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Caramoan island - hopping tour itinerary, how to get there and other things to do

The islands of Caramoan in Camarines Sur,  Bicol rose to fame in 2008 when it became a favorite shooting venue by the international reality TV series "Survivor".  The list of the countries that filmed in this exotic strings of beach are:  India, France, Israel, Serbia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and in 2013 is the USA. 

When we went there last week of April, the locals informed us that by May two European countries are also set to film there own Survivor series: Holland and Polland. They said we are lucky that we visited Caramoan ahead of their shooting schedule because some of the islands are closed to the public by that time. While we are lucky that we get to check out all these beautiful islands, I would also love to have a glimpse of any of the current Survivor's crew and cast.

We also offer a 3 day and 2 night Caramoan tour package if you don't have time to prepare your own trip. We suggest you to join our regular tour which includes a roundtrip van to save on cost. The departure is every Thursday 9PM then back to Manila 12mn of Sunday.  For more details like itinerary and rates please click here.

For more information please contact 09420074134 or email anytime. 

Bicol Tour Package and Itinerary

3D2N Bicol Tour Package
P4,600 each for a group of 12
P4,800 each for a group of 11 
P4,800 each for a group of 10
P5,300 each for a group of 9
P5,700 each for a group of 8
Additional P800 each for Donsol Whaleshark interaction
** Prices change without prior notice. Please send us a message for the most updated rates

For more information please email or via mobile 0998 989 3921 anytime.   

NAGA EXCURSIONS: Get To Know Naga’s Newest Brand of Tourism

Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines
naga travel guide“If not because of the international reality show Survivor series that were shot in Caramoan Islands, Naga won’t be given much attention by DTI nor be included in their road map for tourism campaign.” says John Bongat mayor of Naga in a press conference to promote their tourism.  And since tourism is one of the many engines for driving the economic progress, the local government of Naga does not want to just wait for outside help but did every effort to prove they have what it takes.

Truly as I listen to their presentation, Naga has a lot of reasons to be proud of in terms of heritagey, spirituality, culinary, natural wonders and  one person that is an epitome of good governance admired by many Filipinos.  Naga Excursions or Naga X, is Naga’s newest brand of tourism that offers a myriad of choices to meet all types of adventures to anyone visiting their place. Let me tell you the ways: