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Green Transport: 3 Tips for Getting Around in a More Eco-Friendly Way

Now more than ever, the impact of nature on our lives is becoming more apparent than before, with forest fires, viral outbreaks, and global fuel shortages hitting the modern world from multiple angles! We need to start respecting the environment and thinking beyond just the immediate gains of humanity. As traveling and industrial fumes happen to be the biggest causes of air pollution throughout the US, it’s time we looked at a few sustainable ways of getting around.

Lean Towards Solar Powered Equipment While Camping or Hiking
Solar searchlights, cookers, water heaters, etc. are all excellent, eco-friendly pieces of tech that help the modern explorer make full use of technology in even the most remote environments. Not only are solar cells eco-friendly, but they are essentially powered by an infinite source of energy, aka the sun. This means that your phones will stay charged, and you will get your cooking done, no matter how far you might be from the nearest charging dock, as long as you have clear weather.

Switch to a Medium Duty Vehicle (MDV) for Camping, Fishing, and Exploring
The United States is host to a number of absolutely stunning national parks, beaches and fishing lakes. However, if exploration is on your mind, those back-country tracks, sandy beaches and forested paths are neither wide enough for cars, nor are they always traversable for e-bikes. This is precisely when an electric MDV can be the perfect vehicle to traverse all terrains and even beaches with ease. The Rungu Juggernaut is made in the USA and true to its name, this is a high-quality MDV which can be used for easily traveling across the most scenic and tough terrains around the country, without polluting the countryside or the beaches in any way.

Don’t Waste Fuel If You Can Avoid It
We are still not at a stage where we can abandon our fuel-guzzling vehicles completely, but we can shift to hybrids to save both money and fuel. Until you get around to buying an electric or hybrid car, though, you can try to reduce the amount of fuel you waste, and your car’s carbon footprint, by following these simple tips:

Pool to and from the office, when you can
- Take the subway and avoid traffic congestion
- Turn off your car’s engine at signals, especially if you know you will have to wait for a long time
- Walk or ride a bike to work, if you live nearby
- Keep your tire pressure under check; keeping it at the right levels is essential
- Don’t carry unnecessary weight in the trunk
- Don’t overuse the air-conditioning or heating
- Don’t Interfere with the Wildlife

It’s very common to find travelers trying to interact with, and even feed, wild animals. Unless you are traveling to a park that allows for interaction with local animals, respect the forest laws and those signs that say don’t feed the bear! Believe it or not, feeding wild animals can turn out to be bad for both you and the animal in question, especially if it’s a giant predator like a grizzly for instance! Don’t leave your trash from your camping trip around, or throw empty bottles while driving on the road, either!

It is important to consider the fact that each and every one of our actions has an impact on the environment, and if we could control just a few of those aspects, the impacts could be surprisingly beneficial for the environment, which in turn, will be beneficial for us and our future generations.

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