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SM City Sorsogon just unveiled its Christmas Tree as Centerpiece for the coming Holiday Season


After joining SM City Sorsogon's grand opening, we received another invite to witness the launching of its Christmas tree as centerpiece for the coming holidays last November 5. It was a sudden invite but perfect timing because we are actually going to Sorsogon city that same day to bring our nieces to join a class for pizza making kids edition.

I enrolled Ollie, my dog to the nearest vet clinic for a paid day care stay so I can stroll a bit around Sorsogon city on my own then by 3PM, I am already in SM City Sorsogon. Just few minutes before SM City Sorsogon starts its program to light its Christmas tree, I remembered Ollie so I literally ran as fast as I could to check him out after paying Php 150 or a few hours of stay. 

sm city sorsogon

The next thing I knew, Ollie, me and my sister Juliet are seating in the front among the guests enjoying the spectacular performance of some of Sorsogon's budding ballerinas, singers and dancers of today from Bicol All Stars, BFML Talents and Teacher Kookie.

sm city sorsogon

This is historical the fact that it is the first ever Christmas launching of SM City Sorsogon. The theme is  "Santa Surprise" — a concept bursting with the bright colors, good times, and festivities. 

sm city sorsogon

It highlights the 20ft high Christmas tree, elegantly embellished with LED lights and red and gold ornaments, surrounded by swings, lighted lamp post, wreath and presents.

sm city sorsogon

We love, love the live show from these very talented fellow Sorsoganons.  I think it took more than 30 minutes for the whole dancing and singing showcase. It just shows SM City Sorsogon knows how to win the hearts of their audience. I mean, they can just do an activity with some talks from the management and guests then proceed to the Christmas tree lighting but we were treated with a top-notch and FREE entertainment.

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SM City Sorsogon Asst. Mall Manager Ms. Rachel Odda together with City Mayor Ma. Ester Hamor and City Administrator Mark Guurindola joined as special guests.  I can vividly recall how Mayor Hamor referred SM to its old name "ShoeMart". Those who are not certainly part of the millenial crowd laughed a bit. At least, we knew who belong to the older generation versus younger generation. 

sm city sorsogon opening hours

Also super happy to finally meet some of Sorsogon's fellow content creators and media friends. We hope to get to know more of them while we are here in Sorsogon.

sm city sorsogon opening schedule

SM City Sorsogon like all SM malls in the country is going to offer freebies and discounts exclusively for the holiday season. We suggest checking their FB fan page from time to time to keep updated.

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