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“An Invitation to Malacañan” is 1 of Best Cookbook of the Year in Paris

A coffee table book about Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration, its state dinners, bilateral meetings and ceremonies honoring heads of state entitled “An Invitation to Malacañan” which is spelled in Spanish is nominated in Gormand Awards 2010 for Best Cookbook of the Year category. Shortlist from the fifty-seven (57) countries participants will be posted in January, the winner will be announced and his work be exhibited in March 2011.  The glamorous awards night will then be held in Paris, France.

Led by Bettina Araneta Aboitiz, “An Invitation to Malacañan” pages show “the evolution of the state functions, from the engraving of balls in the 19th century, the lavish parties of President Quezon, to the present, visiting dignitaries, samples of invitations, gift exchanges, and an ingénue Macapagal-Arroyo dancing in a Maria Clara outfit in the early ’60s, and recent moments with her grandchildren.”

A very interesting story about this “An Invitation to Malacañan”, the nipa hut, water buffalo and boat-place card holders done in sterling silver were given as presidential gifts to then UK First Lady Cherie Blair in 2002.  After sometime, Ms Blair contacted the Philippine Embassy in London to buy a similar set but unfortunately the company which made it already closed.

Malacañang is the official residence and workplace of the Presidents of the Philippines. It was built in 1750 in Spanish colonial style where Pres. Marcos and his family lived the longest. Pres. Cory Aquino's office was the bedroom of Pres. Marcos at the time her husband, Ninoy died in 1983. Her son, P-noy the country’s current president chose to live in a different place – the Bahay Pangarap residence which is located inside Malacañang Park.

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Source: Invitation to Malacañang, Marge C. Enriquez of Philippine Daily Inquirer

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