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I underwent a non-surgical mole removal procedure in Beauwarts Greenhills

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Are you planning to have your moles removed in the Philippines? You are in the right place because I will share with you my personal experience of my non-surgical mole removal done in the derma clinic called Beauwarts located inside Greenhills. My face has three moles. First one (Mole A) is located under my left eye. Second one (Mole B) is left side of my upper lip. Third one (Mole C) is right below my nose.  The first one is the biggest measuring 10 diameters. It is the most visible appearing on videos and photos of me taken within a few meters away.  The second one is small but has a slight hump already measuring about 3 diameters. The third one is the smallest, no hump and almost flat measuring 2 diameters. 


Last July, I went to Greenhills Shopping Center hoping my phone will be fixed. Unfortunately, it did not happen. I didn't want to go home yet because I just spent 20 minutes and it has been years since I visited Greenhills. I decided to wander around to maybe search for plant-based, vegetarian or vegan food in Greenhills San Juan but the universe has different plan for me that day. I kept on walking around literally without anything in mind then saw a derma clinic. This is it! So I went inside and inquired because I have 2 warts near my left cheek. The one who assisted me is Miss Judy. She invited me to go inside one of the rooms then while lying down the bed, she used a mirror-like thing to check my face. She told me there are actually  30+ small warts that I do not see because these are very tiny.  To cut the long story short, she removed those. I paid Php 5, 000. This is already discounted between 10-20% if my memory is right. 


This derma clinic in Greenhills look cozy and I can see several customers having their manicure and pedicure which gave me an initial impression that the business here is doing good. It is clean and has ample spaces. It's a typical spa but the ambiance makes me feel at home. When I am new in a place, I use my sixth sense. If I don't feel like staying, I leave, but here it was not the case. 


Of course, Miss Judy noticed my three moles and offered she can remove them. I told her I am a bit afraid because the biggest one is very near my eye. I am afraid that it might be risky. She told me she has nothing to worry because the mole procedure that is done by their derma clinic is FDA approved through a method called cream cautery.


I was skeptic at first and have heard horrible experiences of mole removal through laser technology especially the one happened to my first cousin. She has a big mole  in her right cheek. What happened was her mole was sliced into tiny bits and it looks like a super small archipelago or a cluster of moles in her face of different shapes. However, Miss Judy's hands are very light. I feel like I am safe in her hands and she is also a pet lover. She even showed photos of her rescued cats. I always trust people who share the same interest and advocacy of mine, so I said screw it, I will take her offer. Miss Judy said she has been working in this derma clinic for 12 years! The longer the employee has been with the company, the better this person in doing the job. 

What is the safest way  to remove a mole in Manila? 

I have not tried other procedures of removing a mole but one thing I am sure of, I do not like the surgery or laser technology. I can say from my own experience that cream cautery is one of the safest. NO need for anesthesia. NO sight of blood in my case. It is a procedure to remove a mole that is "almost" painless. It is also very affordable. Let's talk about it in details down below.

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How does cream cautery mole removal works?

The first thing Miss Judy did was clean the top of my moles using a needle. She said she will clean it first, then apply the cream. Mine took 30 minutes approximately to get it done. Miss Judy said the cream she uses is FDA approved.  After the cream has been applied, I felt a pain comparable to the bit of a bee. Miss Judy said it is normal as an effect of the cream. She then applied a drying solution then pain went away.

What blew me away was my moles changed color after. Normally, the color of my mole is light brown or somehow a bit dark. Now, the moles became so black like pitch black and swelling a bit! The skin surrounding my moles also is reddish but it only lasted for a few hours. She told me this is the effect of the procedure of removing a mole using cream cautery. In two weeks time, she said my moles will fall one by one.


How much is the cost of mole removal on face in the Philippines? 

In my case, here is the list of rates that Miss Judy quoted me:

Mole A (10 diameters): Php 10k but she gave it to me Php 8k

Mole B (3 diameters): Php 5.something but she gave it to me Php 5k

Mole C (2 diameters): Php 3.something but she gave it to me Php 3k

Miss Judy quoted me a total of Php 16k for the three moles with lifetime warranty. Meaning, if another mole resurfaces in the same spots where the procedure of mole removal was done, they are gonna do it again free of charge.  I paid in full via Gcash right after the procedure because I didn't want to carry 16 pieces of one thousand peso bill especially in a crowded place like Greenhills.

What happened after my non-surgical mole removal procedure? 

During the first night, the biggest mole hurts slightly like it felt heavy when I bow my head. The other two did not gave me any discomfort.  The next day, this pain has disappeared. I followed Miss Judy's advise to apply a drop of drying solution she gave to me which was the same drying solution she applied while doing the procedure. It was a freebie so I did not paid extra. Actually, this is my second bottle because after my warts removal with her, she also gave the same exact bottle. She said I should apply a few drops to the moles to dry faster. 

After my shower when I wake up and before I go to bed, I apply this to my moles for 2 weeks. This also serves as antibiotic if Iam not mistaken so I really make sure I follow her instructions.


July 19: Mole removal treatment afternoon

July 23: Mole C is gone

July 24: Mole B is gone

July 29: Mole A is gone

August 1: Re-treatment (free of charge) as advised by Miss Judy 

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mole removal before and after

As expected, Mole C which is the smallest of them all was the first one to fall off. However, it looks like it is just the top part that disappeared. I very well remember what Miss Judy told me even before she started the procedure that flat moles are the hardest to get rid of. So when this happened, I was not surprised at all. I was thinking the bigger the mole, the harder it is to get rid of it. What happened was the exact opposite! Why? I do not know the answer yet.

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Mole B is a little bit bigger than Mole C and it has a slight hump. It completely fell off, but there's a dark spot that it left. The strand of hair is still there. It is quite visible, but that is alright. Mole A was totally gone. This was actually the main goal of my mole removal. I was actually planning to remove only Mole A because this is the one that I am bothered the most. It keeps on growing and I am not comfortable of it anymore. If I let this stay on my face, this is going to double or triple the size I think when I am in my 60's! 

What baffles me the most is that the spot where Mole A used to sit created a pinkish scar that is fading day by day while in the case of Mole B it has a darker scar that remains as is.  

The re-treatment of mole removal procedure is exactly the same thing as before. Miss Judy removed few tiny bits of moles and warts if I am not mistaken. However, nothing changed for Mole B & C despite the re-treatment. I am not complaining though because these two small moles below my nose are not my main concern.

Do I have an advice to those who would rather follow a DIY thing like buying a cream or oil to get their mole removed at home?

Don't risk it. Php 16k is already a pretty big amount of money to me but for my peace of mind, I made sure to give this task to the right people who have the resources and knowledge to get this thing done. I see so many viral Tiktok videos of youngsters buying some cream or oil they apply to their moles. Though it is tempting because I see the results are also great but again, I won't risk my health for some cheapskate stuff like this.Maybe if my moles are located somewhere else and not on my face, I might try it. 

This derma clinic will also issue a medical certificate that I have undergone a mole removal to be used for any legal purposes. For example, when I go abroad. My old passport photo for sure shows me with a mole under my left eye (Mole A). With my new passport, definitely it will only show the 2 smaller moles (Mole B & C). I haven't been able to get this medical certificate because I have no time but definitely I go back to this derma clinic when I am ready to get my new passport. I am just waiting for the scar under my left eye (Mole A) to heal and be gone for good.  

How sure am I that my moles are safe enough to be removed?

My biggest mole (Mole A) doesn't hurt at all. I always sleep with my head facing left almost the whole night but Mole A never gave me anything discomfort though it is always squeezed or rubbed between my head and pillow.

Miss Judy also told me that if the mole looks suspicious like it is cancerous or anything else, they won't do the mole removal procedure even if the customer wants it. So if I insist and if my moles are not appearing worthy to be removed, she will not do it at all. 

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What is the name of the derma clinic that I paid for my mole removal?

 Beauwarts is the name of the derma clinic.

Disclaimer: I paid for the whole procedure from my own pocket.  I am only sharing my mole removal before and after experience. My views and opinions regarding this derma clinic are mine.  Please do your own research if you want to go there and avail the same service.

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