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I Am Featured In Good Housekeeping Magazine!

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I have a very short attention span really when it comes to reading so you won't see me grabbing a hardbound book in a corner instead I delve on a lot magazines because of so many reasons : colorful photos attract my eyes easily than a page full of text; with one look I can have the idea of what will I read,  I have so little time in the world to read but mind you I make sure I read a lot of worthy magazines with topics that interest me the most. I think the last time I ever grabbed a hardbound book was in college days because I am obliged too. I remember staying in the library during free hours to read not the books instead chose to devour on magazines and newspapers. I like reading the current news being talked about in the shortest possible way. There's one exception though that I was able to conquer this having a "short attention span" it is only when it's about Paolo Coelho's books. After always checking his Facebook Fan Page for inspiration and wisdom, I bought his Aleph which I read every single page and took me months. That's an achievement for me! Whew! And if ever he publishes his book as a magazine I would love to buy it the whole year round!

Moving forward, I would like to share my joy of seeing myself in a magazine being featured as one of five women who had life - changing events for the past few years. It's the big - time kind of that whatever happen, these events changed me so much that I will never be the same again. Drama!  I can talk for hours regarding this. I have changed so much after these events that the way I think, I move, I dress, I decide have changed because of these events. Now can anyone pass a tissue paper please! *sniff* *sniff* Kidding!

With the rest of the ladies
I am inviting everyone to please read my story on Good Housekeeping Magazine - the No. 1 Family and Home Magazine March edition page 104 and that I hope I have inspired a few. And if you had some life - changing events in your life that brought you to positive changes I would like to hear your story and for the entire March every Monday I will feature one each. Mechanics is simple. Send me your story via Facebook and attach a picture. If the story can "move mountains", I will feature you here in my blog to inspire others. If you would like to have an idea of my interview you can read my previous post: Sharing you my recent life-changing events in an instant!

I personally like Good Housekeeping magazine because it gives practical tips to women that concerns all kinds of femininity issues: choosing your right wardrobe, getting your accessories in sync with your personality, cooking your dream dish, romance blah! blah!, saving et cetera. It does not matter if you are just a teenage girl, a college girl, all kinds of mom, single or single - blessed... whoever you!

Now for those of you who are waiting for some life - changing events, it does not need to be so bongga or sort of miracle thing but it is all about those ordinary events that you appreciated it happened and that you are always open to changes.I am still waiting for a number of life - changing events though that would evolve me into something that I am passionate to become. I am not stopping myself only because I had a few and I transformed into something. Life is once and short they say. 

This photo shoot was done at Enderun College in Taguig. The make up and hair styling took an hour or more I think and the photographer I guess took a hundred shots because I was so shy smiling in front of the camera. You may buy a copy to leading bookstores in the malls and convenience stores around the metro. Photos credited to Good Housekeeping magazine.


  1. Wow..keep it up ate rona...congrats...").....

  2. wow! so proud of you classmate!=)

    hope i can get a copy and read it soon. I am proud and envy you at the same time because you write so well! Continue to inspire us rona.God bless you!

  3. Good job!! Ito ung kinuwento u skin b4! Finally ayan na!! Congratz Maria Rona Beltran!!

  4. awesome galing mo talaga miss u na.

  5. pahingi copy!hehehe... ganda mo mona dito ha?hehehe im proud of you! im hapi for you..alam mo yan...hehe

  6. congrats! may your star rise higher