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Cheap Hotel in Mandaluyong: Garv's Boutique Hotel Review

Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Looking for an affordable hotel in Mandaluyong? You are in the right place. Mandaluyong is where I spent 6 years of living and working before I moved in my current address here in Makati. About a month ago, I was able to do a staycation in Mandaluyong again which kind of made me reminisce those precious time as a corporate worker.  I chose Garv's Boutique Hotel, a very cheap budget hotel in Mandaluyong.  

Opened last January, Garv's Hotel is for those who are budget conscious guests who are looking to book a hotel in Mandaluyong but away from the crowded and chaotic EDSA Avenue. I mean, don't get me wrong but staying where the action is in Mandaluyong could be a blessing and a curse because of the noise so I think the location of Garv's Boutique Hotel is perfect.

Just one jeep ride away, Garv's Boutique Hotel occupies 3 floors in a building in front of Mandaluyong Medical Center. You'll only pay the minimum fee of Php 8. For those who would like to commute, the jeep terminal is just beside Robinson's Pioneer. For those who would like to take a taxi, it only costs less than a hundred to get there without traffic.  

garv's boutique hotel tripadvisor
Credit: Garv's Boutique Hotel

My vlog about my Garv's Boutique Hotel Blog Review. 
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Checking in
The check-in process of Garv's Boutique Hotel is very easy. You just need to give your name, booking reference number and valid identification card. The reception area is located right at the ground floor where you'll be greeted with a smile by the staff. If there's a need to check your record or booking information further, there's a big couch where you can sit and relax while they look further.

garv's boutique hotel tripadvisor
Credit: Garv's Boutique Hotel

The room 
Call me lucky this time because the room given to me is on the second floor with the street view! To be honest, one thing that I always consider in booking a hotel room is the view. I'm really particular about what are the sights to see from my hotel window. For me, having a hotel room with a window that provides a good view gives a priceless plus factor for any hotel. It sets anyone's mood to vacation level. It makes the guest really feel that he or she is on a staycation mode!  

The huge space
The moment I stepped into the room,  I was totally blown away by huge space that greeted me! I wish though I have a yoga mat with me because I can do some stretching and exercise right inside my hotel room. have been to a lot of budget hotels in Manila and because the price is less, the space of the room is always sacrificed. In Garv's Boutique Hotel, this is NOT the case.

The strong wifi connection
Of course, the next thing I did was to check the Internet connection. I work online so aside from the fact that I can't work if there's no wifi, I am a social media addict I like to post anything that I feel happy about including my stay here. I was for the second time, blown away again. This time, it's the stable wifi connection in Garv's Boutique Hotel which is right inside my room. Again, in other cheap hotels, I stayed in Manila the wifi is scarce, very limited and usually can be accessed only in the lobby!

The interior design/style of the room  
Garv's Boutique Hotel follows the minimalist's approach. The dominating color is white which is so light and pleasing to the eyes. Some spots of the room and outside especially at the stairs are decorated by green plastic plants which give the feeling of you're one with nature. However, I believe it would also be much better if they replace these with real, live plants that can thrive indoors. I do understand though that the maintenance of growing green plants is a big challenge in the city.   

The atmosphere
Despite that Garv's Boutique Hotel is along the road, I didn't have any problem with the noise of the passing vehicles. I actually enjoy watching the jeepneys, tricycles, cars and people from my window. I feel I am in a place that's so alive but safe and peaceful. I wish though there's a few more arts or colorful paintings on the walls because white could be boring if that's the only color dominating the walls. 

Amenities inside the room
There's a flatscreen TV though I do not watch TV a lot. I would rather have a strong wifi in my room than a TV with hundreds of channels.  The bathroom is clean. It comes with a free sachet of shampoo, a toothbrush and a small piece of body soap.

garv's boutique hotel blog review
Credit: Garv's Boutique Hotel

What's the catch of staying in Garv's Boutique Hotel
I have given mostly the good things about Garv's Boutique Hotel. This time, I would like to mention some concerns that I feel should be shared to set proper expectations for its future guests and the management as well.

  • Garv's Boutique Hotel does NOT have an elevator. Please ready yourself for a few minutes of walking exercise of going up and down your room. You'll thank yourself later.
  • Garv's Boutique Hotel does NOT have a resident restaurant. However, there's a few steps away from the main entrance that serves best tasting Filipino food plus few international dishes. You can check the video above of me showing a box of pizza that is super cheap (Php 79) but very delicious. 
  • Garv's Boutique Hotel does NOT offer FREE breakfast. I asked the staff about this and she said if you really want a breakfast meal delivered in your hotel room, you can add Php 100. They will buy a meal that's tantamount to the amount you gave which is usually the 'silog' breakfasts from the restaurant beside them.

Budget hotel in Mandaluyong

Room Rates
Deluxe Queen: Php 1, 600 
Deluxe Twin: Php 2, 500
Deluxe Premium: Php 1, 800
Deluxe Standard: Php 1, 199

Extra bed: Php 500
Guest kit: Php 50

If you are into relaxation and wellness, inside the building there's a spa that offers body massages. It's a different business so technically it is not part of Garv's Boutique Hotel. Whenever you need, you can just ask any of the masseuses to do your pampering sesh aka body massage in your room. 

Overall, I find Garv's Boutique Hotel a great option while staying in Manila for those who are on a budget. 

Check out the links below to know more about this hotel:
Facebook Fan Page:
Address: 604 Boni Avenue, Brgy. Plainview, Brgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong, 1550 Manila

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