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Banana Peel Sutton Sandals: My Newest Travel Footwear And Lovin It

My travel mantra is to keep anything light. For the past few years I have learned to trade everything I used to love. I have ditched bulky jeans to pants made of light fabric, heavy luggage to a single carry - on backpack and I am crazy about packing cubes. I use different sizes of these to classify my belongings inside my bag. When it comes to footwear, I am the type of traveler who prefers wearing flip flops  while taking a flight, going on a road trip and beach bumming.  My personal favorite brand of flip flops is Banana Peel. In my 15 - day trip to Indonesia, I have only used this local brand and couldn't be more thankful for the comfort that my feet felt plus it is much cheaper than the other known brand. I am a budget - freak backpacker so I will choose always the one that is cheap but worth it.

Just when I thought flip flops are my ultimate light footwear, two pairs of sandals arrived at home from Banana Peel as well. Excited, I tried these and I am sold right away. It is as light as flip flops but much stylish that in some informal occasion, you can wear these with your pretty dress and you are good to go. 

Introducing Sutton Sandals?

The evolution of sandals has come a long way - from being a mere beach accessory to its current standing as a ubiquitous choice for laid back and fashionable footwear. With the right mix of clothes, accessories and sandals, you can always look stylish and comfortable. Banana Peel knows how to make flip flops and sandals functional, stylish and comfortable. Considered as the country's authority when it comes to all things flip flops, Banana Peel gives us another reason to love the Sutton sandals even more with its new splash of colors. The Sutton's versatile colors lets you do more #OOTD ‘mix and match.’ It doesn't really matter what look you are aiming for the day, the Sutton works best regardless of your style. 

Some #OOTD ideas to raise your #StyleGame to the next level: 

  •  Laid-back Beach Chic - Pair your Suttons with short, distressed, faded denim cut-offs that look great with everything; wear it with plain or patterned t-shirt or tank tops with flannel long sleeves artfully tied at the waist. You can also opt to take it a notch higher by pairing your Suttons and denim cut-offs with a freshly pressed long sleeved striped button-downs for the beaching at the Hampton's preppy vibe. To complete the look, polish it off with your favorite accessories. 

  •  Coachella Princess - Be the princess of your own music festival by pairing your Suttons with a boho skirt, and a patterned or floral tank top. Braid your hair, and polish the look with accessories. 

  • Girl's Day-Out - Match your Sutton with a pencil-cut skirt and an off shoulder top for a day out with your girl friends. You can also opt for cute, short dresses that highlight your legs or your figure, and accessorize with a necklace or bracelet. Finish off the look with your hair done in soft waves.

  •  Simple, practical yet trendy - Here's an option that works best for quick trips to the mall or through errands, especially during the country's monsoon season. Take your favorite skinny or boyfriend jeans, a nice patterned shirt or blouse, a hooded sweater and your favorite pair of Sutton for a more laid back look. Don't forget to always have your umbrella or raincoat with you. 

For all these #stylegoals, Banana Peel remains consistent on the quality of flip flops and sandals it introduces to the market. Other than its eye-catching colors, Banana Peel footwear is highly regarded for their superior quality. They are comfortable and feels like heaven on your feet. To know more details, you can check Banana Peel's Facebook Fan Page hereSo there you go ladies, I can't wait to bring these Banana Peel Sutton Sandals in Coron trip.

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