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Aqua Play Parks Philippines - The Biggest Waterpark in Asia

Aqua Play Parks Ph Palawan

Looking to add one more reason to your Palawan itinerary? Check out Aqua Play Parks Philippines- the biggest waterpark in the Philippines and Asia today. On my fifth visit to this world-famous destination, I had a chance to explore the other side of Puerto Princesa - the Binunsalian Bay, a protected marine sanctuary. It's the lesser known beach of Puerto Princesa in Palawan compared to the touristy Honda Bay so for those who want a less-crowded Palawan trip, this is it!  It only takes an hour from Puerto Princgesa city proper to reach Binunsalian bay which is where Kamia Bay Resort is located. Its most recent addition is the sole purpose why I and blogger friends flew to Palawan to get to know this beach waterpark in Puerto Princesa.      

Aqua Play Parks Puerto Princesa Palawan

Introduction to Aqua Play Parks Philippines
Aqua Play Parks Philippines is the masterpiece of Mr. Peter Appleton, a very successful globetrotting Canadian businessman. He travels the globe to put his inflatable toys to prime tourist destinations especially beaches in the Philippines. Take note, the waterparks he makes are all world-class because of his 30 years of experience building these kinds of products. He has his own factory that produces every part of the inflatables - therefore it is guaranteed his masterpiece is of high quality because he doesn't outsource the parts from a third party. He wants to put a twist to the usual beach escapades of plain swimming. He wants those outdoorsy individuals to have an adventure way, way better than just swim. Instead, it should be getting to be wet and wild, scream like there's no tomorrow and feel the adrenaline rush all over your body.


Aqua Play Parks Philippines occupies 3, 800 square meters at Kamia Bay Resort. It is composed of 45 floating pieces: water walker, wrecking balls, barrel roll, jungle walk, dolphin slide, hang n drop, rock n roller, trampoline, boulder dash, s curve, tunnel cross, stepping stones, bag jump, island rest, smoke stacks, ramp, corner, octagon directional connector, triple tramp, cross, flat spacer, long spacer runway, jump spacer, tube hopper, bridge, podium, seesaws, double seesaws, lifeguard, smoke stacks 2, train tunnel, rock peak, balance II, activity climb, rock climb, launch bag, crazy rings, 3-n-1 mountain slide, giant slide and Saturn rocker.   Will introduce each of these in my next article about Aqua Play Parks Philippines.

What to expect 
  • The one big rule of thumb is WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET at all times. Aqua Play Parks Ph won't allow anyone to use the waterpark even if you're an Olympian swimmer. You'll fall down for sure a lot of times - either you want it or not. It's for your safety.
  • Aqua Play Parks Ph is like a race track or a maze. It is composed of each piece that will bring out your strengths and fears! There's no pressure though, you can just choose the ones you'll like. There's no time limit and no pressure at all.   
  • Made of vinyl materials, this inflatable toy is so slippery. I strongly recommend wearing aqua shoes as well. It's much easier to move around.
  • You're a loser if you don't try all the pieces! You might be scared because it looks like it is dangerous but with the guidance of Aqua Play Parks Philippine staff, you are in good hands. They are good swimmers and very hands on. They will be with you along the way if you wish so.

Aqua Play Parks Palawan

inflatable island waterpark ph

Those giant slides are monsters in size but it can give you few seconds of utmost thrill that can take years of your stress! All you gotta do just go there on top, jump and that's it! The more you'll think whether you'll try it or not, the more you'll be chicken to do it. The Human Launcher is a killer! This oblong-shaped floating piece is not for the faint-hearted. Three guides will jump together on one side then on the other end is the guest. The weight of these 3 people will toss the guest up swirling in the air then fall down the water!    

aqua play parks philippines

How much is the Kamia Bay Island Resort with Aqua Play Parks Ph packages 
  • Aqua Play - Php 788 | inclusions: 1-hour pass in Aquapark Ph, eco tour and buffet lunch
  • Aqua Adventure - Php 1, 188 | inclusions: 1-hour pass in Aquapark Ph , eco tour, buffet lunch and roundtrip transfer
  • Aqua Play Unli - Php 1, 488 | inclusions: unlimited pass in Aquapark Ph, eco tour and buffet lunch
  • Aqua Adventure Unlimited - Php 1, 788 | unlimited pass in Aquapark Ph, eco tour, buffet lunch and roundtrip transfer
  • Buffet lunch - Php 488 (adult) | Php 299 (kid)
  • Kamia Bay entrance - Php 200
  • Aqua Play Parks Ph 1 hour usage - Php 300
  • Bike rental and 1-hour trail - Php 300 | Php 50 per additional hour 
  • Bike trail with own bike - Php 200 (bike all you can) | Php 100 
Note:  If you'll buy right at Kamia Bay Resort, there's an additional Php 100 to each of these packages. I suggest buying in advance - it keeps you organized and you save a bit.

Binunsalian Bay Puerto Princesa Palawan

Kayaking and jet skiing are the ones that I so love the most aside from exploring Aqua Play Parks Ph.  The beach is so clean and it's surrounded by lush mountains. Sunsets are mesmerizing here as well. Of course, what's a trip without taking lots of photos? I think I had tons. 

Kamia Bay Resort Palawan

What else to do after frolicking under the sun at Aqua Play Parks Philippines?
I have to admit I was looking for more during our trip to Aqua Play Parks Philippines. The Instagrammable addict in me is telling me to get out there and find perfect spots for my photos. If you have the same sentiments like me, at Kamia Bay Resort - you don't have to go further. Here's my version  of top tourist spots in Puerto Princesa, Palawan that are all at Aqua Play Parks Philippines within reach : rock formation: have your OOTD shots on top of the piles of thesecharcoal-colored rocks,  Puting Buhangin island (only 10 minutes away, this island has powdery sand that reminds me of Boracay), small lagoon: dip yourself under a lukewarm water that's only knee deep,  trees (another photography spot you may need to check after the rock formation and abandoned floating restaurant (you'll need permission to come here because this is not typically open for public).

kamia bay resort palawan
Puting Buhangin Island Puerto Princesa Palawan

binunsalian bay palawan

Aqua Play Parks Puerto Princesa

Please call or text Amika Travel and Tours at  0917-543-5770 to book a visit. To get updates  about Aqua Play Parks Philippines, please follow them via their official social media accounts below:

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