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Back From a Half – Work and Half – Vacation Trip!

Taking a breakfast in front of the beach. 
From December up to the day before my trip to Palawan, I was arranging other people’s trips that I don’t have time to mind my own. I wanted to make sure that before I leave my clients going to Panagbenga Festival of Baguio and the 18th Hot Air Balloon Festival are all fine. I didn’t gooled much of my itinerary of what to do and where to go instead I read travel blogs just to get an idea of the place. I arrived 2pm on February 21 which is my birthday and right at that moment I was walking the streets and asking the locals that pass by for the most affordable place.

Then I went straight to Puerto Princesa City Coliseum – a local government’s office that gives visitor’s entry permit to anyone who wants to see the Subterranean Underground River. A woman who was working in that office upon learning i have “no idea” of my trip referred me to a guy from a travel agency outside. He quoted me P6k for a 3D/2N stay in El Nido including accomodation, activities and roundtrip Puerto Princesa to El Nido. 

But I realized I am here for a half – work and half- vacation trip! So I said no and decided to backpack my own. The next day I took an 11am trip to El Nido and arrived 6pm. Yes it is a seven hour trip! Few minutes before reaching the bus terminal we passed to a view of a mountain that looks like a rock formation or rock formation as big as mountain surrounded by a blue – green ocean. “Omigosh, I am in a paradise!” I whispered.
Island-hopping adventure

The next morning I took an all – day island – hopping adventure which made me wish to stay for months in El Nido! If there’s one beach in the Philippines that is comparable to the word “virgin” for whatever meaning you have in your mind right now, El Nido in Palawan is the answer! I will make a separate blog post of this soon of Things You Should Know about El Nido. I wanted to stay for a few more nights and be detached from the online world but as soon as I saw my inbox with a few more inquiries of my Sagada and Ilocos tour package, I think it is impossible. I even received some text messages while I am in one of the islands snorkeling! A one-hour in the Internet shops of El Nido costs P50 and for two hours I paid P100. I figured out if I go back to Puerto Princesa this is equivalent to 5 hours already! There is only one atm machine in this place and the charge is high the locals say and that it is only daytime. Most of stores even the nice ones are not accepting credit card payment. So I packed my bags and went back to Puerto Princesa literally with tears in my eyes. My laptop was back home because I wanted to travel light.

Goodbye El, Nido!
Leaving El Nido prematurely did not made me broken – hearted at all because I was able to find a contact to do business with. Now that I have chosen the entrepreneur’s path I am sure it’s never going to be a walk in the park and there’s going to be a lot of risks. Like me he just started his business recently but his experiences have been for years in the industry.  If there’s one thing that I missed though is last Sunday because a startup company/ event in a  travel / tourism is looking for co-founders. It’s my dream to be part of this! But I guess if there’s one thing in life that I learned a lot, there is a reason for everything. For how many times I have pitied myself whenever things do not happen the way I want it but sooner or later a better opportunity comes along.  

I haven't had much as well as I did not get to see Coron because I was only able to see the Underground River next time.  Gosh it is one of the nature's best work of art in the world! Before my definition of vacation is trying everything a place can offer but now that I am 29, I wanna take things slow. When I go back to Manila, I will be promoting this magazine I got featured in, will join an Entreprenur's Night success stories to pump my blood line, partnership, collaboration,  and yeah, take everything really slow.

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