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DIY Tips to Mount Manalmon and Mount Goa in San Miguel, Bulacan

Bulacan, is a province that is so accessible to Metro Manila because it is only approximately 3 hours away. It is perfect to those who are in need of a quick getaway whether a nice beach to loosen up a bit or climb a mountain to destress. Speaking of, Bulacan is gaining much traction after a series of photos about Bulacan's best tourist spots went viral online posted by Louie Dimaano. He is a certified mountain-climber and backpacker who has been promoting his province I will be talking about the two mountains that are perfect for beginner hikers like me which were included in his list -Mount Manalmon and Mount Goa in San Miguel, Bulacan. I have been to Bulacan twice: first, celebrating the Fiesta Republica festival in Malolos and second is going around the best places to see in Norzagaray. 

Because of the ever popular and biggest Facebook travel group in the country, DIY Travel Philippines I have met Charmaine Nava whom with her other 2 friends recently hiked these two mountains. Dubbed as twin mountains because they are located  beside each other, Mount Manalmon and Mount Goa aren't only about trekking. Caving, passing by the monkey bridge, swimming in the river are some of the reasons why your experience here is a mixture of adventure.

How to get there
From Pasay Rotonda, take a bus bound to San Miguel in  Bulacan. It costs Php 128 for Five Star and Baliwag Transit. Tell the driver to be dropped off to Brgy. Sibul. Take a tricycle to Sitio Madlum for Php 240 good for 4 pax.

Registration fee : Php 5
Day hike Tour guide fee: Php 300 for a group up to 6 persons
Overnight: Php 600
Caving at Bayukbok cave: Php 300
Caving Mount Gola: Php 300

What's the best way up

Reaching the summit only takes an hour depending on your speed. There are two trails: Ascent and Descent. Taking the first one via Mount Manalmon will let you pass by the Madlum cave, Madlum river and then some rock formations. You will also have the best view of Sierra Madre mountain range, Mount Mabio to the right, Mount Arayat and of course Mount Gola to the left. 

Madlum Cave
This cave is part of Philippine history. Filipino warriors or guerillas during the time of Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo hid here from enemies. A popular tv show also filmed some of their scenes here. Not only that, Madlum Cave used to be a place where members of a cult perform their rituals as evidenced by materials left found. 

Entrance to Madlum Cave

Madlum River

When your body is tired and sweating, taking a dip into a cold river is a must. You can do bamboo rafting if you want the safest way to have fun but if you're into extreme kind of adventure, jumping from the cliff to the river is the best answer.

Madlum River

Crossing over the Monkey Bridge
This isn't your ordinary bridge. Two cable wires stretched out on both sides. One side is used as a handle which your handles can hold on to and the other one is where you'll feet will walk down to get to the other end. 

Monkey Bridge

Bayukbok Cave
Bayukbok Cave is a series of 8 caves. Charmaine and friends weren't able to see it due to time constraints.  It is included in the territory of Biak na Bato National Park, in Philippine history it is where our Katipuneros hid during revolutionary days.

Here's a link of a good blog review of why Bayukbok Cave should be included in your twin adventure of trekking Mount Manalmon by Pinay Wanderer. 

More photos

See how clear the water!

Sparkling crystal formation inside Madlum Cave. DON'T TOUCH please

The bridge

Charmaine and her friends

Contact Numbers of Tour Guides in Mount Manalmon
Kuya Leandro - 09489163928
Kuya Ber - 0950 670 9154

1. Before going for a DIY hike to Mount Manalmon and Mount Goa, always check the weather or better yet ask any of these tour guides if it is good to get here. No one wants a wasted time and money at the end of the day. The rule of thumb is, if it is raining or it just rained chances are the soil is soft. It is not fun and safe to climb under these circumstances.
2. To protect the caves, it is prohibited to bring home or destroy rocks. Let these remain in the spots you saw them.
3. Mount Gola and Mount Manalmon are both elevated 160 meters above sea level.

Credit to Charmaine Nava for the photos and tips. Thank you girl. Your tips and photos will surely help other backpackers looking to climb Mount Manalmon and Mount Goa soon.


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