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We Can do Better Filipina Ladies!

"May isa na namang Pilipina na maiaahon at aangat sa kahirapan sa buhay!" Sounds familiar? That is a sarcastic expression I always hear every time a group of people seeing a Filipina walking with a  guy foreigner usually a White. Not saying all of course but whenever I hear this I can't help but laugh. Makes me think is this really our worth as Filipinas? Can't we do anything or any other better way to get our dreams come true?

Let me tell you a story. While attending the crash course about  How to Setup a Homebased Online Travel Agency, a month ago our speaker who has been to so many places here in the Philippines even more than
the number of her surviving teeth in front she joked, she shared a story about going to this remote island somewhere in Visayas. Not very much known by tourists and place not very well published, the people there get their means of living by their tourism. They have pristine beaches with fine sand perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling etc.!

While walking in the seashore, barefooted and letting her hair being swift to her back by the wind she saw this 9 year old local girl selling some sea shells sewn into a lovely necklace. "Ma'am, souvenir po!" or "Want some souvenir to bring home?" The little girl said. Well this lady has a soft heart for kids. Though she has bought so many of these kinds in her travels, she bought one out of the feeling of wanting to help this girl.

"So anong gusto mo paglaki?" or "What do you want to become when you grow up?" She asked her. "Gusto ko po makapag-asawa ng foreigner!" or "I wanna marry a foreigner!" She quickly replied in a matter of seconds. Never ever first thought of anything she wanted to become someday but marry a foreigner. 

"Bakit naman?" or "Why did you want to?" She asked. "Kasi po gusto ko rin mapalaki ang bahay namin gaya ng mga kapitbahay ko na nakapag - asawa ng ganun din!" She become dumbfounded for a few minutes. She felt goosebumps all over her body. How come this young girl in her very young mind thinking of this as her first option for her future. Well not to offend Filipinas dating, seeing or marrying foreigners but the idea of marrying somebody for the sake of a better lifestyle not because of love is completely insane!

So she did a quick background check of the area and it did not took her long time to know that in their beautiful remote island, since there is  a lot of foreigners coming in and out of their place, the ladies often young ladies get to know some guys and ended up marrying them.

What happens next is the small "bahay kubo" or "wooden house" of these ladies are being transformed into bungalow type made of hollow blocks and roof made of galvanized iron. And then the neighborhood seeing these houses that have grown bigger wanted to have that same hous So the parents would tell their daughters to find a foreigner they can marry.

When I went to Cebu and walking in the streets with an American guy and American girl. Mike, who is living here in 8 years and speaks in straight Tagalog said "I feel lucky that I walk with a local girl and a white girl now." I don't look like a whoremonger by some people around. He said.

I have met awesome foreigner guys. Not to down them in anything or so. But what really ticks my heart is the philosophy of some women who dreams below of what they can! Why not finish a degree, get a well-paid job and find your way up to your dream whether it is making your house to become mansion or more than that! I am sure there is more than that Filipina ladies!

Above is a 2 year old photo of me and some old friends whom we have spent so many lazy afternoons dreaming of life and stuff.  

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