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D' Green Thumb in Irosin: The First Sunflower and Commercial Garden Farm in Sorsogon

d green thumb irosin sorsogon

What to do in Irosin? This is the first thing that came to my mind when I went home to my beloved town after two years. To be honest, I am in dire need to update my blog regarding Tourist Spots in Irosin. My last post was published many, many years ago. I know I need to also give chance to the newest attractions in Irosin. My hometown is no longer the sleepy town unknown to the world. As years pass, Irosin is also slowly keeping up with what's the latest happenings but its old charm remains. This is why I keep coming back to Irosin even though I call Manila my home for the last 15 years. 
The most photographed part of D' Green Thumb Irosin is featured above. During clear days, Mount Bulusan can be seen. Hopefully, my next visit I can have a backdrop of Mount Bulusan in full glory because at the time of my visit its top is covered with thick clouds. Mount Bulusan is not the only one can be seen from D' Green Thumb, You'll also have a glimpse of Mount Jornamaham and Mount Maraot Banwa in the other directions. 

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Irosin is a town in the province of Sorsogon known for agriculture. In fact, it is the only landlocked town in Sorsogon. Irosin is also the rice granary of Sorsogon. In short, Irosin is a place of bountiful harvest.  I should be proud and continue promoting my hometown Irosin as an agritourism destination. This is the reason why when I learned about D' Green Thumb in barangay Buenavista, I didn't wasted time to check it out despite my busy schedule. These colorful, artsy, and very Instagrammable native hats featured above were made by a group of young artists in Irosin named Kurit Hin-ay.  


D' Green Thumb Irosin Introduction
D' Green Thumb in Irosin occupies a 3-hectare land owned by husband and wife tandem, Janith and Neil Ortile whose parents and grandparents were farmers. They didn't became farmers as professions though but their love for farming lead them to build what is believed to be Sorsogon's first commercial garden and possibly Sorsogon's first sunflower garden. 


I actually cannot believe that D' Green Thumb only started January of 2019 because when I went there, I was greeted with lush vegetation and different kinds of blooming flowers. The whole place looks so organized, appealing, and very well-thought of in terms of its layout. I can tell how much time, love and dedication this couple poured into D' Green Thumb to make this a reality. That time D' Green Thumb in Irosin was just ten months old. How much more in the coming years?

d green thumb irosin sorsogon

D' Green Thumb Irosin's produce
Simply put, D' Green Thumb garden showcases the typical fruits and veggies that grow in Irosin. If you're familar with the local song "Bahay Kubo", they have most of the green produce that was mentioned here like sitaw, talong, kalabasa, sili okra, upo et cetera. I asked if they have strawberry or broccoli or kale, they don't have because these do not thrive in Irosin's soil and weather condition. I did however asked if they have blue ternatea, the owner said they have seed pods of this very potent and edible tropical flower. I really wish they'll also give a chance to grow this herb that brings a lot of medicinal benefits plus this pussy-shaped flower is very Instagrammable. It is going to be a great addition to the newest tourist attraction in Irosin.  

d green thumb garden in irosin sorsogon

D' Green Thumb Irosin's sunflowers
There's no doubt that D' Green Thumb garden in Irosin's main attraction are the sunflowers. In fact, these are the ones you'll see first as you enter the garden. Unfortunately,  these pretty and dashing golden colored flowers that can grow as big as our hands only bloom during summer. During my visit, all of the sunflowers of D' Green Thumb Irosin have withered already. It is said that the life of a blooming sunflower is only 2-3 weeks long. However, I was able to buy a bunch of sunflower seeds. These are really perfect to add in my smoothies and other recipes specially now that I am choosing plant-based diet which is 80% veggies/fruits/meat alternatives derived from plants then 20% meat. Sunflower seeds are better choice for snacks than junkfoods. I do wish they will sell sunflower seeds in big jars rather than small packs the next time I will visit.

d green thumb irosin entrance fee

However, I guarantee you that D' Green Thumb Irosin has so much more to offer than sunflowers. See below:
1. Pick and pay
We never had a chance to do this because we were there mid-afternoon and the sun is up. You can experience picking up yourself any of the fruits there and veggies then pay for what you only bring home.
2. Events, talks etc. related to farming/agriculture
The owners of D' Green Thumb Irosin have great plans to promote agritourism. For farmers, I also learned that one of their goals is to invite them to share latest innovations regarding agriculture. The average age of farmers is 54 years old if I am not mistaken. They are the ones who aren't connected to social media so they really need help in terms of learning the latest update in this indusry.
3. Unlimited photograph taking!
If you're hunting for Instagrammable shots, D' Green Thumb in Irosin, Sorsogon won't disappoint you.
4. You can buy certain plants that you can bring home to grow. I know my sister bought a small pot of basil. I regret I cannot bring any plants to Manila though if I can would have bought a lot from them. 
5. Hugot lines everywhere
We Filipinos love to express our humor in everything specially when we are either fall in love or heart broken. Some of these phrases/words/lines you'll find in D' Green Thumb Irosin to remind you to laugh or not to be serious at all in the name of love - I guess.

d green thumb irosin address

In the coming months, Irosin's top tourist site will add more reasons why I called it so. I was able to talk to the owners but they ask not to tell in advance because it is not going to be surprise anymore! I have been around the Philippines featuring destinations, most of tourist attractions I have visited are very open to what they want to offer because people would have something to look forward. D' Green Thumb Irosin values privacy of information until the right time comes so just keep on checking them. Even taking photos of the veggies and fruits for sale to show how much are the prices so people would know beforehand aren't allowed as well.  I understand those who don't have a lot of time would opt to know these information before visiting so they can decide ahead of time. Anyway, you really do need to visit D' Green Thumb Irosin to know what's the real deal :)

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tourist spots in irosin sorsogon

To get updated of what's the latest at D' Green Thumb Irosin, I suggest you like their Facebook Fan Page. You can click HERE. D' Green Thumb Irosin is located in barangay Buenavista. It is just 10-20 minute walk from Gallanosa National High School. D' Green Thumb's nearest landmark is Irosin General Hospital (former IMACC). Entrance fee is Php 25 only.

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