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Casa de Segunda Blog Review

Segunda Katigbak is Jose Rizal's first love. Back then, parents follow the arranged marriage protocol much like in India. That's why it was a pity they never end up together and they didn't even became officially in a relationship. Her story may have been over on our National Hero's biography but her house now 136 years old is still around today - still beautiful with the looks that remind us of the houses of prominent Filipino families in her time. Miraculously, Casa de Segunda is one of the only three surviving houses in Lipa, Batangas that escaped the "wrath" of bombing during the war. If Americans and Japanese did not destroy every single houses in the Philippines, we would have more beautiful ancestral houses of today!

What's life in Lipa city in 18th century? 
Dr. Manuel Roxas, eminent scientist who calls Lipa his home from birth said that most locals of Lipa are wealthy because Lipa City in Batangas was once the sole supplier of coffee in the whole world around 1886 - 1888. It was a short duration because a virus that attacked coffee plantations in Europe, South America has reached Philippine soil. This ended the short and fabulous period of extravagance and luxurious living of these people.   

casa segunda lipa batangas

Casa de Segunda is made entirely of adobe - no single nail was used in this house! Well, they used bolts as well but no grills. Casa de Segunda can be broken down by the following:
1. Ventanilla - Wood works in between the ceiling and walls of the rooms constructed for air circulation
2. Saguan - Silong
3. Entrosuelo - Mezzanine
4. Azotea - Terrace
5. Bodega - Storage room for harvests
6. Caida -  Foyer
7. Barandilla - Wooden spindles or balusters which serve the purpose of protecting the children from falling off
8. Comedor - Dining room
9. Pasemano - Window sills
10. Persiana - Window shutters with blades for air circulation

segunda katigbak biography

History of Casa de Segunda in Lipa, Batangas
Built in the 1880's, Casa de Segunda is a typical "Bahay na Bato" like the ones you'll see in Vigan, Iloilo and in the man-made Philippine heritage town in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. On my video I said Casa de Segunda survived the World War II a hundred percent in tact. However, more digging of previous Casa de Segunda features say that it was partly damaged by the second world war in 1942. This house was remodeled in 19556 by daughter Paz Luz Dimayuga. The grandchildren of Paz, who were born and were raised here, restored the house in 1996 to its original form and grandeur, in the fountain, fishponds and orchards.


Casa de Segunda da has been renamed after Segunda Katigbak who is known in our history books as the first love of Dr. Jose Rizal. To qoute his biography, "His first infatuation was a little Batanguena by the name of Segunda ... Sl.e was not the beautiful woman I had ever seen but I have met another more alluring and begueling. I have a lready herad about her and she was going to get married to a relative of hers. Indeed, I noticed a tall man neatly dressed who seemed to be her fiance ... thus, ended his first love which mourned in his journal.''


That tall man was Manuel Luz who came from a family of poets and scholars, one of the most prominent families in Lipa. He married Segunda at the young age of 16 in 1886 and in this very house was blessed with nine equally bright and gifted children named Cristeta, Manuel Jr., Arsenio, Flora, Justa, Valeriano, Julio, Paz and Fernando.

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These nine children had passed on these gifts and talents to their children and grandchildren. In cooperation with the National Historical Commission, Casa de Segunda, having been declared as a Heritage House, is proud to honor these outstanding men and women who had contributed to cultural, historical, art, civic and religious fields of our beloved city of Lipa.

The Luz clan started with the marriage of Don Tomas de San Miguel [Gobernadorcillo 1807], a man with Chinese ancestry, and Dona Juana Inciong. Their family name was changed to Luz in cmpliance to the decree issued by Gobernador General Don Narciso Claveria y Zaldua in 1849. They had a son named Jose who became Gobernadorcillo of Lipa in 1844 and again in 1854. He was a poet and agriculturist.

casa segunda lipa batangas blog review

The eldest daughter of Don Jose and Gertrudes  fondly called Andang (Alejandra), married Don Sixto Roxas [Gobernadorcillo of Lipa 1867 - 1868]. Their two sons were famous scientist; Manuel Luz Roxas who was listed in Top 10 Men of Science in 1950 and Baldomero Luz Roxas, a graduate from Unibersidad Central de Madrid in 1897 who became on of the pioneer  obstetricians in the country. Through him, Rizal was able to practice his profession in the country.

The best known of the clan is Don Simeon Metra Luz [Gobernadorcillo of Lipa 1879-1880]. He was the first elected Governor of Batangas in 1903. He was described as muy americanista for being the foremost supporter of the American Government. already 70 then, he married his 16 year old fourth wife Enriqueta Recio.

old ancestral house in lipa batangas

DON MANUEL METRA LUZ [1858-1942], the brother of Simeon, was a supporter of the revolucionarios who provided them with financial and material resources. HEe use his influence with the Spanish authorities to help those who are in trouble. Don Manuel's passion is Music.

Casa de Segunda Ancestral House Entrance Fee: Php 60
Casa de Segunda Ancestral House Address: 198 Rizal Street, Lipa, Batangas
Casa de Segunda Ancestral House hours of operation: Business hours 
Casa de Segunda Ancestral House Website: none
Casa de Segunda Ancestral House Facebook fan page: none
Casa de Segunda Ancestral House Instagram: none
Casa de Segunda Ancestral House contact number: 784-1952

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TIP: The 80-something old woman who conducts lectures of Casa de Segunda is her 4th generation relative. She was so little when Segunda is alive. When she talks, please listen.  She gets frustrated when she sees one or two from a group sneaks out to take pics. Please let her finish the story as she brings you to different parts of Casa de Segunda. 

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