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Pyoor Essentials 24k Gold Set Review: An All Natural and All Organic Skin Care Line We Need Right Now

This weekend if someone asks me to choose between a random road trip and a visit to a wellness spa, I will choose the latter. Priorities do change and in my case, I have been trying so hard to give more time to my body's wellness specially the quest to look younger now that I am in my mid-thirties. Not only that,  I have been very particular lately of what I eat and what I apply on my skin even if it means paying a bit more. That's why when a chance to try the 24K Gold Set of Pyoor Essentials at Pyoor Spa in Quezon City - I said yes in an instant. Quezon  City is not my cup of tea when it comes to events but I braved the traffic and spent some hours that I should be using for work all because I know this is super worth it. Since childhood, my choices depend on which one is the cheapest - that's the one I always get. Now that I have work, I am slowly opening my eyes to be more careful in choosing products that are not toxic specially in skin care.

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Founded by a Cosmetics Scientist from a renowned US university, Pyoor Essentials International Inc is a company with branches in Hong Kong, Dubai and Melbourne known for producing top-notch natural and organic products worldwide. One of its most recent addition is the Pyoor 24K Gold Set made of REAL GOLD DUSTS! It consists of 24K Gold Bar soap, 24K Gold Jelly mask, 24k Gold Essence and 24k Gold Mask. Why gold in the first place? Gold is a powerful antioxidant. That's why anything that is made of gold doesn't get rusty or attacked by molds.


For me to be able to reap Pyoor 24K Gold Set's benefits to the fullest, I was given the signature facial massage of Pyoor Spa. First,  my face was cleansed thoroughly using the 24K Gold Bar then followed by a very gentle organic scrub. I super love the calming scent of Pyoor Essential's gold bar while it is applied on my face plus the hands of the lady who did to me is so light. She follows a certain movement or pattern of strokes that someone at home doing the same may not be able to do it perfectly.  

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Second, is applying steam on my face. For half an hour, my eyes were covered with an eye mask. I almost slept because of the warm air blowing my super relaxed face. After that, a vacuum tube was used to lift the whiteheads on my face thoroughly. I was told they didn't get a lot because just a week ago,  I have a similar facial massage from another clicnic. However, what I am sure of is that what they did to me is way, way better! From the kind of products to the actual massage - I couldn't wish of anything more. Another kind of tool was also used to "lightly scrape" my skin bringing back the high frequency needed for the pores to be back to normal. This is also used to sterilize the outer part of my skin because my pores were opened during the process of steaming.  
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I was not sure which one came next:  if it is the diamond peel part which is mainly removing dead/old skin or applying the 24K Gold Essence using the galvanic tool. My face this time felt so unusually soft like a baby - I just couldn't stop from touching it which I shouldn't because the treatment is not over yet! For some reasons, even if this procedure is mainly a massage on my face alone  I felt so well-rested like a ton of stress disappeared.  

The 24K Gold Mask was applied next. Unlike other cheap face masks I have tried, Pyoor Essentials' 24K Gold Mask is really effective. It dries very fast and not itchy at all.  I can really feel the grip on my face plus it is extra tight! The feeling of having "real" gold on my face is something! If only I can just leave this one on my face for the whole night, I am game! Last but not the least is the 24K collagen moisturizer.  It's a finishing touch that I wish would last a little longer because I love the refreshing scent. All the fragrance from Pyoor Essentials 24K Gold Set came from mimosa flower. 

I quickly grabbed a mirror and saw how my face turned to glow so beautiful. You know, those photos of celebrities on billboards, magazines and TV screens having a skin so glossy and almost perfect, that's how my face looked like. Walang halong ka-echosan!   

More information about  Pyoor 24k Gold Set below
All formulations are cruelty free and does not contain parabens, polymers, sulphates, sles, gluten, phthalate, bleach, artificial colors and fragrances. our ingredients are plant derived, vegan and formulated with botanicals that have been harvested locally and from all over the world where organic gardening and sustainability leads the industry.

24K Gold Set Pyoor Essentials

24K Gold Essense
maintains a skin regeneration and blood micro circulation, helps repair damaged skin and replenish essential lipids,  prevent thickened skin and rejuvenate aging skin, restores supple & healthy skin, helps develop softer & firmer skin, increases collagen & elastin production and smooth out fine lines & wrinkles.
Active ingredients
aloe vera hydrosol, witch hazel hydrosol, sesame seed oiL, orange peel oil, lavender oil, vegetable glycerin, citric acid, daymoist, 24k gold powder (amla), vitamin f forte ®, vitamins a c & e leucidal®

24k Gold Bar Soap
reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of sun damage, reduces age spots, helps lighten skin & even out skin tone, makes skin look and feel smoother and softer, slows down collagen depletion, look younger almost immediately, provides a golden glow,promotes skins firmness & elasticity, minimizes skin inflammation, lifts the skin, lessens scarring and skin blemishes, repairs damaged skin cells.
Active ingredients
soap base vegetable glycerin, vitamin c
wheat germ (triticum vulgare), marine collagen peptide, 24k gold powder,
licorice, gooseberry (amla), soy peptides, sage essential oil.

24K Gold Jelly Mask
enhance exfoliation of the skin surface, refines and smooths the skin, helps shrink pores for more even texture and tone, resurfaces the skin the skin without irritation, hydrates the skin & protects against moisture loss and oxidation damage.
Active ingredients
amazonian clay, grapeseed oil, bio enzyme plus powder, vitamin c powder, 24k gold powder

24K Gold Night Gel
helps invigorate your skin’s youthful appearance and luminous radiance, 
results are immediately visible as well as progressive, increases collagen & elastin production.
Active ingredients
aloe vera leaf gel, vegetable glycerin, cucumber hydrosol, hyaluronic acid
moroccan argan oil, marine collagen, tomato extract, bearberry extract,
vitamin b3 (niacinamide), vitamin f forte™, vitamins a c & e, leucidal®,
jojoba seed oil, rosemary extract, rosehip oil, amla + 24k gold powder.

Pyoor Essentials' 24k Gold Collection Set costs Php 7, 999. You can buy this set or you go to PYOOR Spa in QC to have an hour or two of relaxation package using these products. 


PYOOR Spa address: 1103 ,159 Sct. Fuentebella cor. Jamboree St.,Diliman

Quezon City, Philippines 1800
Facebook fan page PYOOR Essentials International:
Contact Person: Michelle Atianzar
Contact Number: 09175793924

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