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Vibe Israel Search for 5 Travel Bloggers for All Expense Paid Press Trip

Travel blogger? This is your chance to go to Israel without worrying of any expenses.  My fellow blogger and friend Lee was there for TBEX Israel press trip, she said it is quite costly to live there compared to living in the Philippines.

Here's the deal of #VibeTravel Tour 2017: they will choose 5 bloggers only from all over the world to write about the Israel's noted tourist spots in exchange of a blog review and promotion via social media. I think that includes Jerusalem which is on my bucket list as a Catholic. I am not the over religious type of Catholic but it is still a dream come true to see the place where Jesus lived. 

Went quick through their FAQ, there is NO stipend unlike Trip of Wonders organized by Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia which yours truly was part of batch 3, there's a $1, 000 cash given. Still, I will grab my backpack bag and join this trip if chosen.

"Every Vibe Tour consists of 4-6 participants from all over the world who are interested in and write about the same fields as yours. We choose our participants based on their style of writing and number of followers. We're looking for writers with a personal touch, who are curious about culture and people of a place, and not just about the facts directly related to their own topic.

Vibe Tours participants have very large followings, ranging from tens of thousands unique monthly readers, to millions. Every tour we do has a cumulative unique monthly following of at least a million people worldwide."

As of February 18th, there's no deadline specified and when is the date for the trip yet so it is best you contact the Fb fan page for more details. You can ask Trisha Velarmino of P.S. I'm On My Way blog too. I believe she is part or has been a previous Filipino participant last year. Click here to send your application.

Fore more details please see below:
Address: 3 Ha'arad St., Tel Aviv, Israel 6971056
Contact number: +972.3.6481824

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