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Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila's Pet Halloween Celebration 2023 Edition

sofitel manila spawctacular ha;;pween pet event 2023

I and my furbaby love to go out then mingle with fellow furparents and their furbabies. It is only this year I have learned that there is actually a Halloween pet event in Manila which is made us really so excited! The very first one actually we saw online was Sofitel Manila's sPAWctacular Halloween pet event. Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is one of our dream staycations being a pet-friendly hotel in Manila  for sometime now. Just waiting for the perfect time to do it. 

Halloween pet event in manila

A friend gifted us a ticket on the day of the event itself of Sofitel Manila's Halloween pet event but who are we to say no even if we come without any Halloween costume for my dog? Within an hour, I was able to take a quick shower and the next thing I knew is we are already taking an Angkas ride to Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. This hotel is quite far from us so I make sure any trip here should be worth our time and fair.

Sofitel Manila petfriendly hotel review

Held inside Harbor Garden Tent of  Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, I would say it is one of the biggest and most posh pet events in Manila I have ever witnessed attended by hundreds of pet owners and their pets. 

pet events in Manila

All the food they served was delicious. It was a lunch buffet aka eat-all-you-want. Most of the menu was wittily named sounding like food for either dog or cat. I love the pancit, pastries and desserts. My dog loves the lasagna and of course the fried chicken so much. I was expecting that the buffet lunch is also consumable for our pets in tow. However, when I was checking the booths, I saw Sofitel Manila Hotel's menu for pets that is also available to order. This happened right after I have given Ollie some food from our table so it is too late for me order for Ollie.


Halloween pet event in Sofitel Manila

We went home with lots of freebies but still I made sure to buy some dog essentials. Whenever possible, I always buy from small brands to help them in my own little way. It is really life-saver to always have an extra bag for occassions like this, I tell you!

sofitel manila halloween pet event

It was also my first time to watch a Halloween pet fashion show. I can see the efforts and love they have for their furbabies. Some of them have brought costumes like they are for a national competition. I regret though I have to leave a little earlier before the winners were announced because my sister forgot her wallet inluding her keys of our apartment in her work. 

pet events in Manila

I personally met Joel, Property Maintenance Supervisor who oversees these felines mostly rescued from outside Sofitel Manila. He said they want this a little secret since they just started this pandemic but planning to start getting proper permits to operate a rescue center they call Whiskers Sofitel.

Halloween party for pets in Manila

Also, they don't want people going to Sofitel Manila to give up their pets for some dumb reasons like moving house tapos hindi pwede pets or di na kaya pakainin. They want to rescue those stray ones that are most deserving to have a home.

Rescuing cats was never an agenda but it so happen that the managers of Sofitel are not just pet owners, they are also pet lovers according to Joel so everything happened quickly. I asked why cats? It is usually the cats that are thrown away. Dogs kasi in pounds napupunta. Then killed after. They have only 2 dogs rescued.

I also had a great time visiting booths of different brands. I know I am bringing home some free goodies but I still made sure to buy some to support these pet brands. The stray cats and one stray dog I feed will be very happy because I have more dogfood and catfood for them.

Halloween pet event in manila

pet events in Manila

The Sofitel Manila's Spawtacular Pet Halloween event went above and beyond for bringing a professional veterian that day. I was able to secure a free consultation regarding Ollie's mild concerns. No wonder, the entry fee is Php 3, 000 good for 1 pet and 1 dog which is for me, totally worth it.

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