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The Story Behind My Magazine Feature

"Rona, how did your face landed in that glossy page of a magazine? Did you paid them or paid them back?" It has been a month since I got featured but I still get the same question as this one I mentioned earlier so I decided I will make a blog post out of it. It was through a forum on, a website for travelers that I learned about Good Housekeeping magazine looking to feature ladies who have travel-related stories that led them to positive life-changing events.

 There were a handful of us who joined as evidenced by the long thread of discussion. I almost did not want to try because I read about suggestions of this lady who just arrived from a 2 year round the world solo trip, these two ladies who own an award-winning travel blog and backpacked asia for 6 months et cetera, et cetera. But then again I tried just for the heck of it.

A week after I got a text message and an email that I was one of the chosen ladies.  Compared to those ladies who have incredible stories, mine is only a dot out of their achievements but I think in every competition or selection process sometimes  it is not the greatness that matters in this case the uniqueness  of the story prevailed.
Outfit Hunting

Nah, I am not into fashion and all that stuff. If I am I would have started a fashion blog not this kind of so I asked my very good friend Eva to find dresses that are color specific as the one required in the email.  We went to shopping malls then the next day I also went to some boutiques to Makati. I had my hair also colored the night before the shoot and it cost me some bucks. Spell the stress and sleepless that I went weeks before this!

Interview and Photo Shoot
I went to the location with my sister Joy to help me bring my stuff. It was fun! At first I was really shy as it's my first time in a "serious" photo shoot. It took us almost an hour for the hair and make up while I am being interviewed. Then almost an hour for the photo shoot. They knew that I am tensed so they started talking to me to feel at ease then cracked some joke that made me laugh so hard. That's when they said "Ok that is the kind of smile slash laugh we finally are looking for!" They took a dozen I think or more to get that perfect magazine shot like the one above.

An email from a client

So did they paid me or I paid them back?
They provided the hair and make-up. I took care of my outfits. They featured me for free but this opportunity of getting featured is priceless.

Was there any good thing that happened after my magazine feature?
Yes! Those business owners I have been previously asking to do partnerships with me in line with what I do and does not give really much attention to a "nobody" like me, started to reach out.  I am now currently working with a number of accredited travel agencies hopefully add more and I would like to work with different brands related to travel and tourism. I also have received offers to do guest writing to other websites that are into travel and tourism but if only my one day is 48 hours long...  It is fun working with people you don't know personally talking to them on emails, text messages and calls then making decisions and closing deals. It is tiring but it is fulfilling. 


  1. Yes being great is one level, being great & unique is another! Kudos!

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