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What Have I Been Up To Lately?

 Since my return from Iloilo, Bacolod and Guimaras Island I have been quite occupied for so many reasons that sometimes I ask "ganito na lang ba iikot ang buhay ko... bahay, trabaho, online at pag weekends ay punta ng mall, magliwaliw kung saan at mag online uli? or in English "Will my life be as redundant as... on weekdays house, office, online and on weekends go to mall, wander anywhere and online again?" I have tons of photos but I have not completed my blog posts from my recent travel because I am losing out of concentration whenever I am online. I tend to socialize and socialize and stalk etc.

So what have I been up to lately? The Digital IM really inspired me to be more passionately active online in my advocacy and to build relationships and get connected to key people online I look forward to in terms of what I want to accomplish.

The international conference in cultural tourism that I am dreaming to be part of, I even booked a flight already to Vigan next month made me very worried. I haven't paid for the registration fee, I have tried to contact the organization taking care of this but it seems that they have not responded to my email for 3 weeks now! I checked their blog, no tel number provided or even office address I can personally inquire about this. So I am lost now!

I have been watching a few films from the 11th Spanish Film Festival this past week and as a matter of fact I will watch my third tonight. I don't know what keeps me hooked up to film festivals for a few years now from French to Japanese, to Italian and to our very own Cinemalaya. I wanted to be immersed to our culture just as I want to be aware of other's identity. Don't get me wrong but I don't just watch a movie but an award-winning one! If our local movie industry can produce more movies than the usual love stories of third parties involved and or fluffy romance of teen loveteams, I might find myself lining up to the nearby cinema. 

I am also planning to volunteer as an editor to this tech site that has something to do with freeware, online tools, apps etc. I want to prove to myself that even though I did not end up taking the professional career from the 4-year degree in Computer Science and 2-year diploma in Computer Studies that I finished in college, at least the enthusiasm inside me is still outrageously burning! This means I will have to set aside my Spanish language studies and concentrate on this one. 

I am writing this Sunday weekend. My off. I don't know where to go again or whom of my friends I can tag along for a stroll in the mall. Just to enjoy life outside my seven year old work is all that matters to me on weekends. Wondering where is the best to hangout again. This is the moment I long to be recharged for dozes of dopamines and oxytocins to get me going. I long for a good chat over a cup of coffee or a light beer maybe and just let tie . Or a warm hug or a light kiss maybe. This is the life that I always wanted, independent from my family. I can do whatever I want to. Now you, right, you the one reading this, do you think I am living the way a 28 year old lady like should be?

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  1. Maybe you have to spend your weekend specifically on a Sunday in church have been doing a lot it's time to get along with our Almighty Creator..spend your Sunday in a Christian community..i assure you, with His guidance and presence, you'll get your work easier and with less worries and anxieties..God bless and more power! :)