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Looking for affordable beach resorts with infinity pool in Batangas? Check out Sampaguita Beach Resort in the town of Bauan. Contributed by Crisdel Cipriano, this hidden beach in Batangas is that ideal getaway you always wanted: less crowded, rates cheap, very near from Manila and certified Instagrammable.  

A beach that's only 3 hours away from Manila, Crisdel said he and other 2 friends went there and spent around Php 1, 500 for a day tour! Here's what you should know about staying at Sampaguita Beach Resort Batangas according to him:


What you should know about Sampaguita Beach Resort in Batangas
  • You should come earlier than 9pm. They arrived at 11 pm, there were no tricycles. They had to ask a special favor from one of the "tanods" to find a tricycle that will bring them to the resort.
  • Staying in a tent definitely saves lots of your expenses. The cost for pitching a tent overnight is only Php 200.
  • You can park right at the beach resort of Sampaguita. Just ask them where exactly and how much.
  • The path going there is a bit narrow if you'll take a tricycle. Keep in mind that it is a mountain so it could be a bit delicate and will take less than 45 minutes to get there.
  • You'll reach the beach in less than 30 minutes
  • The transportation from Manila to Sampaguita Beach Resort is not open 24/7. It is only every 7 am and 11 am. Also, the jeep leaves earlier once it is full so make sure you have enough time to wait.
  • If you get unlucky, don't worry You can also catch another jeep ride going to Mabini. Just tell the driver you'll get off at San Pedro. Please make sure the driver understands because there's also a Sampaguita Resort in Mabini.
  • If you're coming as group, you can also hire a private jeep that will bring you back and forth the Sampaguita Beach Resort. Your pick up point choices are Batangas terminal, Bauan and San Pedro.
  • You can bring rice cooker without additional payment or ask the resort to cook your meals with a fee
  • There are three sari sari stores that sell limited food and ingredients. It is highly recommended you bring your own food.
  • There are kayaks and jetski available here as mentioned by other past guests. Ask them if they still offer these if you want to try
  • Snorkeling is one of the best things to do here aside from swimming. It would be best to bring your own gear. Please contact Benjo who offers boat transfer and arranges accommodation as well via 09192975289.
  • The sand is white but not as white and powdery like that in Boracay and Caramoan but when you walk it is soft enough to massage your feet and toes.
  • There are rocky areas and sea urchins are abundant so please be careful.
  • Make sure to move around the beach because there are a lot of great spots out there. Don't just stay in one point!
  • You can taste the best halo halo in Bauan, Batangas at Ofring Kubo. It's nowhere near to the mediocre halo halo served in some places in Manila.
  •  Ask the tricycle driver to pick you up at a certain time because most often than not, there's no available tricycle at the resort. Better be sure.
  • A local celebrity's vacation house is at Sampaguita Beach Resort. Who knows, you might see him when your in luck?


How to go to Sampaguita Beach Resort
The directions to Sampaguita Beach Resort from Manila is very easy. Please check below the information including the rates:

Buendia to Batangas Grand Terminal - Php 157
Cubao to Batangas Grand Terminal - Php 175
Jeepney from Terminal to San Pedro, Bauan - Php 28
Tricycle to Sampaguita Beach Resort - Php 150 per way good for 3 persons 

Sampaguita beach resort bauan batangas

Where to stay in Sampaguita Beach Resort

If you are looking for a cheap accommodation in Sampaguita Beach Resort, check out El Grego Hotel Beach Resort. It is also home to a few cute cats and dogs for you animal-lovers out there! It has a modern ambiance and it is classy. It's an Instagrammable beachfront resort in Batangas so don't come here without your colorful summer outfits and dark shades. 

Another option is Rosemund Beach Resort. I made a separate blog post about this, please click HERE.

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