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Open Coffee Meetup for Entrepreneurs

Never did I ever thought of starting a business out of blogging and travel. To tell you the truth I started blogging because I just want to make use of my online time always spent on nothing and I started travelling because I was inspired of the travelers I met previously. But again selling tour packages? Nunca did I ever thought of doing this. But It was all about perfect timing and chances that paved the way. I would be hypocrite if I say it is not the money that gets me motivated but you know the feeling of going to sleep and waking up always inspired because I have something that I look forward every day doing which makes me happy and gets me   excited big time!

Running a business all alone made me half – proud and half – afraid. Proud because I was able to start something which no one literally helped me through and afraid because I have no solid professional background in this industry. So I read a lot of news, articles, blogs online that would give me information of how to be familiar of anything I need to know and most important I want to reach out to like-minded people who are into the path of entrepreneurship just to feel I am not alone. Now this one I am going to share below is something that I am excited to be part of this coming week and would recommend too.

Juan Great Leap's Monthly Open Coffee

WHEN: Saturday, April 27, 930 AM
WHERE: Bo’s Coffee, Bonifacio High Street
HOW MUCH: Just buy a cup of coffee

What is Juan Great Leap?
Juan Great Leap is a blog of Peter Cauton who describes himself a serial entrepreneur having built a few startups. He led the Startups Unplugged I attended a few months ago that were attended by the country's leading entrepreneurs in different fields. We were able to speak to them personally and throw questions. Just by talking to them me gave me so much inspiration because I used to only see their names, read their success stories and  feel their presence online.

What happens in Open Coffee?

As described in the blog, Open Coffee is a free Juan Great Leap event which happens every month. All entrepreneurial-minded people - whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, a new one, or someone who wishes to take the leap soon - are welcome to go. The format of OPEN COFFEE is unique and encourages maximum  collaboration.

The format goes like this:

1) First 10 minutes is alloted for all startup-related news
2) Then, the Open Pitches begin

ANYONE in the group will have an opportunity to pitch to the audience. A pitch can be anything - a business idea, a question, a call to partner, an opening for a position, an opportunity to collaborate.

In this case though, each person will have a STRICT 2 minute limit.
After the 2 minutes, the audience can then react.
This takes place for around an hour.

I am a shy person :( 
So am I. But heck being shy won't give you anything good. I am telling you and I am reminding myself too so yeah so you around.

So what can I get out of this?
Collaboration. Networking. Endless talking with people who shares the same interest. Check this email I got from someone in another meetup. See what positive kind of in blending with the right environment we all need to blend to grow and learn with.

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