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Cagayan De Oro and Vigan, Here I Come!

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Got two local trips lined up and trying to squeeze everything else in between. Whew! Ok as I mentioned in my previous posts I came across the idea of travelling when I met people who are really into travelling since last year. Anna from Canada said she learned so much about our country after I brought her to Intramuros and was hesitant to bring her to Rizal Park because I was thinking she might get bored but she loved those students filling the park doing their lessons, preparing for their dance numbers and so forth. Marco from Spain whose have so many projects about the historical ties of his and our country, I just hope he finds time to bring it to reality or better find someone who can do it because these ideas are amazing. Mike from Switzerland  who upon learning that he has a lot of excess baggage his sister filled his suitcases with second hand clothes, baby and school supplies which he was giving these all throughout his trip to the people he met. Spell efforts!

Then Carsten from Germany and Zorah from Taiwan wanted to go to Palawan not by airplane but bus because they really wanted to immerse with the locals and talk to them. Mike from US who travelled by car from New York to California and back with his friend.  He has been very influential about my blogging, social media and entrepreneurship ideas.  His blog inspired to be open - minded and he meets a lot of people and joins a lot of events that kinda inspired me.

Another Mike from US who lived her for 8 years and he can speak Tagalog and Cebuano very fluent. Last is Cristi from US who has been to  43 countries and visited Philippines for 2 weeks, she is so amazing!

Annie and Me at Intramuros
Cagayan De Oro (July 28 - 31)
Can't imagine I decided a trip which will  happen in a week from now!  I suddenly just want to get of the city quick. I was doing this eenie-mini-minie-moh thing and my finger landed in Cagayan De Oro. This will be the farthest place in the Philippines I will be going given the geographical point is Manila and first time in Mindanao. Based on my quick googling this place is known for water rafting meaning huge amount of tourists will be going here so I might make this in the middle of my to-do list. I want those not so unknown a little unspoiled but still worthy of visit. I will check these museums: Xavier Museum, Capitol University Museum and Rodelsa Hall. On top of my list is the Malasag Eco-tourism Village - a living museum that showcases different houses of Northern Mindanao indigenous tribes. Thinking of gong to Macahambus Adventure Park for a Sky Bridge zipline or at Noslek for a canopy walk. Gosh I don't know If I will have the courage to try these seriously! 

Wanna see also the Macahambus Hill Cave And Gorge which is the  the site of famous Battle of Macahambus Hill which took place on June 4, 1900, the first Filipino victory against the Americans. Taken from the Official website of Municipal of Cagayan De Oro it says "The cave itself is a picturesque spot. today, it's a short cavern leads to a veranda that overlooks the meandering Cagayan River below. 200 meters away the Macahambus Gorge. This is actually the steep precipice where the enemy forces fell to thier deaths. Today, a flight of over a hundred steps leads down the floor of the gorge where there is an underground river that comesout from one cave to another cave. the cave is covered with a lush tropical arbor of forest growth." Sounds very interesting!

Vigan, Ilocos (November 6 -9) 
This is going to be my second time in Vigan! Haven't had much when I went there last January so I will be coming back again this time with a more defined purpose, I will join the ICOMOS ICTC International Conference on Cultural Tourism - November 7-8, 2012 (Vigan, Philippines). Topics will focus on the issues of community participation in cultural tourism. These are the sub - topics listed in their website:

1. Social and Economic Community development through sustainable cultural tourism
     a. Sustainable Community-based tourism practices
     b. Benefits of community participation in conservation and cultural tourism programs
     c. Can join Economics of Tourism topics here

2. Values-based tourism
     a. Culture and nature Interpretation for tourism
     b. Information and education development for tourism

3. Economics of Tourism
     a. Honing cultural industries as tourism by-products
     b. Accommodations and home-stays development for economic development
     c. Communities and stakeholders involvement in tourism activities
     d. Government and/or NGOs initiatives in tourism
     e. Ticketing and tour packaging of heritage sites for tourism

4. Challenges and concerns of Tourism in Heritage Sites
     a. Tourism in-flux and its effects on heritage sites
     b. Over development and build-up outcomes in heritage sites
     c. Management of tourism destinations

5. Promotions and Marketing of Heritage for tourism
     a. Experiences and good practices in the marketing of heritage sites
     b. Challenges in marketing and advertisement of hard to sell heritage sites
     c. Enhancing heritage for tourism (facilities development, heritage information enhancement, etc)  

So there you go more than the scenes and food I am looking forward is the people I hope to meet at these places.

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