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Pinays are Happier over Food than Sex, Survey Says

To measure the Philippine society’s progress including happiness which is called the Philippine Happiness Index (PHI) is one of the tasks of National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB). The latest results however sounded unusual showing the biggest disparity in the rankings on Love and Sex life of Filipinos. Correspondents were asked to rate things that make them happy with 1 as the highest and 20 as the lowest. Pinoys (male) rated it as 10th most important or 10th least important but Pinays (female) rated it as 18th most important or second least important. In love life, Pinoys rated it as 6th most important and for Pinays it’s 10th most important. “These shows unmet expectations for love and sex  [that] can surely lead to problems, and must be managed properly and professionally.” says Dr. Romulo A. Virola, Secretary General of NSCB.

Pinays find Family, Health, and Religion and/or spiritual work as the three most important sources of happiness. Same result showed up from the Pinoys. Pinays consider participation in Cultural Activities, Community and volunteer work, Leisure and sports, and Technological know-how as unimportant sources of happiness. A loud knock from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA) to find more effective ways to encourage our kababayans to enjoy  culture and to do volunteer work! A society that appreciates culture and volunteerism is surely a better place. In Politics, Environment, Government, and Peace and security, they are both least happy. The relative importance (rank) of Friends as a source of happiness has gone down since 2007. So did we stop looking for “real” friends already instead we splurged online adding more never-seen friends and followers?

In four months that we had a bachelor president, the Philippines has grown by about 600,000 - the fastest rate of increase in Southeast Asia. We are currently around 9 million. So how come Pinays literally preferred food over sex? Or does it show that a number of Pinays find sex an uncomfortable topic, rarely discussed even during dinner when all the family members are present to get to know the “realities” of life. The Reproductive Health bill is shaking the Filipinos’ identities. It is shaking more the credibility of the Catholic Church. Use of contraceptives is touted as the answer. Up to what extent? Can we give our 15-year old sister or daughter who says she wants to do it since she won’t get pregnant anyway? How about the safety and its side effects?  Will it be used in moderation or as free as air we breathe? What should the Pinays think before they spread their legs in bed? And when they think of the time that they're ready to bear a child, what is their contingency plan? Pinays need to know.

Source and Information and Picture from:  NCSB and Yahoo Philippines

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