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Real, Quezon, Philippines

Looking for a surfing spot near Manila? Check out Real Coast and Surf in Quezon province.  A beachfront surfing camp slash hostel that's also Instagrammable so for those who are crazy about their OOTD shots, this is the place to be! Whether you're a noob or a pro,  Real Coast and Surf welcome people from all walks of surfing experience.

I'd like to share a recent Real Coast & Surf experience by Joana Sanchez to give you all an idea what it's like to spend a few days in Quezon province's surfing spot.  

Reál Coast & Surf is in the small town of Barangay Malapad in Reál, Quezon. Located at the far eastern end of the Greater Manila Area. Reál is the nearest surfing destination from the Metro in terms of land travel – with friendly 2-4 feet waves not far from shore, for beginners or surfers of all levels.

Only maximum of four hours of land travel from Manila, Reál Coast & Surf is very ideal for city rats like me who want to have a quick escape. The waves on average is only 2-4 feet tall from shore which is very good for surfing beginners.

From the photos she sent me, it is one of those beachfront hostel and surfing site as well that you'll most likely end up spending a few more nights from what you planned or keep on going back. There are trees everywhere, facilities are well maintained and surrounding is clean at all times.


Real Coast & Surf is divided into two: surf camp and the hotel. It is 180 meters away from each other or a 12-minute walk as per the surfing resort's website. 

The Surf Camp of Real Coast & Surf is for hippies and adventurers who don't mind less comfort in exchange for a closer to nature kind of experience. Sure, sleeping in a tent could be a bit colder but you'll have more reasons to catch the rising of the sun the moment it happens. In Real Coast & Surf, that's your alarm clock!

For extroverts, there is a common area full of tables and colorful bean bags where you can meet other guests as well. You can drink, eat or play guitar - up to you. Whether you're single or just looking for new friends,  just wear your best smile and be ready to crack a conversation. 

The Surf Camp consists of 
- camping tents 
- a food shack
- cabanas
- common area
- shared comfort room
- grill use (first come, first serve basis)

Entrance fee
Php 300 - adults
Children (3-7 years old) - Php 150

Daytour only (no accommodation)
Php 350 - adults
Children (3-7 years old) - Php 175 


The Real Coast & Surf Hotel is made of two swimming pools (kiddie + adult), poolside cabanas, function rooms and of course hotel rooms. If you're more of the tourist type, staying at the hotel is perfectly fine. You're guaranteed of no mosquito bites and you can sleep well without worrying if the rain comes, you're screwed. You also get nice views of the Pacific beach and the mountains.

The Hotel consists of
- swimming pools (adult & kiddie)
- viewing deck that gives you 360 degrees of panorama
- cabanas (poolside & beachside)
- dining pavilion
- function room
- exclusive parking area for guests only

Room types
- Pool View Premier (2-3 pax)
1 queen bed, toilet & bath with hot & cold shower, luggage rack, air conditioning & 32 inches flat screen LED tv with cable
full board meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), bottled water, bath & hand towels, toiletries, access to hotel amenities, free entrance to the Surf Camp & free 1 hour use of surfboard (less not included)
- Pool View Deluxe (2-3 pax)
features same above
includes same above
- Garden View Premier (2-4 guests)
features same above + outdoor veranda
includes same above
Garden View Deluxe (2-3 guests)
features same above except luggage ledge instead of rack
includes same above

They also have Family Room 1, Family Room 2, Dorm 1 and Dorm 2. To know the complete inclusions and features, please click HERE about Real Coast & Sur's room types.



Don't worry if you have no surfing board, you can rent one from them. They have resident surfers that are available who can give you a quick lesson about basic surfing.
Of course, what's staying at a beachfront surfing spot if you don't swim (and surf)? You can do so in their swimming pool or at the beach. Only those who are checked in are allowed to use the swimming pool. For those who are availing of the day tours only, there are poolside cabanas for you. 
Campfire or sleep under a camping tent                                                                
Because why not? As long as the weather permits, you can have a bonfire with friends,        family or loved one. Just let the management Real Coast and Surf for assistance.
Outdoor movie night                                                                                              
Trips over the weekend kind of sucks for others because there's a crowd to deal with. But hey, why not look it as half-glass full, not half glass empty? One of the advantages of staying over the weekend of Real Coast and Surf in Quezon is that it offers free movie night. Popcorn may not be around but any favorite "chichirya" plus a bottle of ice cold beer will do right? Go ahead, munch and drink em while you watch! 

best surfing spots in manila

Tips/Suggestions/Recommendations before going to Real Coast & Surf
- Beach swimming is until 6pm only while at the pool it's 10pm. 
- They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet even if you book the cheapest accommodation which is the dorm room.
- Real Coast & Surf's beach is a bit touristy. If you can, avoid the weekends. Go there on weekdays or off-season
- The beachfront of the Real Coast & Surf's hotel isn't ideal to swim. It has rock formations that could hurt you actually. 
- The cabanas are only covered by sliding doors - nothing more. However, it comes usually with a beach chair, picnic table, foam bed, ceiling fan, and a hammock. Please bring your blanet and pillows. 
- There are no cooked food ready to be ordered except during morning when they serve Filipino food - silog varieties. Better to bring your own, cook or go out.
- Use of grill is free but you need to bring your own lighter and match. 
Real Coast & Surf is generally for millennials. If you think you are too old to see teeny-boppers wearing skimpy outfit at the beach or don't like a crowd, you must look another hotel.
- Outside food is allowed at Surf Camp.

Highly recommended side trip before or after Real Coast & Surf
Real is home to at least 9 waterfalls. The nearest from the resort which is only 15 minutes away is Balagbag and Noknok Falls. Balagbag Falls, the most famous is a two-tiered waterfall that everyone can enjoy to the fullest.  

Joana also shared a river rafting activity that is just a few kilometers away from the resort. You can ask the management or any locals how to get to this river.

balagbag falls in real quezon

Special mention to Surf Camp's Food Shack. It is Real Coast & Surf's resident restaurant which is known to serve the Western comfort food and of course our all-time Filipino dishes.  


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Suggested Real Coast & Surf Itinerary for 2d1n
I met another wonderful backpacker named Yanna Dayrit who also gave me permission to share her recommended itinerary for an overnight staycation at Real Coast & Surf. Please see below. Take note that her trip happened in 2017 so prices may vary by the time you read this.

Meeting place: Mcdo, MRT Que Ave Station
Day 1 Sat
8:00AM call time
8:30AM ETD Manila
12:00NN Lunch along the way
2:00PM ETA real coast & surf
2:30PM free time, photo ops, surf
5:00PM prepare for dinner
7:00PM dinner
9:00PM socials
1:00AM lights off

Day 2 Sun
5:30AM wake up
6:00AM prepare for breakfast
7:00AM breakfast
8:00AM free time 
11:00AM pack up
12:00NN ETD real coast & surf
2:00PM lunch along the way
5:30PM ETA Manila

Budget and Expeses
Entrance fee: Php 270 
Cabana: Php 2950   
Surfboard rent: Php 200 per hour
Php 500 with trainer
Transpo: Php 8000 good for 14 pax (van)
Food:  It depends. Each of them has a budget of only 300 for 2d1n including the driver's food.
Balagbag Falls entrance fee; Php 20
Total cost : Php 1500 - 1600  . 

More photos  

how to go to real coast and surf

real coast and surf cabana

real coast and surf itinerary

real quezon beach resorts list

real coast and surf agoda

Real Coast & Surf details
Address: Brgy. Malapad, Real, Quezon, Philippines
Instagram: @RealSurfPH

Again, thanks to these lovely ladies: Joana Sanchez and Yanna Dayrit who made this DIY travel guide to Real Coast & Surf a reality.  

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