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Article contributed by Clifford Arcangel
Photos courtesy of Juliet Alexis Beltran

Baia Nest Gubat, situated in the coastal town of Gubat, Sorsogon, is a Balinese-inspired villa showcasing a captivating, state-of the-art Indonesian architectural design. Arch. Eugene Grafaldeo is a dear friend of mine who is also behind the construction of this three-story, loft-style villa designed to evoke an intentional,  rustic vibe. The bare, unfinished walls, along with minimalist native furniture, fixtures, and a roof made from  bamboo and anahaw, offer a laid-back provincial charm. It’s a perfect balance between brutalist and  vernacular contemporary styles—truly one of the perfect answers to where to stay in Gubat, Sorsogon.

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Luxury and Comfort Await
The villa provides an array of amenities to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay for all guests. It boasts  three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two spacious kitchens, each equipped with top-of-the-line  appliances such as a built-in oven, premium pots and pans, refrigerator, and an air fryer—making it a dream  haven for culinary enthusiasts or perhaps your mom. And don’t get me started on their China sets and cutlery.  Absolutely divine!

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Two of the rooms, creatively named Malasugi and Lamadang (who would have thought local fish could inspire  room names?), are air-conditioned, while the loft area room (Turingan) offers an alfresco experience. It's  perfect for guests who want to embrace the laid-back, countryside lifestyle.

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Ideal for Digital Nomads and/or Work From Home People
There is a growing demand of people who are hunting accommodations that have strong Internet connection for work purposes. Baia Nest's high-speed Wi-Fi is at 195 Mbps for download. Most accommodations in the province of Sorsogon particularly in remote areas have difficulty providing stable online connection or charging extra for this service. If you are like us who earn money online, Baia Nest is one of those few accommodations in Sorsogon with stable Internet that you can still do your job all while on vacation mode.

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Baia Nest also features an entertainment and work room named Batalay, equipped with cozy, low-profile sofas  adorned with plump pillows and a 2x4 Smart TV! So, if you’re the Netflix-and-chill type, just grab a couple of  frozen beers, some popcorn, and voilĂ ! Your ultimate relaxation setup is complete!

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Not for Beach Afficionados
Baia Nest is just 2 minutes away from the beach but personally, it is not recommended to swim there. The waves are unpredictable and sands are rough. There are no lifeguards so swimming is at your own risk. It's not the kind of beach that one would want to swim leisurely. The best beaches in the town of Gubat, Sorsogon are in barangay Rizal which is next to barangay Buenavista where Baia Nest is located.  Baia Nest seems to be very much aware of this that they have added a dipping pool and a swimming pool is under construction.

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Perfect Example of Hygge
 While Baia Nest may not be the place for those who are looking for "real" beach experience, this private resort in Gubat, Sorsogon is still worth the heck of it. Spending at least a night here is like a retreat.  It is a place to step back from mundane activities that one have to go through every day. No need to rush. Just be. I mean who wouldn't complain doing nothing here?

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Our personal favorite is the lanai is located on the ground floor. Upon entering, you are greeted by an Italian patio table with  mismatched chairs, adding extra charm to its rustic theme. Kudos to their designer! In the lanai area, you'll  also find two king-size beds. While it may seem unconventional to place beds where guests dine, it adds a  unique touch that proves not everything is exactly where it should be, sometimes, it's right where you least  expect it!

Romantic Sunrises and Sunsets Await
Now, onto the view! The front of the villa faces the main road, with the access road to Gubat Beach just  across. At the back, enjoy a spectacular vista of rice paddies and Sorsogon's prized gem, Mt. Bulusan. The  front welcomes the sunrise, setting the stage for a romantic start to your day, while the back bids farewell to  the sunset, perfect for those evening strolls or candlelit dinners. Be sure to set your alarms to catch these  unforgettable moments. Nature's way of keeping you on time for romance!

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Ate Niezel’s Specialties 
It might seem a bit disappointing if you and your companions aren't kitchen enthusiasts, despite all the  premium equipment, but hey, it's your vacation. No need to stress. Baia offers Ate Niezel’s Specialties. So,  put down the spatula and pick up a fork instead! Ate Niezel is one of Baia's helpers. Although we haven’t personally tried her menu, it’s definitely worth  considering if you prefer to avoid the kitchen. One thing worth mentioning here in Baia Nest is that aside from the typical meat and fish dishes they have on the menu, they also serve simple vegan and vegetarian dishes.  It is somehow rare to find an accommodation that serves a myriad of plantbased food in Sorsogon. Thank you, Baia Nest for being able to serve to people who eat cruelty-free food ahead of other accommodations in Sorsogon.

Perfect for Group Staycations
Baia Nest is located inside a 2, 000 square meter fenced property.  If you are looking for a private villa to celebrate a milestone in your life with friends and family in an informal setup, Baia Nest offers the luxury of space with a Balinese vibe.  

best pet friendly resort in gubat sorsogon

Freebies for Guests
Here are some goodies that are free to enjoy during your stay: champorado, milk, eggs, coffee, tea, juice, sourdough bread, peanut butter, fruit, water, coco sugar,  popcorn. In the kitchen, you'll find a shared pantry box with unused dry goods left by previous guests. Feel free to help  yourself to these items if available. You’re also welcome to leave behind non-perishable dry goods that future  guests might find useful.

We were greeted by three adorable dogs upon arrival at the Villa so the answer is yes, but guests traveling with  pets are advised to coordinate with them prior to arrival. Pets need to be properly introduced, and they need  to be informed if your pet might attack their chickens, cats, and dogs, which roam around the property.  Baia Nest welcomes potty-trained, fully-vaccinated and well-behaved pets at NO additional cost! All breeds and sizes are welcome as long as your pets won't cause harm in any way possible. Truly, Baia Nest is one of the best pet-friendly resorts in Sorsogon.

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You may click HERE to watch our video feature of Baia Nest Gubat posted on our FB page, Lantuag sa Sorsogon 

From Sorsogon, head to the Sorsogon Integrated Terminal Exchange (SITEX) via a tricycle (a three-wheeled  vehicle and the main mode of transportation in the area). At SITEX, look for a bus heading to Gubat with signs  indicating GTC or BULTRASCO. The ticket fare is only 50 pesos, and the travel time is approximately 30  minutes. Once you arrive in Gubat, take another tricycle to reach Baia Nest. If you have a car, click HERE for the directions.

Baia Nest address: Baia Nest, 3222 Maharlika Highway, Buenavista
Baia Nest Facebook fan page: click HERE
Baia Nest platforms where you can book: AirBnb and

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