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Raining in Manila

"I envy you a lot Rona! You have all the time to enjoy life." says a friend after telling to her how my recent trips are giving the best times of my life,  meeting like-minded people in events and now looking forward  to go to Negros this Sept   23 - 27 . I have been to IlocosCebu, BicolCagayan de Oro and will be going to  again for an international conference about cultural tourism. "I envy you more." I replied. "You have your own family you come home to while me I am living an independent life so I have no pressure for me to stay at home." It has been raining in Manila and many are affected by the flood for the past few weeks. It is at this moment I find myself "dramatic"and my hand gets itchy to start writing again.

As I watch the thick dark clouds enveloping the sky from the 24th floor where I stay, the winds keep on blowing in spread out directions causing the rain to spill some drops to my face. I did not bother though wiping out these as my attention is focused more listening to the whizzing sound of the wind. I realized that a moment like this, you will be longing to stay in bed longer. Just lying there, sank half over the soft, tempting and cottony mattress.

What else could be much better to wish for at this very moment is having someone lying next beside you. Giving each other the hottest kiss, warmest embrace as if no one wants to let go and sharing another unforgettable summer bliss. Spending that moment as if you two are the only people left in this world. The slightest whisper to each other's ears, the air from breathing in and out from each other's nose and mouth and most especially is the beating of each others heart. These are the only dominating sounds you will hear as if these are as loud as your boss is shouting at you for your just another honest mistake in the office.

Or if you are living with your parents and siblings this is the best moment to talk things over while the family is munching a home-made crunchy banana fritter and sipping a hot-ass mushroom soup wearing pajamas in your parent's room. As the thunder and lightning are dueling up above throwing each other a sudden body shake as if you were frightened by someone at your back you will realize that one of the greatest reasons to live is having people who are biologically related to you and when your social friends leave, they will be there for you no matter what you are.

Humanness and femininity. These are the exact words can best describe what I feel now. Humanness because I feel life's volatility. Femininity because I suddenly become curious the many privileges of a full-pledged woman. While most is hating this moment because this caused a heavy traffic, unable to go to work, all kinds of inconveniences you can think of, sickness or even death, well life is not all about the sun shining from the horizon. It is when we feel the loss of something or someone we learn to value life more than ever. Who would have thought that this inconvenience of getting stuck right in our home have actually given a chance to this couple their bond to be strengthened more just spending some time together because they have been very busy working? who would have thought that this family that has never been complete in a particular time and place because of the children hanging out more with their barkadas have gone all home and was able to spend a memorable dinner.

While me this moment I am simply wondering if my mom and siblings are all fine back home. Another one is if that someone is doing fine and safe somewhere. That one of the longest most comfortable sleep in my whole life since I don't fall asleep quick, happens in a moment like. So you this see life is
always seeing the brighter side even if sometimes it is only a slice in a big pie.


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