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Things You Should Know About Puerto Princesa Underground River

The Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To be recognized and be given this title under this specialized branch of UN, an entity should  have spectacular beauty and universal value.This underground river is also included in the New Seven Wonders of Nature voted worldwide so when I went to Palawan last February, I said I have to see this no matter what. The river that serves as the portal to go inside the cave is so clean that its color is greenish. It is only knee – deep but there are a lot of small fishes swimming unmindful of the tourists getting in and out of the boats… a testament that this place is still very preserved. Inside the cave there are two parts: the Cathedral and the Supermarket which made me think, is there a divine intervention or some unexplained phenomenon that is accountable for the creation of so many images in the rock formation that resemble to so many things in this world and even beyond?

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The Puerto Princesa Underground River is reputed to be the longest navigable underground river in the World which is up to 8 km long but the tour only covers the 4.3 km navigable part which if measured through time is around 45 minutes. Once you are inside the cave, it is supreme darkness. The only thing that gives light is the big flash emergency light carried by one of the passengers which Is used to point to different directions by the boatman who serves a tour guide too. “Point it up”, “Down”, “Closer”, “To the left”, “Right” etc… he instructs the one holding the light while he paddles the boat. He points one by one those thousands of different species of bats hanging in the walls and roof of the cave sleeping upside down.

While we continue sailing inside, creepy sounds can be heard from the bats to the wind blowing the river. We passed by to the area which is called the Supermarket. Why is it called like these? Because a lot of rock formations that resemble fruits and vegetables can be seen here. Let me recall, there were look alike of eggplant, corn, mushroom, potato, banana etc. I cannot believe how this happened! Then we passed by to Cathedral area. Here I was tongue-tied totally. There were images of Jesus, Mary, The Nativity, The Three Kings, a saint I forgot etc. 

There is also a giant candle that is as tall as an electricity post in the street. There is also a resemblance of a naked woman in the wall. The tour guide said they call her Sharon Stone then whistled like the way when there is a sexy woman around. Then he pointed a corner which is very dark I cannot see anything about few meters from us he said, “That is a restricted area. It is where tarantulas and python snakes hide.” I froze. What if at this very moment there is a snake crawling near us and we just can’t see it since it is so dark? 

To conserve the outstanding universal values of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, anyone who wants to see this should secure a Visitor Entry Permit first at the Underground River Booking office which is just ten minutes away from the Puerto Princesa Airport. Only 900 people can go inside per day to ensure these bats, swiftlets and whatever life forms there (remember the tarantulas and pythons I mentioned) are not disturbed beyond their tolerable level that will cause them to leave the place.

How to Get There

This Underground River is 76 km from Puerto Princesa city. You can take a jeep or air-conditioned shuttle vans. Around one and a half hours of travel from the City to Sabang is needed. Then a 20 minute ferry ride in beach area will take these visitors near the cave entrance. Take note no one is allowed to set foot to the Sabang area without the Visitor permit and it takes months to book yourself here so I suggest you get a travel agency here.