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Thankful at this moment I arrived safe for my flight back to Manila from Cagayan De Oro. Typhoon Gener is sending me hopeless vibes just this morning but I said to myself “There is NO WAY I am gonna be stranded here for another day as I am already missing the flood and traffic in Manila!” Cagayan de Oro is like a chunk of Manila but my trip was full of stories of people and places to write about. Please give me several days to make another blog post about it on my off. I can’t wait to share you about these people I met: Hans, Philipp, Charlie, Rene and his wife. All of their stories have something to do with the word “love”. Sounds cheesy but I will prove to you theother definitions of this word! All my life I used to be this shy type girl so I am trying to blend with as many as like-minded people to talk about life and some shit (pardon my word). You know sometimes you have to learn how to use this wordif not you will be left behind. The girl sitting next to me in the flight was asking me what am I gonna do there, I said I just wanna listen to the birds chirping right above the trees from my window and I am longing to be in a strange place alone again.

I have just given up a challenge that from the very start I know it is impossible for me to win that I needed to get some air somewhere. I tried holding on until half way but really I have to give way. This is one of the challenges I would say I was at my weakest and my courage was tested up to the last drop. I did not know that the meaning of the word courage is NOT even close to the amount of it I needed to keep going. This cost me gallons of tears that I can say I already mastered crying silently and drying the tears using my fingers while walking in the streets where there is a few people or while lying down to sleep at night with my pillow covering my face. As in no hay sonido! But looking at the “brighter side of life” because of this I morphed into a something new persona now. And I promise when the next similar challenge comes I am now prepared and definitely will continue the battle up to the end.

Life goes on! I have started limiting the time I spent on social media now as I am dying to learn the Spanish language at home since my time and health cannot afford me to go back to class. Porque lo necesito mucho en mi trabajo! My goal is not to really speak the language but I am already fine if I learn to read and understand it claro sin ayuda de Google Traducir o diccionario EspaƱol. I am giving myself 6 months and planning to take a certification examination next year. I feel I am getting addicted to Facebook and Twitter that it is eating so much of my time and I am getting less productive so I need to find a way out.

So if you will ask me what lessons have I learned from these situations that I am right now? Keep going. Do not be afraid of taking chances whether you end up doing it as a mistake or you lose something or someone in return. Those tears that fell down your cheeks, they’re meant to be cried out so cry if you need to. Stood firm or stood up for something you believe correct even if you are alone fighting for it.  Fill your heart with courage that can move mountains. Pray...

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