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How Travel Consumes My Time If Not My Life So Far

A more than a week of not blogging a travel-related post is not good for me and especially for my dear readers. I currently have no travel plans so far within my reach or in the coming weeks. That is why I decided to share you what consumes my time or should I say my life so far. And you know after I am done doing this via a rough draft, I found out that most of these are still related to travel and happened fairly unintentional.  I guess Paulo Coelo is right when he said that "when you want something so bad, the universe will conspire to make it happen."

Well in my case it did not happen hundredfolds but at least opportunities that come in different ways for me to travel just show up out of nowhere. It is just a mere luck? I really don't know. Here are a few instances:

1. Travel Meetups
One of the cures of not being able to go on a trip but still you can't stop your itching feet is to join travel meetups. It feels great to be in the company of like-minded individuals who share  each other's recent and upcoming adventure. I may sound exaggerated but I have somehow gone "crazy" finding for the next meetup or an event where I can meet new faces regardless of the status in life. All I want to know what is his/her inspiring story that I might learn from. The most recent I have attended is Muni Meetup's Travel and Truth and Project Backpacker Teacher of Two Monkeys Travel.

As always, I went home with new found friends I just added on Facebook.

2. Get Paid To Travel Scheme
Weeks ago, I received a message from a woman with a very enticing introduction - about a job that pays you while you travel courtesy of an American-based website. Sounds too  good to be true but being a very open-minded and optimistic person, I met her for coffee. In our conversation over Facebook, I clarified to her that if this is some sort of networking, I don't want to get involved.

I learned that yes it is a very legitimate business. You get to sell tour packages around the world and get absolutely huge discounts when you travel to all sorts of ways. BUT, just like what I thought of, it was some kind of networking that the focus of the business is actually to recruit more people than promote tours. Plus the amount of getting into it is pretty big and that there are monthly fees you need to pay if not your membership will be taken from you.

Networking in the name of travel is definitely my skill so I let go of this.

3.  Executive Assistant Job That Involves Local Travelling
An SMS from a dear friend made my heart pumping so fast for a few hours because of a personal recommendation to apply as an executive assistant to a foreigner who owns a company here in Manila. The job entails travelling back and forth to a few provinces and the tasks are pretty much simple. 

To make the story short, I did not made it because I have no prior experience regarding this job and the interview did not went well (I was at that time very occupied for another travel project, my bad). Still I have no regrets because I realized I am also not ready to change career in a very untimely manner like this though I am not happy with my current job anymore.

4.  Running after the Discover Thainess 2015 deadline
We literally did not made it for the deadline of the Discover Thainess contest. We missed uploading two of the video clips we worked super hard. Not because of neglect but I and my brother are very busy as well.  

I already sent an email to the official Facebook Fan Page of the event organizer and I am on top of my lungs very happy that they are favoring for my request to consider our clips. Just that right now, they have not done it yet.  *praying so hard this will be done soon*

5.  Still receiving inquiries from my online travel shop
Months ago I officially stopped running my online travel shop because I need to focus in my full-time job. My Adwords travel ads are no longer working anymore so I am not really expecting a huge inquiry. But from time to time I still get emails and believe me the commission I get is pretty small than before but it really helps me to buy a few more aside from the salary I get from my job. 

Having said this I just could not really, totally close this online shop that I started out of nothing.  This I promise for myself that one day I will revive this in full bloom. 

6. Marketing Position for a Travel Startup
And because I got too busy, I did not notice a direct message from Twitter for another promising travel job, it is a marketing position for a very aspiring travel startup. This one is is genuine and really starting from scratch. What I like about this is that this is currently a location - independent work. Anyway right now I am still waiting for the reply of one of the founders because it is already beyond the deadline. I want to get her go signal before I send my application.

So there you go, these are a few examples of what consume my life now aside from my regular blogging events.  How about you? What consumes your life or your attention now? Photo above taken in Pagadian, my most recent trip in Mindanao last April. I was riding in a tricycle on the way to the airport when I saw this boy guiding two carabaos to eat stray grass near the roadside. I was so amazed to see that colors of the carabaos are different - one is black and another is white. He said they call it as ogis. 

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