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A Guide to Getting Married in the Philippines

how to get married in the philippines

Perhaps your soulmate is a Filipina, or you both love the Philippines so much that you want to get married there, either way if you are planning to marry in the Philippines, you have come to the right place, as we offer all the info you will need to plan the perfect wedding. 

Age Restrictions 

In order to be married in the Philippines, both parties must be at least 18 years of age (under 25s must have permission from their parents) and if one or both parties are foreign, they must get an affidavit from their embassy to verify they are eligible to marry. 

Civil Wedding 

This is a no-frills wedding that is legal; not every couple wishes to celebrate their union with a religious angle; even though Philippine people are traditionally Roman Catholic. You can have a civil wedding, then head off to a wedding hotel in Manila for a huge party; of course, if you are marrying a local girl, there is no way her parents will settle for anything less than a church wedding, and no amount of reasoning would change their minds. Actually, church weddings are not that expensive and she would no doubt wish to marry in her local Roman Catholic church. 

Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage 

This is the document that allows you to marry in the Philippines, without this, you will not be able to legally wed. The certificate is valid for 120 days, so you must get married within that time period. This is something for embassy consular employees to handle; you can make an appointment via the embassy’s website; most embassies no longer accept walk-ins, so do bear that in mind.  

Birth Certificates 

Both parties must show either the original or a certified copy of their birth certificate; these are essential documents; without them, the wedding cannot go ahead and your IDs cannot be verified. There are online solutions if you have lost your original birth certificate; talk to your embassy for further information. 

Two Witnesses 

Two witnesses are required for a marriage in the Philippines, and they must be of legal age. If you don’t know anyone in the Philippines, witnesses can be provided for you for a small fee. They would typically be government officials. If you are a furparent, you may bring your furbaby in your wedding reception because some hotels in Manila are pet-friendly. Click HERE to read more about it.

Wedding Locations 

A wedding can be conducted in a: 

  • Chapel 
  • Church 
  • Temple 
  • Government offices 
  • Consular office 

Churches are the most popular venues for weddings, as the country is 95% Roman Catholic; you can inquire at any church regarding booking a date for your wedding; most are happy to accommodate you and they have a busy calendar, with Christmas and New Year being the most popular time for wedding. Getting married in the Philippines does require careful planning and we hope that you and your partner have the most amazing experience.

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