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My 3rd Travel Assignment Is In Cotabato City

I just mentioned in my earlier post "How Travel Consumes My Time If Not My Life So Far" that I have no trips near my reach so far. You know what after just a few days I think the "fairy travel godmother" may have heard my sentiment. I learned of a vacant slot for my anonymous travel assignment and off I am going to Cotabato for just a day and a night. My mom is worried thinking it is an unsafe place but I assured her that I am not going to remote places and this is never going to stop me from going places. This is the reason why for so many days I have not updated my dear blog.

Since I have a very short stay there, I only want to see the Grand Mosque of Cotabato City  or the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid which is considered as the biggest of its kind in the Philippines.  I was looking of the photos online actually and I cannot wait to see it! 

Ok so aside from Cotabato trip, what else do I have in plate:

1.  Learned that the Department of Tourism & Tourism Promotions Board are looking for travel bloggers to complete their media list for their future campaigns of our country. Yours truly just signed up and hopeful to get chosen. If ever I get chosen, I will get to travel around the Philippines - be able to experience the best of our country and of course promote it!

2. Been helping my 20-year old brother Vincent for him to get passport before the start of June.  We knew it is our fault for not applying way ahead of time but we have been terribly busy and never thought of how it is so "hard" to get the soonest schedule. We have checked all the DFA branches in Manila but none can give us the earliest so he is heading to another province and will try his luck to get one.

3. A Facebook post from a student of a big university is looking for a travel blogger to be featured in their school paper. I quickly sent a hi slash hello thing. I would love to be interviewed and be read by thousands of students that study here.

4.  I mentioned about how I became crazy about joining meetups particularly travel. Well, there is one coming I am looking forward - Travel+Fashion Takeover: Manila. Though I am not really into fashion, I would love to know how is it to mix travel and fashion led by an American travel blogger.  It is a free event afterall, should you want to come pls click here.

5.  Seriously planning to start incorporating videos in my coming trips. I got inspired when how we filmed our entries to Discover  Thainess so definitely you will see my "alive and kicking" in front of the camera from now on. Challenge is that I only have a cheap digital camera and does not know much about video editing. 

Here's the link of my Youtube video channel. I am still working on how to make a vanity url for this. 

6. Also my laptop has bid goodbye long time ago. I am now doing all my stuff in the nearest internet shop from where I stay. So imagine the efforts I have to do every single day just to update this blog and pursue this passion of mine. I think I would be able to get a laptop in a year or so as the freelance life I had for a year in 2014 made me financially exhausted BUT again I have never regretted a single moment of going freelance. I am slowly recuperating. It is the lessons that I learned that defines me of what I am today.

Last, I am hopelessly praying that not someday but SOON my life will change the way I want it to be. - to build a career related to travel and start travelling the world.  I and my brother has been doing a "project" that will be the door for this dream.  We ask for your prayers, we will know if our dream is answered first week of June. This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance and could change our lives for good. What I can do right now is just hope that the universe will conspire the way we want it. We've been working so damn hard to get into this. I cannot wait for the result in the coming months. Again your prayers and wishes are very much appreciated.

Btw, the photo above is me joining the Bioessence's Zumba party for Moms last Saturday. This is inside the La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City. I was not able to roam around because I was there for an event but definitely I will come back there to explore this place.

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