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8 Tips for Staying Healthy and Fit on Long Trips

Planning a long trip is exciting, especially if you are the wanderlust type, and it can feel invigorating and enriching for the soul. But adventure comes with moments where you may feel overwhelmed or stressed, backpacking across a new country isn’t easy. These tips were compiled so that you can fully embrace your long trip and stay safe, fit, and healthy too!

See a Travel Doctor First
Before you go anywhere, make sure you are up to date with immunizations. There are many different vaccinations that you can get to be protected against deadly diseases and viruses across the world. You might not need all of them, as it depends on which part of the world you are travelling to. For the best advice, visit a travel clinic where a travel doctor can give you tailored advice and make sure you are fully vaccinated before you jet-set across the globe.

Pack the Essentials
Packing light is always a good idea for long trips, to avoid lugging things around with you. But there are some things you must always pack. Sun protection is one of the essentials, to avoid painful sunburn, but also the more serious issue – skin cancer. Protecting your skin is always essential.

Schedule in Good Sleep
With all of the excitement going on and the crowded hostels you might end up staying in, your sleep schedule is likely to get out of tune. Living in the moment is great fun, but the tiredness will soon catch up with you, so be sure to avoid having a jam-packed schedule. Book a super comfy hostel if you can!

Sticking to a routine is tricky when you are leading a different lifestyle but keeping up a regular routine is helpful to keep your body and mind in good shape. Eat your three meals a day and get your rest and plan a good balance of rest and relaxation, as well as your exercise.

Stay Hydrated
If you are in a different climate, especially a much hotter one, hydration is super important. Carry around a drink with you everywhere. Refillable bottles are great and more environmentally friendly, just be sure you fill it up with safe-to-drink water. 

Eat Healthily 
A good, balanced diet will keep your energy up and your body functioning well. You can treat yourself to delicious take-out and sugary snacks and desserts too, just make sure that junk food isn’t the only thing you are eating. Give your body what it needs, and it will work much better!

Embrace the Hiking
If you are travelling to a stunning, scenic location, going on hikes is the perfect way to be with nature and keep fit. Hiking helps build your stamina and work your muscles, you can go at your own pace and the only special gear you need is a good pair of shoes or boots. 

Wash Hands Regularly
When you travel somewhere new, you will be introduced to lots of new bacteria and viruses that your immune system hasn’t encountered before. The best way to keep them at bay is regularly and thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water. Carry around a hand-sanitizer too to add more protection. 

Hopefully, these tips you in top condition to enjoy your trip. For more great advice, listen to what other travellers and also the locals have to say about different places you might visit. They can tell you a lot about how safe the area is, what kind of experience they had, places you must go to, and places you should definitely avoid. Other people’s experiences can tell you a lot, so be prepared to listen to others! 

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