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Pinay Sisters’ Love for Local Design & Craftsmanship


Tired of media and shopping malls’ far depiction of what Christmas is in the Philippines? These Pinay sisters got a heart that promotes Filipino designs and craftsmanship. Instead of snow and fireplaces in a usual Christmas card, their designs are icons that best describe Philippines like jeepneys and the tsinelas (slippers). Joy card, is a personalized greeting card business owned by Jane Beate and Abie Buena that showcases Filipino arts most especially to tourists as their target market.

The prices range from P20 – P80 which is very affordable and are made from recyclable materials. Their designs show that Pinays are very artistic even in the simplest designs that it may have a little resemblance to a gradeschooler’s coloring book but they cleared that these are unique and hard to duplicate.

Beate, who is an arts teacher at the Carewell Community Foundation (for cancer-stricken children) said that crafting personalized greeting cards are considered therapeutic by most of her students. She also adds “that a person does not have to be an artist or go to an exclusive art school to know that art can be used to affect people in a good way. “ So next time you want to buy a greeting card, keep in mind people like these Pinay sisters’ humble but patriotic works.

InformationSource:  Sisters Craft Truly Pinoy Greeting Cards by KC Santos, Dec. 3, 2010 

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