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The Tree of Life's 10-day Detoxification Program Blog Review

tree of life detoxification program review
(L) Lunch: (R): Healing lamp + IV drip

Looking for a wellness center in Manila that is a bit cheaper from Aegle Wellness Center and The Farm at San Benito? Read below.

One of my top goals before 2022 ends is to start investing seriously in my health and wellness.  I am in my late 30's now and I am slowly seeing the effects of my younger years where I ate the wrong food, living a sedentary lifestyle and not being able to manage stress properly.  

This new non-negotiable goal of mine moving forward lead me to take a 10-day natural healing program located within Metro Manila called Tree of Life in Paranaque. I learned about this wellness center in Manila as early as 2019 from a fellow blogger friend so this is not just a spur of the moment thing. I thought about this many times before I decided to do it.  

Generally, I would like to gain more weight. I am a few pounds less than the ideal weight of my age and height. I still thank the Universe because I have never ever encountered any sickness in my whole life. In fact, I have never been admitted to a hospital.

Before my freelancing years, I worked for 9 years in BPO industry on graveyard shift that burnt me out completely and affected every bits of me even emotionally. This was the reason why I decided to shift career which is working online so I don't have to commute, wear office attire and never be a slave to alarm clocks anymore.  

wellness center in manila

How much is Tree of Life's Holistic Health Restoration Program?

Php 88k. This rate remains the same since the first time I have heard about them 3 years ago. Comparing to other wellness centers in the Philippines that offer similar natural healing care program, other detoxification programs in Manila cost way more than this. 

tree of life wellness package in manila

What is the inclusion of Tree of Life's Holistic Health Restoration Program?  

According to Tree of Life's website: 6 Hydrocolonics, 4 Coffee enema, ​ Raw Plant-Based food, Juicing Therapy Supplements, Juicing & Food Demonstration, Nutritional Counseling Seminars on Natural Healing Restoration, 10 Biozapper, 10 Healing Lamp, 10 Jade Mat, 10 Foot Reflects, 2 Healing Machine, and Acupuncture.            

In my own experience,  I was able to try everything mentioned with an addition of 4 IV drips, activated charcoal application to my lymp node left side of my neck just below my jaw because I noticed it is a bit bigger but not so swollen when I first went to Tree Of Life last September. I was not able to use the Biozapper because I heard the device is broken. There's Sauna booth but I never used this. I also did hot water steaming for several times because I have colds when I arrived. I can do unlimited free swimming in the pool which is properly cleaned every 3 days with salt. 


How was the actual experience? 

The typical day from my own experience starts at 6 am before brushing teeth. They give a warm glass of unsweetened molasses, a shot glass of liquid probiotic and a shot glass of unsweetened barley. 

Then by 8 am, they serve the official breakfast which is  either a bowl of oats congee or brown rice together with  fried garlic bits then a shot glass of alkaline water, unsweetened glass of smoothie (banana, mango, kamote leaves), a shot glass of extra virgin olive oil, spirulina tablets, turmeric tablets, B12 tablet etc. This also a very ideal time that they put everyone in the weighing machine and get the blood pressure measurement.

While eating breakfast, foot reflex is done using a machine that does the job. Then proceed to doing the Waki Therapy. By 10 am, snack is served. It is usually one kind of fruit like papaya, a shot glass of ginger tea, a shot glass of mixed serpentina+paragis+ginger+turmeric, a shot glass of colloidal silver, a cup of black salt in warm water, a glass of warm unsweetened molasses and some supplements. 

I find these pretty heavy in my stomach so I make sure to walk in the outdoor garden and even go walk outside. It is really not recommended for someone undergoing this to be exposed to other people outside but I really make sure to walk at least a few minutes in the same street where Tree of Life is located or explore more nearby streets because I am not used to stay inside the room alone especially if it is going to be 10-days long.

As soon as I am done with 10-15 minutes of walking, I do the Hydrocolonics and in between is Coffee Enema then I take a bath. If you are looking for Hydrocolonics package in Manila, I suggest Tree of Life in Paranaque. I was told this is the best-seller here and of course for those who doesn't have the budget yet for the 10-day program, this is the best I can totally recommend.

For lunch, they serve varieties of salad paired with different rounds of dressing. Man, they serve really good-tasting salad that is worth including in any restaurant's menu! For example: a plate of lettuce, nori sheets, cucumber, corn, carrot, turnip and walnuts. 

In my case since I mentioned I want to gain weight, they also added a cup of steamed brown rice, a hot bowl of miso soup, half glass of unsweetened smoothie made of banana mango kamote leaves, a shot glass of alkaline water, a shot glass of ginger tea, spirulina tablets, turmeric tablets, B12 tablet etc.  

This time, I am done taking a bath and have changed clothes from what I wore yesterday. I am now going to lie down with a Jade mat under my back and Healing Lamp that is just a little above me that I can move a bit to any parts of my body that concern me. I also do the IV drip and acupuncture at the same time. IV drips can take from 1-3 hours so it is really best to do it after lunch. 

Food preparation demo and movie showing about plantbased diet are done after lunch too. I feel so lucky that in my stay, Salad Master visited to educate us about proper cooking and choosing the right cooking utensils. They also let us watch the controversial Gamechanger  and What The Health Netflix documentaries.

By 3 pm, another snack is served. It is usually one kind of fruit like boiled corn, raw sliced garlic, half glass of carrot juice, half glass of molasses, a shot glass of unsweetened barley, a shot glass of extra virgin coconut oil, a shot glass of extra virgin oil, a shot glass of castor oil, and supplements. 

For dinner, they serve another round of salad + dressing, pumpkin soup, one cup of brown rice, a tumbler of brown rice tea, a shot glass of alkaline water, unsweetened smoothie made of banana mango kamote leaves, a shot glass of extra virgin olive oil and more. 

I feel so lucky that during my stay there were two food demonstration that happened. One is from the founder's daughter teaching us how to make cashew milk, walnut milk and soy milk from scratch. She also taught us how to make vegan banana oats pancake and fruit jam. Another one was a team from Salad Master selling premium quality cookware that cost as much as the latest Iphone. I was told that other batches do not have food demo so this is only if there is a chance.

For every supplement or food we eat, they tell us where they bought it and even the exact brand which is I really appreciate for transparency issues. They even invited us exactly in the kitchen where our food is prepared and showed how to do it. 

True enough, I gained 2 pounds when I reached 9th day. My left lymp node under my jaw became significantly smaller. I pooped on daily basis while I am here. Prior to coming here, I poop every 3-4 days. I was told the right way should be every day. 

The big challenge is when I go home and back to reality, will I be able to sustain healthy food choices exactly like the ones served to me in Tree Of Life?  To be honest, the answer is NO but I have been more conscious of my food choices, have more determination than ever. 

Of all the natural drinks that I learned from Tree of Life, the one I am able to sustain is drinking a few teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and swallowing thin crushed raw garlic. I am not able to find organic ginger but when I do, I will start also drinking a shot glass of turmeric. In between, I also take a spoonful of turmeric cider vinegar I usually drink even before taking this holistic wellness package.

Do I recommend Tree of Life's detoxification program?

Yes. If you don't have the budget for 10 days, I heard they have the shortened version of 5 days. If you are budget is tight, the hydrocolonics package is the one that shouldn't be missed.

Any feedback or room for improvement I have for Tree of Life?

First, I am not an expert in this field so this is just personal  opinion. While I love the superb plantbased food we ate, I notice it is repetitive. For the duration of 10 days for breakfast, we are either eating congee brown rice or congee oats along with other natural drinks and supplements. Imagine eating these for 10 straight days. The other ladies who were also taking this same program were silently wishing that maybe there are few more options like an oatmeal pancake served with a glass of walnut milk they taught us during the food demo.  I do not know of many strictly vegan breakfast so these are the ones I can mention but I hope you get my point which is VARIETY OF FOOD TO EAT. 

Second, my goal for this is weight gain. Other participants are on a weight loss journey. However, we were served with the same type of food supplements, kinds of juices and same type of plantbased food. In my case, since I told them my goal is weight gain, they basically just increased the serving of whatever they serve. Like I said I am not an expert but I think a person who is aiming to lose weight vs a person who is aiming to gain weight should have differences in what they eat. I may be right. I may be wrong. Who knows?

TIP: Keep on checking their official Facebook fan page because they offer this program DURING holidays and special occasions because the rate is discounted from 10% up to 50% off. I was able to avail the highest discount so I only paid Php 44k.


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