorsogon. As of the moment, there is no 100% vegan restaurant in Sorsogon or vegetarian restaurant in Sorsogon. However, if you are looking for a plant-based restaurant in Sorsogon - Marion’s Cafe and Garden is the one I can fully recommend.

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