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Sorsogon City DIY Walking Tour: What to do, places to visit, tourist spots, itinerary and where to stay

Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Park

Sorsogon city is where I spent my two years of college life. It is about an hour away from Irosin, my hometown.  How can I forget my stay in Sorsogon, when it was here when I first tasted how to be literally living alone at the same time to finish my studies? While I wait for my sister who was on a job training, I sneaked out and went back to barangay Talisay,  to see the old building where my former college stood (defunct STI Sorsogon), the nearby areas where I used to hangout and the boarding houses where I stayed. 

I can certainly take a tricycle to take me around the center of Sorsogon city but I chose to walk slowly along the many blocks, hoping I will see some familiar faces maybe former roommates, friends I made and neighbors.  I know it is going to be imposible because it has been thirteen years and these roommates and friends I made don’t live in Sorsogon city. They just came here to study like me then afterwards either go back to their respective towns that belong to Sorsogon province, seek for greener pasture in Manila or abroad.

Although there were a lot of improvements I have seen,  a lot of new infrastructures added – more shopping centers, chain of restaurants and buildings, Sorsogon city remains as a third – class municipality so if you’re aiming to reach the top for a multinational company, definitely Sorsogon city is not for you.

History of Sorsogon
Sorsogon was derived from the word “sosogon”, a local term meaning “to trace”. Long ago, when the Spanish colonizers were expanding their sights from Legazpi city, they reached a small river  now called Sorsogon bay. Fearing they got lost already, they asked a local what is the name of the place but he can’t understood them so he just said “sosogon” or just trace the river, at the end they’ll find the center of the town.

What to see in Sorsogon city
There’s nothing exemplary to see in Sorsogon city to be honest that can be marketed in the international tourism or so. What Sorsogon city can give you when you get here is the typical charm of a quaint town outside Manila. It isn’t totally remote but it gives you the atmosphere to blend with a simple life in a Philippine province.

Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Park

My first stop is at the Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Park.  This is where we used to spend our leisure hours after our classes and on weekends we used to watch free concerts. Just right beside is the CHED – Sorsogon branch. This is where I would get my check every semester because I was a scholar back then courtesy of Senator Chiz Escudero. I wouldn’t be able to finish my college degree without the foundation built by Senator Chiz. They pay my tuition fee full provided I pass all my grades and my parents just take care of my allowance and room rent.  

This historical capitol building was created during American occupation and features Roman Gothic columns on its facade. It reminds me of the Philippine Post Office in Manila.  The statue of Dr. Jose Rizal was built in 1923. I love the huge decade -  olds trees that surround Sorsogon capitol.  

Since the Christmas just came, there are still a lot of life – sized figures made by native products representing   nativity. After taking a few photos I continued walking. I passed by the building where STI Sorsogon, one of the branches of STI college that closed already. I spent two years here, it became a shopping center at the ground floor and Novo Hotel at the upper floors. I saw the two boarding houses I rented. I didn’t bothered going near as I am really in a hurry and I am sure, the owners of those houses are no longer the ones I knew.

I have seen the old building that used to be a rendezvous with a guy who used to play a guitar for me, serenading some love songs I still remember during my college years. I liked him too but the fact that he was younger than me for a year, I prefer those who are matured enough. I also saw St Louise de Marillac college, this is one of the oldest Catholic universities in Sorsogon where most of my friends and roommates study. In front of it is an old Spanish – styled house now turned a canteen where I used to eat my meals.

I was looking for old heritage houses in Sorsogon city - I found two first is Sorsogon's Old Town Hall built in 1940's, now converted to Bureau of Fire Protection and second is the Gillego House from a wealthy couple  

Old Sorsogon Town Hall

After 15 minutes of walking, I arrived in the Sorsogon City Baywalk. Locally known as Rompeolas, this is where the Sorsoganons spend their time watching the sunset. I love it so much there – if it wont take an hour to go back home in Irosin, I would have spent longer there. Surprisingly, in my two years of stay there from 2000 to 2002, I never heard about the baywalk of Sorsogon city. That time I was so young then and doesn’t know about travelling.

Sorsogon City Baywalk

The waves in Sorsogon’s Rompeolas are strong, it is not a great place to swim or so. The woman I talked to said that there’s a kayak for hire but the typhoon Nona destroyed most of it. I also saw a board showing a wifi and password courtesy of the Mayor of Sorsogon city, unfortunately that wifi is just accessible from late afternoon til night. From the Rempeolas bay in Sorsogon, you can see the Pinaculan island. They say you can also see the Mount Bulusan from a distance, that time it was cloudy so wasn’t able to see it myself.

St. Peter and Paul Cathedral

After I had enough of winds smashing my face and hair so gently I headed to St. Peter and Paul Cathedral which is just a few minutes away to the jeepney terminal where I will ride to Irosin. This is the grandest church in Sorsogon city in my opinion. I used to go to mass here when I was a student and especially the nearby adoration chapel where I used to pray and seek silence.

Archbishop’s Palace

At the back of the Sorsogon cathedral is the Archbishop’s Palace, where the heads of Catholic priests in  the province reside. It is already three in the afternoon so I decided to hop inside a jeep because I am dropping by to the town of Juban to see the old heritage houses, that’s half – way between Sorsogon city and Irosin. 

pili nut products
There were a lot of shopping centers added but these aren’t included in my itinerary to visit in Sorsogon city. What I did is that I treated myself for the best pili products which is the Sorsogon city is known for. This is one of the vendor stalls where I bought a pack of sweetened pili I munched while I was riding in a jeep. I did not bought so many because my hometown Irosin is also known for producing the best pili nuts in the country. 

Hotels in Sorsogon city
You won't have any difficulty in finding where to stay in Sorsogon city. Here are the list of some of DOT accredited accommodations in the city of Sorsogon:  

Villa Isabel
Flores St., Burabod, Sorsogon City
Sorsogon, Philippines
Landline: (+6356) 421 .5040
Telefax: (+6356) 211 .4050
Mobile: Globe (+63) 917 750 9161
Smart (+63) 928 866 9588

Fernandos Hotel
N. Pareja St.,  Bitan-o, West District, Sorsogon City
Sorsogon, Philippines
Landline: (+6356) 211 1357
Telefax: (+6356) 211 1573
Mobile: (+63) 918 257 8008

Sorsogon Paradise Resort, Hotel and Restaurant
Crossing Pangpang, Sorsogon City
Sorsogon, Philippines
Landline: (+6356) 211 2834 
Mobile: (+63) 918 907 4245

Sta. Clara Park Hotel
Maharlika Highway, Pangpang, Sorsogon City
Sorsogon, Philippines
Mobile: (+63) 998 544 0166

There you go, I hope this quick list of Sorsogon city tourist spots and attractions can help you out when you come here. Soon I hope :)

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