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Reasons Why I Keep on Blogging

This July I commemorated my third year of blogging silently with no giveaways, promos or some nasty celebrations that most of my fellow bloggers do in this same day. I spent it reflecting for how long I have been blogging now. Somehow I am still in the process of realizing that the art of blogging is a combination of a little lie, a bit of bragging and a sprinkle of exaggeration. My passion though for blogging is still burning like hell after all these times. Never did I had any means in my life that I was able to document everything that I do for years and blogging really helped me a lot to know what has been eating my time, what are my interests, what drives me crazy, what ignites my creativity, what else I am missing and who are the ones who helped me shape for what I am now.

That in every words I blog I should possess a character who knows-it-all, fearless, ever-courageous and a model of righteousness. But in fact I am just the same as everyone online who commits mistake like wrong spelling and wrong grammar. That behind these encouraging words I share I am just another human being who hides behind my posts and trying to be the words I write. And who would have thought that through this blog I fell in love, fell out, got inspired, continued dreaming like a 16 year old, meet amazing people, enslaved by the online world, helped me know my advocacies and taught me to stood up for something.
Oh by the way I have another 2 little reasons to keep blogging. I got an email from the author of asking to be featured as one of the phenomenal Filipinas online. She has been blogging since 1998 and has been collating fabulous blogs that Pinays write about all topics under the sun, moon and stars.. Another one is from an SEO specialist working for an internet marketing business who according to him “I want to know if I can write a high quality content to be published in your site for one of our clients ( he mentioned a daily deal business). It would be a great privilege to collaborate with you since you have a good number of followers and readers who admires you because of the great resources you offer.” 

Those mentioned above are very small complimentary act of being acknowledged but it gave me a smile and a blush on my cheeks as well . I am writing this in my workstation on my break time while the typhoon is ravaging the world so hard. Yes we have work and we are paid double and I am working in my slippers and shorts. Can’t wait for the sunshine to show up again as I will spend so much of my time in different coffee shops during Mondays for reasons I won’t be telling for now. Just imagine I am slurping a hot chamomile tea and salivating for a blue berry crepe in my side while I am typing from my laptop. That’s how it is all going to be.

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