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Kahariam Farm Tour in Batangas Champions in Solid Waste Management and Organic Agriculture

Kahariam Farm in Batangas blog review

This year, I am so serious about growing herbs and other edible plants inside my rented apartment on the fifth floor to be used as ingredients when I cook specially plant-based food. My goal is to visit more farms and less beaches. That's why when an invite to see a farm that's only an hour or two from Manila, I took a day off from my online job to make sure I am in. I was expecting I will  only get ideas about basic farming but I learned more than that. 

Kahariam Farm in Batangas has been around for a couple of decades already owned by the Bagatsing family. The produce they get, used to be just for family consumption with a goal of eating food that is organic and/or pesticide free. Mr. Manuel Bagatsing, the owner has already reached his senior years. He wants to change his eating lifestyle to be healthy always. He can just enjoy the privilege of owning a 23-hectare land by raising organically grown livestock animals and harvesting pesticide-free veggies/fruits all for him and family alone but he did the right thing. He opened his doors to others to share his knowledge in organic agriculture and even spearheaded other innovative solutions that no one in the Philippines haven't done it previously in a big scale who is as serious as him. I have been to a lot of farms in Batangas, Kahariam Farm for me is the best.

We took a private van that brought us directly to the farm. Two hours for me is not really a big deal. The roads leading to the farm are well-paved already and there are several signage pointing to Kahariam Farm so everything's easy. Well, there's Waze and Google maps if you need extra help. Despite the proximity of Kahariam Farm to Taal Volcano, if eruption takes place the wind blows in opposite direction thus they receive very little ashfall. There is also a contingent plan that if it's worst enough that there is a need to evacuate, they will tell you alternative routes away from the volcano. 

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The vibe
Kahariam is an upgraded version of a Filipino farm though it retained its  "barrio feeling" through nature's scenery, native designs, and organic food they serve. Keep in mind though that Kahariam Farm is currently catering to educational tours, corporate seminars, and more only that's why instead of rooms for two, they have dormitories or buildings of all sorts. You won't see a nipa hut here where you can stay for a night.  

You don't need to go to Baguio to experience chilly weather. Here in Kahariam, as early as 5pm you might need to wear pants or jackets if you're sensitive to cold weather.  When the night comes, only the sound of crickets and bugs will serenade you. If you're like me who grew up in the province, it was like a trip back to my childhood whenever we visit our grandparent's first house living near the forest.


All the trees, plants, vegetables et cetera are maintained properly inside Kahariam Farms. Well, looks can deceive but since Kahariam Farm in Batangas follows the ideas of organic agriculture, anything edible here won't add any toxic in your body when you eat it. I never turned on my Spotify list. I let the nature's lullaby bring me to sleep.

Kahariam Farm is a sanctuary of some of the Philippines' local trees such as avocado, santol, even ylang-ylang. I also learned a bit about how to distinguish which veggie or fruit is pesticide free and which one is not. For example, I was told if it looks so perfect, think twice specially for broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. These veggies are very sensitive and are very prone to insect bites, that's why these are sold expensive. Better to get one with a bit of imperfection because it means it has no chemicals that's why it will react accordingly to nature's call. 

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When I saw a pond where pink lotus flowers bloom in the morning, I almost screamed. A lotus flower is considered sacred and believed to carry good luck in many countries in SE Asia I have been like Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.  I am also very happy because I brought cuttings of tarragon and dill - hopefully I am able to grow them with the use of vermicast.  

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The rooms, amenities, and facilities
We spent the night in their VIP room. It needs more design in my opinion but I guess minimalism is the idea behind it so it is fine. They make up for it through ample space and cleanliness. The room has bidet, shower, and sink - all working properly. I haven't seen the interiors of the several dormitories though. Just a few steps away, there's a swimming pool that's well-maintained. Too bad I didn't had time to swim because I didn't have swimwear with me and I did the best thing: roam around the farm. 

Kahariam Farm in Batangas is huge. In terms of facilities, they have:

Mangosteen Wing - 20 fully air-conditioned rooms, cable TV's, private bathrooms with hot water (fits 80 pax)
Rambutan Wing - 12 fully air-conditioned rooms, cable TV's, private bathrooms with hot water (fits 50 pax)
5 Dormitory rooms (fits 106 pax)
5 Conference halls with WiFi access (30-250 pax)
Indoor dining with widescreen TV
Outdoor picnic area for 100 pax
2 Swimming pools with cabanas
Covered basketbal gym good for 500 pax
Fish ponds with Gazebo on top
Videoke area

kahariam farm and resort room rates

kahariam farm room rates batangas

The organic food

The food you eat in Kahariam Farm is sourced within the farm. Veggies and fruits are guaranteed pesticide free. The chicken, pig, fish (bangus) they cook are all fed with organic fertilizer.  Kahariam Farm wants their guests to eat healthy and right.  Special mention to the winged beans (sigarilyas) in coconut milk that was served to us. I love it! I regret the fact, I don't have photo of it. Also, hands down to the best brewed coffee I ever tasted that's also served in Kahariam Farm. Batangas is known for its world-class coffee, no wonder. I also ate very delicious "tamales" which is a local delicacy in this province. Just by staying in Kahariam, you'll have a taste of some of Batangas' local dishes. 


Innovations beyond the basics of agriculture and sustainability
Kahariam is the Philippines' largest earthworm farm. They manufacture the Philippines' best all-natural fertilizer by using earthworm's castings called vermicast. Earthworms have an amazing digestive system. When they eat biodegradable waste, they leave behind castings that are an exceptional type of fertilizer. If your serious about your gardening, farming or even indoor planting - vermicast is the answer. 

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Mr. Manuel Bagatsing, owner of Kahariam Farm has added another innovation that can help tremendously to get rid of our biodegradable waste through production of Black Soldier Flies. These endemic type of flies that can be found in many parts of the Philippines eat even the most disgusting, decaying, contaminated biodegradable waste.  The larvaes are made as organic feeds to livestock animals which is made of healthier protein compared to what's sold in the market. You can read my separate blog feature about this by clicking HERE.

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An accredited agri-tourism site by the Department of Tourism, Kahariam Farm in Batangas offers organic farming workshops (organic vermicast, veggies, and recent addition is Black Soldier Flies). Kahariam Farm is an extension service provider for Organic Agriculture Trainings, accredited by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) of the Department of Agriculture (DA).

Kahariam Farms website
Kahariam Farms Facebook:
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Kahariam Farms address: Brgy. Adya, Lipa-Ibaan Road 4217 Lipa, Batangas

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