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Received An Overwhelming Response Re: Looking A Travel Buddy To HK & Macau

Never in my entire life will I receive an overwhelming messages and inquiries when I decided to blast my announcement of finding a travel buddy. I totally lost count of all of them and never had a chance to reply one by one which I am truly sad. Most of them aren't really serious, just wanting to take the opportunity or mistakenly understood the message as an entire trip.

I wish I can screenshot all of them from different FB travel groups to private messages, I am really blown away. In the end I finally sort things out so I am very happy to tell that it is my Mom whom I will be with. 

I first tried to message those who were so fast to get in touch with me but most of them doesn't have the money RIGHT AWAY that I need to claim the roundtrip flight tickets. The next thing that I need to accomplish is have my mom renew her passport of ten years that she has never used.

Some of the responses I loved are: 

"Like you, I also love travelling on a budget. I have been to cambodia-vietnam-thailand.Singapore and Malaysia. I am not maarte and and always on the look out for freebies and discounts too :). what can i share? my stories about the places I've been over a bottle or a cup of your favorite drink.. Thanks!"  

"Can we do backpacking style :) instead of getting tour can we just DIY? It's my first time to travel out of the country just in case you will pick me,,, Actually i might be the one who will learned a lot from you.. im just starting travel 22 years old and aims to finish first the 81 province of the Philippines.. im not sure what i can give you an exchange maybe free dinner on the first night is on me! :)"


"Simple reason.. I love to travel! taking pictures and make new friends. I honestly going to HK this March 16-20. Just wanna try my luck. They say that travelling is sweeter the second time around. hahaha :P "


"please pick me cause ive always wanted to go to disneyland!! im married & has a 1y/o son! my husband encourage me to join so that i can have my "day-off" daw! not maarte on foods! street foods are always one of my favorites! im not that rich, maybe we can be friends? hehe please please pick me!!!! than you so much!!! "  


"I've never been to HK and Macau and if ever you pick me it will be my first time to go abroad. I will like and share all your facebook post and repost your instagram pictures and best of all if you pick me I will share my trip to HK/Macau videos and pictures! #akonalangpoplease"


"Hi Maria!

I'm interested to join.  I'll be back from my Indochina Trip before the dates you mentioned on your blog. I'm from the BPO Industry and am currently on a break from work to travel as I start-up a travel agency. I'm doing my ocular trips and don't mind paying for the services as long as I feel those are reasonable. I'm after taking photos of destinations that we would offer in the future.

I'm also looking for suppliers (accommodation and tour operator partners from each destination), so I can get contracted rates (as my company KMZ Travel Services a.k.a. KilometerZeroPH) is a legit and duly registered TA (currently processing renewal for 2016). Our focus is mainly Balabac, Palawan. but we do offer personalized tours usually to friends and former officemates. Btw, your article, ""How to Start a Home or Office-based Travel Agency"" is a helpful one. I have came across it when we were just starting. :)

I don't have a supplier yet for Hong Kong and Macau, but I can get a few in a week or two. At any case I think the two tours you noted on your blog are good deals as well. If you choose me, I'll treat you to a nice dinner at Harbour City (because I have a stationery shop that I'd like to visit there ;) Regardless of who you choose as your companion, I do hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip to HK and Macau! 

Warm Regards,



"Hi Ms. Maria! I think you should pick me because I love travelling! I may not be into writing travel blogs due to my busy schedule as a researcher but I can be a very good travel companion. I am a frequent traveler/backpacker either with family, friends or travelling alone. I am not maarte with accommodations, food and I'm physically fit with regards to walking or standing long hours. I also love taking photos and I'll be very glad to take your photos for your blog. I am always up to adventure and random itineraries. Most of all, I love meeting new people to share my stories with and gain new memories with. Have a nice day! :)

As a working student, as exchange for the free roundtrip flights  maybe I can buy us food during one of our stays or I can pay for your travel tax. Most of all, I can share with you a very wonderful memory. Promise, I am very trustworthy and reliable ;)"


"Because I am an adventurous girl with a happy disposition. I am willing to share on the expenses if ever chosen and would love to experiment on various food finds and take awesome photos as well as have a great time :) "


"Its my birthday on march 29. im a fine arts student from up and it would be fun to get some inspiration/nice photos i can use as subjects for my painting, im a girl ive never been in a plane before i guess this is going to be fun hahahahahah and im nice and i wanna accompany you i know the feeling of going places without someone its fun but i think its better with someone yay see ya! Ps i love taking photos :D"


"Hi Rona! I saw your posts, I had been in HK and Macau before but i am planning to go back as I only have been t only few places such as Disneyland, The Peak, Mongkok area and only stayed few hours in Macau and visited Galaxy Hotel and the Venetian. It would be a great opportunity to meet other backpackers like you as I think you have been to many places than me.. I've seen the packages you have been eyeing for. It would be nice to go so zenschen as well. I wish to go back to HK again and see ICC tower also the 3rd tallest tower in the world I think. It was foggy when we were there so me and my friend had not a cchance to see it. If you pick me for this it owuld be aan honor I have bbutdget to go out and it's been 4 years that I have never been out yet. There are so many things I couldd share with you if yyou would pick me.. san. I hope this would suffice. Salamat"  

"Hi Maria! I'm -------- from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. 
First off, let me cover your basic requirements. 

 1. Not maarte 
- I am definitely not maarte. I'm actually a Manilenya who chose to move to Nueva Ecija for work. (I go back to Manila every weekend though) I currently work for a research organization and my work requires extensive fieldwork within the province. I know how to take all modes of transport, and conduct interviews in really remote areas. I'm quite low-maintenance and I'm game for anything.

 2. Always game to take mobile photos
- I like taking photos in general. I have a trusty mirrorless camera which I bring during my travels. I'm pretty good at taking groufies haha

3. Travels on a budget backpacker
- This is so me. I'm pretty OC when it comes to budgeting but I make sure to choose the most cost-efficient options during my trips.

Girl companion
- I simply fit the bill, hahaha!

Now what can I share in exchange of a free roundtrip flight?

1. Lots of laughs
- I have a genuinely happy disposition. Friends say I'm funny and I make really witty 'hirits' so I think more than anything, I'd be happy to share a lot of hearty laughs with you. 

2. Good conversations
- Nothing beats great conversations. I have very diverse interests and I'm passionate about the work I do. 

3. Travel tips
- I am a solo traveler and couchsurfer. View my profile here:

I have traveled to India, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan and Korea. I have never been to Hong Kong or Macau though so if you choose me, it would be a first for me!

Dance lesson?
- I used to dance when I was in college. I'm part of the Company of Ateneo Dancers (CADs). I used to teach KPOP classes before it got big but even years after I graduated I still love to dance.

Here's a sample video: 
Well, I guess that's all for now. I hope you find the right travel buddy! :)"              
Here are the links of long comments I received:
Cathay Pacific airways, Makati branch 
 Yesterday I went to Cathay Pacific Airways Manila branch located in Makati which I am just a bus ride away. It is located in 22F LKG Tower 6801, Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila.  I had a great view of  skyline along Ayala Ave where it is located. 

There was none who tackled about sharing the financial part which of course I have to admit that is the one that I am looking forward. If only this is entirely free trip, I will pick them all.

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