Of kindness and new Facebook friends along the road

I know! I know it's been almost a week since I have not posted a new one.  I have been very busy *as always*. Just a week after I went on a surfing trip to Zambales I have to pack my bag again to the islands of Caramoan in Bicol. This is actually the third free trip from a travel partner for two so I tagged along my sister Mitch.

On the way back to Manila, I  had a glimpse of the Mount Mayon which almost made me decide to head home instead to see my family whom I last visited August of 2013 but my emails are already "knee - deep" so I have to take care of those first. Plus I feel like Manila is my home and where my heart is... for now.

There is a story of kindness and a few awesome girls I met in the beach resort slash hostel at Zambales I want to share to everyone.   Let me start the story of kindness. Travelling alone sounds fantastic. But for a lady like me in a remote area on a late night, sounds absolutely not good!  The bus that took me from Manila is until Olongapo only. It was already 10PM when we arrived. Meaning I need to take another bus ride to Zambales for 1 - 2 hours including the tricycle ride that will bring me to the place where I booked in.  

The Circle Hostel in San Felipe, Zambales

Much has been said about The Circle Hostel online from fellow travel bloggers. I thought their Marketing Manager did a very good job for tapping influential people on the net to talk about their brand. Their tagline "There is no stranger here" is very appealing as well for me to check it out myself as most of the time I travel alone but would love to meet new friends along the way.  I said "I really got to see this out soon!"

The long weekend courtesy of the commemoration of the Holy Week was the perfect timing so I packed my backpack bag for a swimming and surfing getaway.  I am not actually a die - hard beach bum, all I ever wanted is to get out of the city, take some rest and have fun. I also learned that The Circle Hostel offers a very affordable beach lodging so this really sounds good!

Here's one of the ironies of my life, I help others prepare their trips every single day that I cannot even attend to my own! With less than 24 hours to prepare for my trip, I checked their website. They have two locations: La Union and Zambales. I honestly do not know what to choose. Again, I only wanted to get out of the city and watch a sunset sitting in the sand.

Dolphin watching and Sea lion encounter at Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay

Are you looking for an outstanding performance of trained dolphins, whales, sea lions and a lot more kinds of animals? Well, you only need o take a 2-3 hour ride from Manila to Olongapo. 

I hope my visit to Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay Freeport Zone can help you choose your next most affordable getaway for the whole family especially those who have small kids in tow. I am very confident that they will be very much delighted by the extraordinary tricks they will see. Take note, this is not just - another - animal - show because the founders of this as described  in their official website are leaders in animal care and welfare, true environmentalists and conservationists. Their show is not designed entirely to delight the audience but also to remind everyone to take part in the conservation of our ocean, forest and the environment we live in. 

The 1st Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014 in Lubao, Pampanga

Watching those hot air balloons of different colors and sizes slowly going up the sky through my own eyes is a childhood dream.  It was finally granted when I checked out the 1st Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014 a few days ago. In December of 2013, the group that has been organizing this same event for the past years announced that they won't have one this year. This made me sad. 

And because I am not the only one who is really looking forward to see this, in fact a lot of people really made efforts to express their deissapointment via social media, the Pilipinas International Balloon Festival in cooperation with the Arts, Culture and Tourism Office of Pampanga and the Department of Tourism made everything possible in such a short time. FYI, our very own hot air balloon festival is said to be the biggest of its kind in SE asia, so the reason given by its former organizing committee as "too soon" I think is not fair enough.

Feels like the Universe is with me now!

The book "Aleph" is the only one I have read of all Paulo Coelho's writings.  I loved the story so much that even though I have so little time to grab a hardbound book, I really made efforts to read every single page of it. But if I am to answer which of his famous quotes is my favorite, it would be the one he mentioned in his book "The Alchemist."

He said "when you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it".  And I think I feel the same way now. When you really want something so bad, then you put all your heart into it... everything else will follow.  

I have almost nothing when I left my 8 year old job in August of 2013. I did not know how to start a new life as a bootstrapping entrepreneur. My friends and family members are not into this. I was desperately looking for an environment of like - minded individuals who are into this as well. I think if not because of the online world where one can easily connect to another one, I am still stuck somewhere.

Bicol Tour Package and Itinerary

3D2N Bicol Tour Package
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P4,800 each for a group of 11 
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