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Travel Massive in Manila, 1st Meetup Oct 16th 6PM - 9PM

"Established in 2009 by travel enthusiasts Ian Cummings and Alicia Smith, Travel Massive has become a leading global movement , which aims to bring stakeholders in the travel industry-airlines, hotels, online websites, start-ups, writers and travel aficionados , in one venue to discuss possible synergy and partnershipopportunities." Lois of

A millisecond after reading this, my heartbeat beat faster. Boy, this is the kinds of events I want to be part of. I have always been on the lookup for events "getting into fun projects to bring people together for collaboration,networking... " as she continues giving hints of what is going to happen at Travel Massive Manila.

Is my blog a travel blog?
No. This is a blog about heritage, culture and tourism not exactly a travel blog. But I guess there is really a thin line between these two. Just this year I have started travelling locally. Went to Ilocos last January, went home to Bicol for 26 hours only after almost a year, spent my birthday in Cebu with 2 fellow travelers I just met that day for 28 hours only and nearly stucked in Cagayan de Oro because of Typhoon Gener.

Just few weeks ago I got screwed up by the tricycle driver in Iloilo (but this does not mean I am branding the whole Ilonggo with this incident), well, gosh I love the grilled chicken and adobo at Chicken Deli in Bacolod and stayed in Guimaras Island for an hour only.

This November I will be going back to Ilocos again to attend ICOMOS International Conference on Cultural Tourism. I only got 20 VL's per year and I am not joking! Next year is my plan to continue travelling the Philippines and to go further in Asia.

So what the heck am I gonna do there?
I have always been a fan of blogs especially travel blogs. I am a huge fan of these travel bloggers: Lois of, Aleah of SolitarywAnderer, James of Journeyingjames and Edgar of Easytraveler. They have been very instrumental to remind us that we have a very beautiful country to visit and learn our identity through our places and culture. They have this very infectious spirit to make our feet itchy and travel on our own as well. 

Travelers are only a piece of a pie in the travel industry. Now if you invite all the other entities that make up the whole pie of the travel industry: airline company, travel advertising and marketing people etc. that's gonna be awesome! Opportunities, ideas, connections and a lot more will surely happen. It's like putting more woods to make a fire grow bigger and brighter to anyone that surrounds it.

See you there pips!
Admission is free. Beer is free. Lots of prizes to give away.

UPDATE: Read what happened to Travel Massive Manila here

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